Report: NFL decides not to fine Jadeveon Clowney for hit on Carson Wentz

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Jadeveon Clowney faced death threats from angry Eagles fans, but that appears the worst repercussion for the Seahawks defensive end for his hit on Carson Wentz.

Mark Maske of The Washington Post reports that the NFL has decided not to fine Clowney for the hit that knocked Wentz out of Sunday’s game.

Clowney was not penalized on the play, and afterward, in a pool report, referee Shawn Smith called it “incidental” contact and not deemed a foul.

Clowney called it a “bang-bang play” after the game and wouldn’t talk about it Thursday.

The hit came on the ninth play of the game and sent Wentz to the locker room with a concussion.

97 responses to “Report: NFL decides not to fine Jadeveon Clowney for hit on Carson Wentz

  1. I hope this play gets admitted as evidence when the NFL finally gets sued big. Not an Eagles fan, but does Clowney not dip his head there?

  2. As an Eagles I mean die hard. CARSON Is excellent QB but he goes head first. That whole game Wilson was going feet first and he finished the. Game. Carson gave him an opening and he took it, not a dirty play. Philly Philly is the greatest play. Period.

  3. But the NFL will use the video for training purposes to illustrate what “not to do”.
    The integrity and consistency of the leagues decisions are baffling. A sad state of affairs.
    Wentz was in a position to have his neck broken. He was not going to advance the ball and was on the ground. Clowney’s action was avoidable. He could have sailed over Wentz. Anyone who thinks it was “bang bang” is blind or trolling.
    Just disgusting.

  4. That’s the easy way out, but I don’t blame them. No need to admit you screwed up the playoffs, again. If it were a regular season game there is no doubt he’d be paying a stiff fine.

  5. There’s a particular angle that inarguably shows Clowney leading with his crown.

    It’s one angle that makes him look dirty.

    If that’s ALL you show me I’d say it’s beyond obvious.

    I hate to admit they, whoever they are, have all the angles.
    Maybe three other angles it looks like he’s leading with his shoulder as the Seahawks fans claim.

    I guess that’s possible.

    Seahawks fans may not know/remember but last season in Week 16 as a Texan Clowney speared Nick Foles in the sternum, was fined $40K.

    And then he wonders why the hate.

    I’m sure he’ll have lots of time to wonder when he goes back on IR next year.

  6. burtmustin says:

    A wise decision for the NFL .Eagles fans can take out their frustration on Santa next Christmas.
    Very Original ,, might have been funny 50 years ago.

  7. Well, so much for Florio’s ridiculous whining about the hit. He led with his shoulder, the head contact was accidental.

  8. Carson wentz is the biggest scam in sports he’s 14-14 in his last 28 games he’s 7-20 vs teams over 500 he has zero playoff wins he has never won a big game . Foles is 24-6 in his last 30 starts as an eagle wentz is a joke

  9. The NFL fined players for shoving QBs if they got hit a second after the throw. I saw a PF for sacking a QB and the DE put out his hands to avoid putting his full weight on the QB.
    This was pretty deliberate and to have no fine is inconsistent.
    Oh wait, its the NFL.

    The NFL seems to succeed despite its being poorly run on the field.

  10. unomasmore says:
    I hope this play gets admitted as evidence when the NFL finally gets sued big. Not an Eagles fan, but does Clowney not dip his head there?
    No. He leads with the shoulder into the back. The head is attached to the shoulder and the contact is incidental. Correct call all the way.

  11. Clowney can’t angle his body like that to shoulder hit Wentz with out his head going along for the ride. If that had been Russell Wilson, I would have been yelling at him through the tv how stupid he was to put himself in that situation.

    Receivers used to blame their quarterbacks for throwing them into hits. Now it’s just thought of that defenders shouldn’t lay hard hits in any circumstance. More people that are complaining about Clowney’s still framed picture should be furious about running backs and receivers lowering their helmets ‘to protect themselves’ when engaging tacklers. Those blows are brutal-

  12. If I were an Eagles fan, I would be upset about the hit. But honestly, it didn’t seem malicious. You hit QBs when they run. The hit to head was unfortunate, but Clowney wasn’t head hunting.

  13. Carson should have slid. I still think the hit was a touch “excessive” given that Wentz was on the way down, but it’s the QBs responsibility to not expose himself to rough play. Wilson was taking care of himself all night with timely slides.

  14. League won’t Willy nilly hand out fines for post season games because they are paying the players peanuts (Seahawks made 28,000 per player) for that game. Russell Wilson received 2 million per regular season game. 17 pay checks during the 17 week season of 2 million each. Is paid 28,000 to play another playoff game. NFL rips these guys off that advance into extra games(post season).

  15. Wow, just wow. Dude leads with his head into the back of a QB’s head as hes hitting the field and that’s not a late hit or target? Dude that said if it was a Raider is absolutely right. Think I’m biased? Go look at the Vontaze Burfict hit (suspended for season) and then this hit. I’ll wait here…

  16. Had Clowney made this same hit on a running back there would’ve been no outcry.
    He led with his shoulder, didn’t “spear”; simply delivered a hit.

    Wentz is a QB, yes, but because he didn’t slide he was effectively a RB at the time;
    and as such the same (RB) standard should apply.

    Maybe the NFL got one right for a change.

  17. Bogus call. Refs were bad most of the game and then not to call this when it was a spear and helmet to helmet is just piss poor. NFL is fixed Clearly tried to hurt Wentz. If this was Brady he would be out of the NFL. Joke league

  18. Eagle fan got mad only when wentz was pulled from the game…..watching that live it was just football…….eagle teammates and announcers didnt even react until wentz was declared out…..what a whiney fan base.

  19. Unlike Wentz, Wilson is the smartest running QB since Fran Tarkenton. People dont realize, but Wilson is only about three seasons away from having the most rushing yards ever for a QB.

  20. So next year if I were on the Eagles’ defensive staff I would show this play and teach my players to do exactly the same hit. And when we get penalized/fined I would send this tape to the NFL and ask for an explanation. Hopefully within a year this hypocrisy would stop.

  21. Even IF it was an illegal hit which I don’t think it was he would have gotten a 15 yard penalty. And after that the Eagles would have lost anyway so what’s the beef? Geez.

  22. How about they just call every hit on a Qb the same. You breath wrong on Brees Or Brady it’s a flag. Didn’t they also determine if a Qb goes headfirst he’s giving himself up. Because that’s what was called when Wentz went headfirst against Falcons and they said he was short on a two point conversion. So which is it?

  23. School is out! Smack’em QBs in the head. What goes around comes around, Wilson is out for count. Somebody is going to get killed in the playoffs.

  24. Such BS. Clowney clearly and deliberately speared Wentz, knocking him out of the game to SEA’s great advantage – which Clowney later admitted, before he decided (probably was told) to clam up. In college football, what Clowney did earns him an automatic ejection.

    In the NFL, laughably, it’s a 15 yard penalty – maybe with a post-game fine, and more rarely, a suspension, which given the context of the play (knocking out an opposing QB early in a play-off game) was warranted. The NFL didn’t even have the stones to do the minimum. Wentz was not running through the line of scrimmage and “incidental” contact doesn’t concuss players otherwise. Ignoring another obvious foul in a play-off game does nothing for the league’s already damaged credibility, and apparently it doesn’t care.

    This is not the first time Clowney has pulled this BS with SEA or HOU; the Foles face-mask twist comes to mind. Clowney was penalized and fined for that. But with Wentz Sunday, the refs blew the call, and instead of doing the right thing, the NFL has opted for play-off referee protection and PR over player protection.

    Then Carroll afterwards crows about Clowney’s game. Makes me sick. Clowney is Vontaze II. Karma is a bitch, and I hope he gets what he’s got coming to him – at a most inconvenient time.

    For those who say Wentz should have slid feet-first instead of head-first, yes, he should have, to better protect himself from cheap-shot artists like Clowney. Though under NFL rules, it shouldn’t matter which way he slides, because by rule he gives himself up either way. Practically speaking, going head-first opens up an opportunity for a dirty player like Clowney to take a cheap shot.

    He did; he got away with it scot-free; his team benefited from it; the NFL did its Sgt. Schulz impersonation. Ugh. Usually I pull for SEA, but I’m a GB fan this week.

  25. James Harrison, Lavar Arrington, and Bart Scott all said it was 100% a dirty hit. These are guys who have no love for the Eagles and who favor defensive players. Heck, even Skip Bayless, who hates Wentz said it was a dirty hit. He could have paralyzed Wentz or himself doing that. The NFL set a very bad precedent here and is encouraging more of these types of hits.

  26. Most of you seem like NFC East fans or Seahawk fans who are making the comments here. Former NFL defensive players said it was dirty. Jason Whitlock said it was “dirty as H***”

  27. allinforallen says:
    January 10, 2020 at 8:46 pm

    …Clowney’s action was avoidable. He could have sailed over Wentz…


    So, Clowney can change direction mid-air? WHY HASN’T HE BEEN FLYING MORE THIS SEASON THEN???? He should have had 80-90 sacks

  28. It was just football. A contact sport. Wentz needs to learn from Russell Wilson, and protect himself. Cry me a river Philly fans.

  29. The NFL refs and their masters are a bunch of hypocrites. There were hundreds of less egregious hits where players were fined throughout the year. All we want is consistency.

    Instead we have refs determining games with their bad calls, and their bosses defend them. This no call that resulted in no fine, is about sports gambling and not the integrity of the game. The NFL is terrified about lawsuits from gamblers & bookies… what a joke this league has become.

  30. I am not surprised. There is a double standard and Seattle players can get away with offenses other playeers and even owners around the league cannot. Beast Mold pleaded guilty to reckless driving to avoid a conviction of driving under the influence, and he was never suspended while he was playing for Seattle, but other players and even owners can be suspended without being found guilty of anything. Just an accusation is good enough for suspension.

  31. Watched it 4 more times before this comment the first contact by Clowney was helmet to the back of the head While Wentz was already diving to the ground. If that’s not dirty and finable there is none that can be. The league is cover the butts of the poor officiating on the play.

  32. Enough with the should of slid, watch the whole play!!! He was avoiding a sack and was tripped form behind. Does anyone actually understand football or just post to hate on other teams and player they don’t like. Also let the Sant Clause thing go, it was a drunk with a Santa hat on, he was not even part of the Eagles he was a drunk fan, idiots.

  33. A year earlier he took out Foles, who managed to get back after sitting out a few plays. Whether or not the hit on Wentz was flagged didn’t matter; even if they had expelled him it didn’t matter: he took out the Eagles most important player. The helmet to helmet hit took place when Wentz’s head was inches off the ground; hardly incidental. Shame on the NFL for not recognizing pattern and intent.

  34. Carson wentz is the biggest scam in sports he’s 14-14 in his last 28 games he’s 7-20 vs teams over 500 he has zero playoff wins he has never won a big game . Foles is 24-6 in his last 30 starts as an eagle


    7-20…..yikes. He is now 0-1 in the postseason as well

  35. The one thing most miss is when a qb dives head first it now comes under the same rule as sluding feet first. Last time I checked any helmet to helmet contact was at the very least a fine. Clowney got nothing that is in direct contrast with other NFL punishments for this stuff.

  36. Carson Wentz is too strong and tough guy. If he had acted it and stayed lied down on the field then the decision would have been completely different right then and there.

    NFL rules suck. They can’t figure out what’s a catch or what a PI and now not even know when a player is clearly leading with helmet.

    Eagles fans and local media gets the flack for being loud mouth and arrogant. If this would have happened the diva Aaron Rodgers, Wilson or Brees, the result clearly would be different.

    I am not Wentz fan. He doesn’t know how to play safe and is injury prone. But if that wasn’t a dirty hit, I don’t know what is.

  37. Cheaty Pete’s players have been held to a different set of rules ever since Microsoft had a 300 bijillion dollar deal with the NFL. (Microsoft owns the Shehawks, and Microsoft is the official tablet provider of the NFL….which has made pass interference, holding, blocks in the back, and especially late hits legal if you wear the Microsoft uniform)

  38. Eagles fans have been analyzing this play more than the Zapruder film. Yet they call Brady a crybaby.

    News flash. Wentz wouldn’t have won that game. He is 11-18 against winning teams. He is fortunate to be in an extremely QB friendly offense (*see Foles and now McCown playing better than ever before)

  39. Wow only in this NFL of today that promotes player safety especially on a QB. The league office is more inconsistent than the officials on the field

  40. cobrala2 says:

    There’s a particular angle that inarguably shows Clowney leading with his crown.

    Incorrect. His head was turned. It’s not even debatable.

  41. I am not an Eagles fan, but I am outraged by this decision. Clowney clearly led with his helmet and he clearly targeted Wentz’s head. He should have been fined and suspended.

    This just proves once again how little the NFL really cares about player safety and reducing head trauma. It is disgusting.

  42. No harm, no foul. And really, there was no harm. The Eagles didn’t lose anything when Wentz pulled himself out of the game. They weren’t going anywhere in these playoffs, and everyone knows it. Move along now.

  43. I love the “lead with the shoulder” or “had his head turned” arguments. Watch the frickin video. His eyes make the back of Wentz’s head the target, AND THEN he ducks his head in order to NOT hurt himself. Call it what you want, but Clowney’s eyes right before contact say something different. It was a dirty hit and it was intentional.

  44. It wasn’t a big hit. A big hit is when you Tee Off on someone. The hit Clowney put on Wentz was more like flopping yourself onto the couch with a can of beer in your hand. It literally looked like Clowney was trying not to spill his beer. He was being that careful. It was a perfect hit.

  45. The Eagles had all year to win more games. Instead, they sucked/lucked into the playoffs, so they wound up in this game and the QB got hurt. That’s the way it goes.

  46. Look the rules are simple.

    A QB going to the grown head or feet first is giving himself up! Now, even that doesn’t matter a helmet to helmet hit is just that a penalty! A player who has knocked the same teams starting QB out in consecutive seasons should be well known to the refs and that’s not a coincidence.

    It was a dirty hit and virtually every commentator said so including both Mike Pereira and Dean Blandino.

    The reality is the NFL doesn’t want to overshadow the Playoffs, doesn’t want the drama, and doesn’t want people asking questions especially considering Roger Goodell was at the game.

    The fact a league official came out and said people should be proud Carson Wentz reported his concusion. I actually highly doubt that, he probably said he got his bell rung, the NFL pulled him from the game…… they are playing word games. Why didn’t the NFL go check Clowney out? Why did they let McCown play with torn hamstring?

    The NFL could care less about player safety, this is about optics, PR, and ruling over a sport with an Iron fist and rules apply only when they want the rules to apply.

    That Dr went on Tv right before the League said no fine, do you really think that’s random?

  47. danny woodson says:
    January 10, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    Carson wentz is the biggest scam in sports he’s 14-14 in his last 28 games he’s 7-20 vs teams over 500 he has zero playoff wins he has never won a big game .
    Not sure what numbers you are cooking. Eagles have only lost a total of 26 regular season games in the last 4 years. After Carson’s rookie year they have lost a total of 17 games. He’s 26-17 in the last 3 seasons and they have been in the playoffs all three and won one Super Bowl. You can manipulate numbers all you want. The guy can play, he’s 27, and he’s a top 8 QB in the league by any ranking list.

  48. danny woodson says:
    January 10, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    Carson wentz is the biggest scam in sports he’s 14-14 in his last 28 games he’s 7-20 vs teams over 500 he has zero playoff wins he has never won a big game . Foles is 24-6 in his last 30 starts as an eagle wentz is a joke


    24-6 isn’t even close to being correct. One stat that is accurate is Nick Foles career completion percentage: 61%

  49. When are you fools going to get it? The NFL rule book doesn’t mean squat. The “make them up as you go along” rules always supersede the rules that are written in the rule book. How many times do we have to go over this?

  50. Maybe the concussion crisis and player safety is an unsolvable riddle, but the NFL has become a model of inconsistency and hubris.
    The discussion goes beyond Clowney’s hit – which I believe was an obvious cheap shot with intent to injure.
    The game itself is filled with referee conferences, players, coaches and announcers all stating they do not have confidence in how a given rule will be applied, and a mixture of ticky-tack personal foul calls offset by mind blowing missed calls.
    That is all.

  51. Same hit by Vontaze Burfict and he’d have been suspended for 2020. Just be consistent. If it isn’t a penalty for Clowney in a playoff game (and no fine), it’s not a penalty or fineable hit by anyone.

  52. They need to get rid of the sliding rule. It’s an embarrassment to the game. If you’re a runner, you should be treated like a runner. Stop bailing out the running QBs.

  53. I would be in favor of the NFL tasking Elon Musk (think Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, etc.) with devising an AI method of officiating NFL games. It would be the absolute simplest of tasks for him, and he could have it up and running smoothly by next season. You wouldn’t need a single ref on the field, or the dummies in the booth or NYC chiming in. And why not? Why keep up this ridiculous charade that everyone hates!

  54. All the comments about sliding or that Wentz was a runner are insane. He was almost on the ground when Clowney drove his shoulder pads and helmet into his back and head. It was spearing, and not clean anywhere on the field. Saying it was a good hit says it all, he was down and only needs to be touched. I know Clowney was moving and can’t stop his body but this was a deliberate attempt to cause injury.

  55. If Clowny was an Eagle Pete Carroll would have wined to the official right away and made them throw a flag.

  56. The NFL is a joke. Clowney aimed his head right at Wentz’s head, clear as day. These outrageous non calls truly make the league seem rigged.

  57. Let’s see what happens if he does the exact same thing tomorrow,but with Mr. Rodgers as the recipient. Just saying.

  58. Cowboys fans that still cry about Dez Bryant dropping that pass 5 years ago today telling Eagles fans to get over a cheap shot on Wentz last week.

  59. Eagle fans who think a QB who was 1-4 passing to XFL receivers before foolishly diving head first was the difference between a playoff run let alone a win or loss giving Cowboys a hard time are delusional.

  60. eaglesfan290 says:
    January 11, 2020 at 11:32 am
    Look the rules are simple.

    A QB going to the grown head or feet first is giving himself up!

    Nothing else worth reading after this false premise.

    When a runner gets hit, his opportunity to give himself up is gone.

    Wentz didn’t try giving himself up, he got hit and was stumbling forward.

    No flag.

    No fine.

    No fault.

  61. Seapigeon fans are in utter, self-interested denial about Clown-boy’s intentional spearing of an opposing QB in a play-off game. The NFL, sweating over its bungled refereeing system, denies the obvious to protect the shield, lol. Insecurity and arrogance on both of their parts. Disgusting.

    Denials don’t change the indisputable evidence, the unalterable facts, or the ineluctable truth. Never did, never will.

  62. Denials don’t change the indisputable evidence, the unalterable facts, or the ineluctable truth. Never did, never will

    No flag

    No fine

    No fault

    Don’t blame others for a stupid, fragile QB

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