Stan Kroenke companies sue insurance firm over arsenic cleanup at Inglewood stadium site

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With the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers set to play their next football games in the brand new stadium set to be completed in Inglewood this summer, a lawsuit has been submitted on behalf of two companies owned by Rams owner Stan Kroenke over an arsenic cleanup project at the site.

According to Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times, a lawsuit filed by TKG Management and Pincay Re LLCs last week claims that an insurance company, Chubb Custom Insurance Company, has refused to pay out a $5 million policy which was supposed to cover environmental cleanup costs at the development.

The suit claims levels of arsenic “dozens of times higher” than in surrounding areas and unspecified levels of lead were found in the soil where a parking lot and hotel had been situated on the northwest corner of the parcel. Over 83,000 tons of contaminated soil were removed and taken to landfills in Arizona.

The claim states that Chubb Custom Insurance Company only paid out $430,000 of the $5 million policy in place to remedy such situations. The clean-up allegedly cost more than $17 million in total.

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  1. Arsenic contamination? If this was once a landfill I’d stay away from it. Kroenke’s stadium is turning out to be another disaster with a one year delay, over budget by a whopping $3 billion, the “LA” Chargers not having but a few fans. This stadium has cost Kroenke $5 billion to $6 billion dollars! In contrast, Robert Kraft built the Patriots venue for $350 million. LA is a cesspool of corruption, homelessness and crime.

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