Josh McDaniels wraps up interview in Cleveland

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Josh McDaniels traveled to Cleveland on Friday in order to become the eighth person to interview to become the Browns head coach and that interview has now come to an end. posted video of McDaniels leaving the team’s facility after the meeting came to an end. McDaniels, who traveled to Cleveland with his wife, spent about seven hours with the Browns and that’s been the norm throughout the interview process.

McDaniels is the last known candidate for the job in Cleveland, but the end of the interviews reportedly won’t lead to a quick announcement about the new hire. According to multiple reports, no announcement is expected on Friday about the identity of the new coach.

While eight coaches have interviewed with the Browns since Freddie Kitchens was fired, McDaniels is one of seven remaining candidates as Mike McCarthy agreed to coach the Cowboys while things have been playing out in Cleveland.

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  1. Josh, please remember that this is the same organization that tipped off Adam Schefter a coupe of years ago, that Condaleeza Rice was a serious candidate for Head Coach.

  2. His wife was also interviewed and they like her so much that they hired her as GM. Haslan then asked her if she thinks Josh is a right fit as HC – she was silent for a while and then said she felt better if they continued the search for more candidates.

  3. he and his wife are both from ohio-she from a cleveland suburb .

    I believe he will get the job-but. The browns said they would wait until the weekend to make a hire. I think they will wait to give the appearance to the other interview’es that it was a fair process.

    If they announce no one this weekend it means someone still playing games in playoffs=namely Stefanski

  4. Regardless of the choice, I like the following: (1) The created a process and stuck to it (2) They actually interviewed a lot of talented coaches with a variety of pro experience and (3) The coach will pick the GM. In the past, they always seemed to scramble to hire a guy and create some sort of shotgun marriage by sticking the other. Also, as much as I liked Dorsey, he refused to interview or hire a guy he couldn’t control. It became obvious to me this year that the HC is more important than the GM in regards to culture, and that as long as the GM and HC are on the same page, it can work. Good luck, Browns! Maybe 5th time is the charm for Jimmy.

  5. Folks, both McDaniels and his wife are from Cleveland, so this would be a homecoming of sorts. They might look at that part as being attractive…………wait, what am I saying> Attractive? Cleveland?……..Nevermind. They were brobably both glad to get the heck outta there in the first place.

  6. Do all coaches working for BB have a pen or pencell stuck in the hat? That must be the cool look in NE.

  7. I’m agnostic on who they should hire but this is kind of good news that they are really trying to follow a methodical process. It seems to me they will now deliberate and perhaps even do second interviews. This too probably means McDaniels’ feelings are hurt that he wasn’t hired today and won’t be coming back.

  8. I used to bash Cleveland (not just the Browns) until my sister and husband moved there. They loved it and two adult sons are there today. Methinks the residents don,t have the same opinion and their loyalty is usually on display.

  9. This guy is gonna wreck his coaching career is Cleveland if he gets the job.
    They change coaches every other year.
    Its a Coaches graveyard

  10. I like it. McDaniel is really a small time persona and will handle the homer Cleveland media MUCH better than a place with strong media (ie NY LA CHI BOS SAL etc).. It might actually be best for him.

  11. SnarkTastic says:
    January 10, 2020 at 6:41 pm
    If he didn’t want to work for Jim Irsay (and who can blame him…), I can’t imagine why he’d want to work for Jim Haslam.


    That and they weren’t being honest about Luck’s condition and he knew it. Fast forward one year and the dude’s retired. Everyone blames McD, but this one’s on Irsay.

  12. How great would it be for Joshua Thomas McDaniels to spurn Dee & Jim? The Haslems would then have to try to sell the Browns fans on gym shorts Jim Schwartz as head coach.

  13. solo681 says:

    January 10, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    His wife was also interviewed and they like her so much that they hired her as GM. Haslan then asked her if she thinks Josh is a right fit as HC – she was silent for a while and then said she felt better if they continued the search for more candidates.

    This wins…

  14. they didnt show him running down the corridor yelling at his wife lets get out of here but showed him n wifey calming leaving what u also see is the tahoe going down the road with tires screeching n smoking after they got out of site

  15. He probably figures Stevie Ray takes over when BB calls it quits when he turns 80 in 2033 Face it folks the dynasty is not over just needs to retool like they always do

  16. It’s been a deep and thorough process to find the right candidate. Well done. Do they have the acumen to choose the right one? This is really the question. We all await intensely, and for different reasons.

  17. All the comments are saying ”take the job” as if the job is his to have it if he wants it. Making a career off of the coat tails of Brady and Bellichick and flaming out in Denver means you’re probably not as revered as you or the Pats fan base thinks you are. Stefanski should have had this job last year and he will now finally get it. He may even show up next season to the Browns facility with a Super Bowl ring that he got with not Tom Brady, but Kirk Cousins.

  18. Back to New Cheatland, home of the signal stealing Red Sox and Celtics fans who hurl cans of beer.

  19. McDaniel will bring what Kitchens lacked: discipline. Cleveland played this season like Roger Moore played James Bond. Yes, the franchise accomplished a much earned celebrity in the black and white Pleasantville years of Otto Graham. But I bet after 8 championships Graham had done fewer TV spots than Mayfield had done before he through a single regular season pass for the organization. McDaniels culture is just what this team needs, though OBJ may never survive a season of it.

  20. It’s not going to happen. He will stay in NE.

    Stefanski or Bienemy and back to square one and fired in a year or so.

    By the way, whatever became of urban Meyer?

  21. bringbackkosar says:
    January 10, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    I’m waiting to hear what Mary Kay Cabot says, then I’ll know the opposite is true lol

    Oh good. I thought I was the only one

  22. It’s gonna take a year to get Baker straightened out, then they can move forward. Are they going to have the patience for that? Hopefully that was part of the discussion.

  23. The owner keeps talking about the need to have the entire organization aligned, but at the same time he pushes analytics and wants Paul DePodesta to play a key role, so hiring McDaniels would make no sense. McDaniels wants to bring in his old John Carroll buddies and to do things the Patriot Way. He and DePodesta would be butting heads from Day One. The logical hire is Stefanski. He meshes well with DePodesta, as they’re both Ivy Leaguers who love analytics. If Haslam is really serious about getting the organization aligned, Stefanski makes more sense than McDaniels. We’ll see if Haslam backs up his words with action.

  24. The NFL should apply the equivalent of a Marine Blanket Party to Haslam, Brown, Snyder, and Khan. How are such poorly operated, franchised failures good for business?

  25. Have to laugh at all the jokers who think McDaniels sucks. He only runs one of the most difficult offenses to learn in all of football. It’s why so many receivers have failed in NE and why Brady’s been so good with so little over the last 20 years. Brady’s not going anywhere unless they run his offense and McDaniels is one of the best offensive coaches in league over the last 20 years. Sure he wasn’t great as a HC the first time, but neither was Belichick. My gut tells me McDaniels and Brady are both back in NE for at least one more year. The Browns job has its issues, like Haslem and head case players.

  26. I think they ought to hire him and then call back in a week and tell him they resend their offer.. He cannot be trusted! Cleveland deserves Him.

  27. McDaniels WOULD have taken the Colts job, but declined at the last minute because he and the GM Chris Ballard could not agree on some major issues in coaching the team.

  28. I’m guessing all the people who bash the city of Cleveland have never been there. Great city, lots to do, good diverse population. I know plenty of people who live there by choice and would never leave. Criticize the Browns all you want, but don’t knock Cleveland if you’ve never tried it.

  29. Talking about patience and practicing it are two different things. These are words for toddlers, yet they are applicable to a billion-dollar owner.

  30. After working in New England under A disciplined Coach Bill , Big Mac may just be the Coach for the Browns !

    If he installs that sought of discipline in that Frat house with “loud Mouth” Mayfield all the antics and B.S will cease !

    The number 1 thing of a team is having true leaders something Mayfield isnt ! That would soon change under Mac. ! The Browns D isnt that far off as it has lots of play makers who need direct guidance ! Cleveland could quick turnaround and finally make a playoffs under Big Mac !

    Playoff not Super Bowl !!!

  31. McDaniels loved Tim Tebow so much says it all about him.

    Tim Tebow today would be Lamar Jackson. Just a thought

  32. stonedwhitetrash says:
    January 11, 2020 at 10:33 am
    McDaniels loved Tim Tebow so much says it all about him.

    Tim Tebow won a postseason game. That’s more than Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariota, Carson Wentz, Baker Mayfield or Derek Carr can say

  33. rogergoodellmyhero says:
    January 11, 2020 at 11:27 am
    Any Patriots coach/coordinator without Brady is trash.


    Romeo Crenell and Bill O’Brien say hi

  34. The Browns are gonna get McDaniels, but the Giants are gonna hire Freddie. Browns-2, Giants-0. HAHAHAHAHA,

  35. SWFLPC.INC says:
    January 11, 2020 at 11:28 am
    stonedwhitetrash says:
    January 11, 2020 at 10:33 am
    McDaniels loved Tim Tebow so much says it all about him.

    Tim Tebow won a postseason game. That’s more than Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariota, Carson Wentz, Baker Mayfield or Derek Carr can say


    It’s also more than Deshaun Watson can say, but he conveniently doesn’t get listed because it contradicts what you said about Crenell and O’Brien in the very next post.

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