Report: Josh McDaniels’ wife on trip to Cleveland as well

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Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is talking to the Browns today, and he’s bringing someone else who may have to be swayed.

According to Albert Breer of, McDaniels’ wife Laura is on the trip with him today.

That may or may not mean anything, but it could be a sign that they’re trying to wrap things up today, as he’s the last candidate scheduled to talk to the team.

There are plenty of dots to connect him to the job, not the least of which would be the Browns’ desperation for any degree of credibility.

But he’s a native of Ohio, and knows the area already, so if he’s bringing his wife along today, it may mean something more.

54 responses to “Report: Josh McDaniels’ wife on trip to Cleveland as well

  1. Of all the spots that were available, this seems like the worst fit for McDaniels. Too many big personalities on the team for a guy coming from an organization built on the team being bigger than the individual

  2. Not too many people want to take a day trip to Cleveland so it doesn’t seem likely she’s along just for fun.

  3. Please, go to Cleveland. You’re a great OC and terrible head coach, and we just want you gone from the division along with Brady.


    AFC East

  4. No way this is happening. Once she takes a look at Cleveland and says “You want to move us here?!??!” that will be the end of the story.

  5. Dude – not the Browns. You do not want any part of that drama – especially with a prima donna like OBJ….

  6. There’s league-wide collusion going on to weaken the Patriots by hiring their assistant coaches away from New England year after year.

  7. Poor Laura, she had to veto the Indianapolis move last year and now she’s facing the prospect of moving to Cleveland. She’s gotta wonder why Josh can’t get an interview somewhere nice.

  8. She wants a house with 4 baths in the happening part of the city and he wants a place in the country close to where he grew up. Maybe, Baker can show them around.

  9. I would say he wasn’t ready when the Broncos hired him. But now I think he may be ready to be an HC. The only question is are the Browns ready to buy in on what he has to say. The players are in place on both sides.

  10. This is a very Browns sort of move. A guy who proved at his last head coaching job to be lousy with personnel gets brought in without there being any GM, thus setting the stage for the same sort of problems he had before. If anybody was going to hire McDaniels you would think it’d be a team with a solid front office so that they could have him concentrate totally on coaching. But the Browns rarely make smart moves.

  11. This, to me, means he’s likely to take the gig. Especially if he gets roster control and handpicks his GM partner.

  12. As a Brown’s fan, McDaniels wouldn’t be my pick, but it might be the right fit if they do in fact allow him to work as a GM and HC. We’ll see what happens. Can’t be any worse than the last two clowns.

  13. They are both from northeastern Ohio. Since it’s home for them I doubt it would take much to sway them to take the job.

    She’s from Parma, which is right outside of Cleveland, and he’s from Barberton and played his high school football at renowned Canton McKinley.

  14. arealisticpackerfan says:
    January 10, 2020 at 10:31 am
    A former failed head coach with an 11-17 record who was fired before his second season ended. Cleveland must really want to keep the circus going.

    …and Belichick’s record was 36-44 in Cleveland before Baltimore fired him after they announced the move. I’m not saying that he’s the answer, but people do grow….and people do learn from the past….whether he will or not is the million dollar question.

  15. None of us have any clue if he will succeed but I’m impressed with what offense he got out of the patriots considering the lack of talent – yes, including Brady. They had to be awfully creative to manufacture any points and get that many wins. Certainly he picked up something in all those years. I have faith. This guys credentials compared to Kitchens??? I mean seriously!!

  16. You know if they hire him .. He will ask Nick Caserio to be the next GM and then Add TB12 .. This will be a fun story .. My Pats will lose lots of ppl .

  17. Bring your wife, your gerbal, whatever. You’re still not the right candidate for this job. Stefanski is the man. You’re just another Belicheck wannabe that got canned in Denver for filming other teams practices (AGAIN)! I don’t want cheaters coaching my Browns. PERIOD!

  18. Could see this team have a lot of short term success in the first season or two and just implode. Would be very fun to watch both parts.

  19. Charlie Weiss = Fail (.455%) College HC
    Eric Mangini = Fail (.413%)
    Josh McDaniel = Fail (.393%)
    Romeo Crennel = Fail (.337%)
    Matt Patricia = Fail (.297%)
    Brian Flores = ? (.313%)
    Jim Schwartz = Fail (.363)
    Nick Saban = Fail NFL (.469). Great in college
    Bill O’Brien = ? (.542%)

    Bill Belichek with Tom Brady (.773%)
    Bill Belichek without Tom Brady (.464%)

  20. Got fired from his first head coaching job after a losing record. Accepted a HC job with another team and then changed his mind and went to another team. His name was Bill Belichick. If I was a Browns fan I would be elated to get McDaniels as my HC and hope to God ownership gave him time to turn around the culture of that dumpster fire of a franchise. Seven year contract!

  21. Questions: Is McDaniels’ offense too complicated for Mayfield? Can McDaniels bring a level of discipline to the Browns without causing another mutiny?

    I’d hire him anyway. Mayfield is at the crossroads and his game needs repair and McDaniels has always liked his game. This is a situation that seems right for both sides.

  22. Don’t let Stefanski get away like you did another offensive genius in Kyle Shanahan. Look what the guy is doing with Kirk flipping Cousins and the Vikings. Imagine how Baker would take off with this man’s offensive scheme in place.

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