Bill O’Brien apologizes for “inappropriate language” toward fan last month

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Video surfaced today of Texans coach Bill O’Brien screaming obscenities at a fan who heckled him at halftime of Houston’s home loss to Denver last month. Shortly after the video became public, O’Brien apologized.

At his press conference today, O’Brien opened by acknowledging that he was informed of the video and realizes he was wrong to react like he did.

“I used inappropriate language and I just want to apologize for that, O’Brien said.

The video, posted by, shows O’Brien walking into the tunnel at halftime, when they were trailing 31-3. When a fan yelled, “You suck,” O’Brien went bonkos.

“Screw you, motherf–ker! You suck, too! Hey! You suck too, motherf–ker! You suck too! F–k you! Go the f–k home, motherf–ker!” O’Brien screamed.

Three Texans staffers and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins appeared to be encouraging O’Brien to keep walking toward the locker room and refrain from confronting the fan any further. The incident hadn’t been reported publicly until today, but it was an incident O’Brien clearly regrets.

40 responses to “Bill O’Brien apologizes for “inappropriate language” toward fan last month

  1. If Rex Ryan got a $50K fine in 2010 for giving the finger to a fan who was heckling him, I wonder what the league will do here.

    “You suck” during a game is pretty mild.

  2. That is minor compared to the language that is heard in most bars during an NFL game after every play. LOL

  3. Not the 1st time O’Brien has spewed trash from his mouth and it won’t be the last. It is just who he is. He makes me hope Texans get trashed by the Chiefs on Sunday.

  4. Not sure what was better. The video of O’Brien losing his mind or the video of O’Brien trying to rub away the embarrassment-induced headache while apologizing for losing his mind.

  5. fka1el1bee1dub says:
    January 10, 2020 at 1:07 pm
    He clearly regrets getting caught you mean? 🤔


    I’m sure he doesn’t regret a damn thing. He’s just apologizing because it’s the “right” thing to do in this day and age when everyone gets butt hurt from someone swearing or saying something “insensitive” to someone else.

  6. If you can’t maintain your composure when a fan yells something at you, maybe NFL head coach isn’t the profession for you.

  7. I know there are a lot of O’brien haters out there, but at least his reaction shows that he has passion for the game. If he didn’t give a crap about that loss, he would not have reacted that way. Immature? Yes. Unprofessional? Yes. But nevertheless….I’m sure players and coaches around the league react this way in many cases. I doubt very seriously Bill is the only one. He may have been the only one caught recently, but no way he is the only one. I kinda of like it personally. Some fans are just couch coaches and think they can do a better job than anyone not doing well in the NFL. Of course they wouldn’t be able to in reality, but yeah….

  8. I’m sure that kind of things happens more than we know. Still – as a Texans fan I am disappointed. He needs to lead by example and that’s simply not the way anyone should conduct themselves.

    As a fan who paid for airfare and a pair of tickets to fly to Houston and watch that debacle, I can completely understand why that fan was yelling at the O’Brien and the players. It was deserved. I personally would have been more supportive in my commentary, but I can’t blame the fan for taking a different tact.

    I can understand as a fiery coach who just got embarrassed for the 1st half of a game that you were supposed to win how you might have your blood boiling, but to put it bluntly – do a better job and don’t suck so bad.

    If I was in that position, I probably would have have reacted the same way that O’Brien did, and then would have regretted how I handled it. I’m sure he does as well.

  9. Honestly, who cares. Hecklers are screaming and swearing at him, he was mad and let off some steam. A mistake, but no big deal. It’s not unfamiliar language for any one involved with the NFL. It’s only coming out now to mess with their playoff chances. It’s stupid.

  10. I was wrong = I got caught, If he was sorry he would have said it before the video surfaced.
    On the other hand, never argue with an Idiot , He’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience every time!

    BUT, an NFL ticket doesn’t include the right to verbally abuse players or coaches.

  11. He said what any of us would have said. I’m not going to hold him to a higher standard than I hold myself to. O’Brien was working. This is his stage.

    Could anyone imagine taking the side of a heckler over a comedian or a musical act when they are preforming?

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