Cowboys got “real, real, real close” on deal with Dak Prescott before season

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is convinced Dak Prescott is the team’s quarterback of the present and the future. So is Mike McCarthy.

Of course, if McCarthy wasn’t, he probably wouldn’t be the Cowboys’ new coach.

Jones jokingly was asked Friday afternoon on 103.3 ESPN Radio about calling Tom Brady, who is scheduled to become a free agent in the offseason: “Not even a thought. We’re so, so all in on Dak. [McCarthy] is so all in on Dak. He’s so convicted that [Dak’s] the guy that can help us win championships. He’s putting together a great staff to support him.”

McCarthy has coached Joe Montana, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers in his career.

He called Prescott “a great one here to work with.”

For what it was worth, Prescott threw for a career-high 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2019. It also was the first time in his four seasons the Cowboys didn’t finish with a winning record, going 8-8.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with Dak,” McCarthy said during his introductory press conference. “I think what he’s done so far is very impressive. I think like a lot of us in the league, you watch people from afar. But when you have a chance to watch a player live, and I can recall his rookie year when we played him there in Green Bay, I’ve always been impressed with him.”

Prescott, 26, is scheduled to become a free agent in March. The Cowboys surely will use the franchise tag on Prescott if they can’t get a long-term deal done before then.

Jones revealed on 1310 The Ticket that Dallas got “real, real, real close” to getting a deal before the season.

“We’ve got to land the plane and get his deal done,” Jones said on the radio, via Jon Machota of “That’s on Jerry and myself. He’s our future. I think he stepped up and improved in all ways last year. . . . We went over this in depth with coach McCarthy, and he thinks [Prescott] is a top-end, top-caliber quarterback. We can do everything we want to do and more with Dak. [McCarthy] can’t wait to spend time with him. We’ve got to land the plane on his contract and get him signed up sooner than later. He deserves everything he has coming.

“We got real, real, real close there to start the season and just didn’t get it finished up. He’s so laser-focused on wanting to win football games and compete that he really didn’t want the distraction once we didn’t get it done in that first week of going back and forth with the contract. We’ve just got to move forward. He’s our quarterback of the future. I’ll take him any time when you go to war against those guys. We’re fortunate to have him.”

18 responses to “Cowboys got “real, real, real close” on deal with Dak Prescott before season

  1. Jerry and Son keep saying how GREAT he is. If I’m the employee, put your money where your mouth is.

    To paraphrase every semi-intelligent coach and/or GM : “It’s a process we’re working through”. Maybe even “Dak has come a long way”. So you pat him on the back without giving him a big head and 1/5th of the cap.

  2. Also, they got real, real, real close to making the playoffs.

    Anyways, Jerry lost his gamble that Dak would not step up but Dak exceeded expectations.

    That $40M number, as crazy as it may be, is now a possibility when it was unreasonable in the preseason.

    But, like I said, they failed to win the NFC Least.

  3. “We’ve got to land the plane and get his deal done,” Jones said on the radio, via Jon Machota of “That’s on Jerry and myself.

    I’m a Cowboy fan but I’ve always found it bizarre and kind of creepy that Stephen calls his father “Jerry”.

  4. He had a good year but I don’t know why the number has to be 35mill+ a season. He’s not Russell Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes. He’s probably between the seventh and twelfth best qb. If he would come down to a realistic number he would have already got paid.

  5. Prescott’s scouting report, what has changed in 4 years? Nothing!

    WEAKNESSES Beat up this year thanks to poor protection. When he wasn’t being sacked, he was being hit hard. Not as competitive a rusher in 2015. Sacks and usage in run game might be taking a toll. Increase in short pass attempts from 86 to 208 this year reason for higher completion numbers. Accuracy on intermediate and deep throws dropped sharply. Pocket poise has been compromised. Hyper­ aware of pressure around him and lacks awareness to slide and find temporary shelter to make throw. Concern over pressure too often trumps ability to get through progressions. Must speed up the pace of his reads. Footwork is a mess. Slight stride onto stiff upper leg with little weight shift. Restricted follow through and too often tries to muscle throws with upper body. Throws to target rather than leading or throwing them open on short/intermediate throws. Too respectful of underneath coverage and must be more willing to challenge the defense. Needs to improve anticipation.

    BOTTOM LINE Hard to find an NFL comp for Prescott because he’s built like Donovan McNabb, but lacks McNabb’s ability and polish. Prescott has NFL size, mobility and enough arm, but the tape shows a player who must improve his mechanics, poise and quickness through his progressions if he is to become a full­-time starter in the NFL. There are absolutely draftable traits and upside, but he will need extended work to smooth out his flaws. Until then, a team would be wise to utilize him on short-yardage packages.

  6. Dak has an ego. He will not sign a deal paying himself between the 7th and 12th best qb. He won’t sign for less than $30 mil.

  7. Jerrah has just found his ego pumping publicity Tactic! How about no news until he’s signed! Not one speculation!

  8. Honestly if he is being unrealistic about his Salary why not trade him and bring in Brady for 2 years.You can easily get 2 first round picks for Dak and with those 2 picks find your next Quarterback.Have him sit and learn but dont let Dak put the Cowboys in Cap mess for the next 4 to 5 years.

  9. ‘boys lost all leverage when
    1- dak balled out and
    2- their new coach already says he is a dak fan
    Dak will get a quite a boost compared to what they were offering last summer.

  10. In other words, soon they will have a well over paid QBs. As a Cowboy hater I’m very very very happy they are going to mess up their cap for a few years

  11. The number 1 job of a quaterback is to win games. Do what is necessay to win. If it takes ball control, or if it takes a last minute scoring drive, then he needs to just do it. Compiling gaudy passing stats while winning half of the games he starts or worse is not what a coach looks for in a quarterback. So, it does not matter if Prescott passed for almost 5,000 yards or not. It only matters whether he can get his team to the playoffs consistently and bring home the trophy at least once in his career.

  12. the Cowboys should make a long-term commitment to Prescott and pay top dollar

    he’s quite a mediocre QB and it’ll a help to the rest of the teams in the East

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