John Mara: Door open for Eli Manning to remain in Giants organization

Getty Images

After the end of the regular season, Eli Manning said that all options were on the table for the future but that he didn’t think he’d be returning to the Giants as a backup quarterback to Daniel Jones in 2020.

Giants co-owner John Mara said on Friday that there are other ways that Manning could remain part of the Giants organization. During an appearance on WFAN, Mara said that he had a long talk with Manning recently and that the door is open for him to remain in the fold.

Mara said that serving as the No. 2 quarterback was one possibility and then raised the idea of Manning taking on another job inside the organization. There were no specifics regarding what that role might be, however, and Mara said that Manning will be taking his time before deciding what to do next.

Given Manning’s misgivings about being a backup quarterback, an off-field role may be the likeliest outcome if he decides he wants to be in football during the 2020 season.