Carson Palmer: If Jameis Winston returns, he’ll have a “massive year”

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During Carson Palmer’s first season playing quarterback for Bruce Arians in Arizona, he threw a career-high 22 interceptions while posting a passer rating of 83.9 for a team that missed the playoffs.

Palmer was much better in 2014 before getting hurt and then turned in the best season of his career in 2015 when he threw 35 touchdowns and 11 interceptions for a team that made it to the NFC title game. That kind of upward trajectory will likely be encouraging to some in Tampa as they decide what to do with Jameis Winston this offseason.

Also encouraging is the fact that Palmer believes Winston can show similar growth under Arians if the Bucs bring him back for the 2020 season. Palmer said on The Rich Eisen Show that Arians doesn’t run “a simple offense” and that experience in the system winds up paying major dividends.

“You don’t have that experience in Year One,” Palmer said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “You need Year One to go back and watch the film and see yourself doing it wrong and the receivers seeing themselves doing it wrong and then Year Two, really things start to click. That chemistry starts to develop and that trust and that confidence in the offense starts to develop. If Jameis is back in Tampa, I would expect Year Two to be a massive year for him.”

If the Bucs agree with Palmer about what Winston can do with time in the offense under his belt, it seems unlikely that they’d let him walk away this offseason but the message out of Tampa hasn’t been a clear one in either direction to this point.

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  1. The message has been very clear. Arians wouldn’t even be talking about him unless he planned to have him back. As long as they lock up their pass rushers in the off-season, Tampa is going to be my Vegas bet to go pretty deep in the playoffs next year with Winston leading them there.

  2. From one Stats QB to another. 🙄

    I’ll take a winner over these guys any day.
    How much did you expect Palmer to win wasting the majority of his career in Cincinnati?

  3. All QBs throw interceptions the point Carson was making is that Arians is a great coach who can bring out the best in his players and inspire them to grow and reach their full potential. Arians took the Arizona Cardinals to a level unheard of or unimagined by Cardinal fans, working with poor draft picks and cast off players on their way to retirement…his players love him and will play their heart out for him, and Winston wouldn’t have made it this far in the NFL if he didn’t have skills! Love him or hate him, Arians wins games and it’s too bad for Arizona that he’s no longer with the Cards and they are once again cellar dwellers! Hopefully the Bucs are a smarter organization and will let BA run his own show.

  4. Jameis is all about spreading the ball around without malice. If you’re on the field he wants to get you the ball. This type of unselfish play is the result of the participation trophy.

  5. Dublin Demons says:
    January 10, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Jameis is all about spreading the ball around without malice. If you’re on the field he wants to get you the ball. This type of unselfish play is the result of the participation trophy.

    I don’t understand this at all.

    You could say that 2018 Evans, Godwin, TEs(combined) and Humphries had 100ish targets.
    This year, Evans, Godwin, and the TEs all had 115ish targets. Breshad Perriman had 69, most of which were when Evans and Godwin were out.

    Jameis spread the ball out way less this year based on just that. Maybe you were made they threw to running backs a bit more?

    Brady spread the ball out his entire career and put up massive numbers.

    I don’t think participation trophies were a thing when Brady was a kid.

  6. Jameis is all about spreading the ball around without malice. If you’re on the field he wants to get you the ball.

    If you are talking about spreading the ball around to the opposing teams DB’s then yes you are spot on.

  7. If Arians can’t get Winston right, no one can.

    Arians is one of the best Offensive minds in the Modern era and a damn fine coach.

    Winston could be great. He is frickin reckless.

  8. Keep dogging Winston. P. Manning had similar stats at a year earlier pace when compared to Winston. Multiple picks is a thing that can be fixed. He just has to stay from trying to make the big play on every play and exercise patience. When this happens, lookout! Arians is only negative on Winston because he knows that works in getting him to play better. Winston has all the tools and I think he will be a top 10 QB next year. At least he has proven to be better than draft counterpart, check down Marcus Mariota.

  9. Winston’s primary value is in fantasy football.

    Mainly in leagues where INT’s are just -1.

    Losing teams QB’s often have more points than the winners.

    Except fantasy, he’s not very valuable in reality.

  10. Winston will never be a top NFL QB. He’s been in the league for 5 years and all he’s done is turn the ball over at an unacceptable rate. He may be marginally better next season, but not enough to help the Bucs become a quality team. With the weapons they have on offense, they should be a playoff team. Winston’s constant mistakes kill that possibility.

    Tampa needs to cut the cord and move in a new direction. Why waste another year on a proven failure?

  11. Everybody is entitled to their opinion about Winston. It’s my belief you will have to deal with both the good and bad plays Jamis makes. A coach can hope to limit the bad plays, but Jamis believes he can make those plays that wind up as interception. You don’t want a too timid Jamis afraid to make plays and take some chances. But at the same time, Jamis has to cut down his interception rate. The question is, can he? That’s the debate in Tampa Bay. That’s what Coach Arians has to decide.

    It fairly easier to change a trowing motion. It easy to change how you set your feet. Jamis threw a flat, line drive deep ball in previous season. Last season Jamis finally learn how to throw a looping ball and let his receiver run under it. That’s some proof jamis can learn. Im sure It’s much harder to change a person’s nature and mind set. That’s what you are dealing with in Jamis.

    I’m sure Arians will look at who might be available in free agency, and who might be available in the draft. Then weigh are any of these a better option than Jamis Winston now? I think Jamis will get a 1 year franchise deal allowing Arians & other coaches to work with Winston next season and see if that makes a difference. I also expect to see the Bucs draft a QB somewhere in this years draft.

  12. intrafinesse says:
    January 10, 2020 at 8:04 am
    I want Winston to be the first 40-40 QB, 40 interceptions and 40 TDs.
    And the team goes 8-8

    Screw it lets go 50-50

  13. Massive? Like in 35-40 interceptions? He’s just one of many QB’s that can’t read an NFL defense!

  14. Five seasons as a starting NFL quarterback notwithstanding, Jameis Winston just turned 26 this past Monday. As crazy as many of his throws appear to be, I’m going to cut him some slack and hope that maturation coupled with special talent will result in the season that Palmer predicts.

  15. I predicted b4 the 2019 season began that it would take the Bucs under Arians 2 years to make the playoffs and I still believe this either with or Winston or Teddy Bridgewater. Winston being familiar with Arians scheme us slightly at better odds but Bridgewater will get them there too. at the momment it seems like Winston agent us playing hardball with 30-45 mill contract demands but i thinj the Bucs can structure it at 20 mill guarantee with Arians ideal QB TD to interception of 3 to 1 and build up on incentives monetary-wise if this goal is achieved if he will not sign at 20 mill go with Bridgewater

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