Stephen Jones: It was Jason Garrett’s preference for team to move slowly

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The Cowboys had an unprecedented dismissal of a head coach. It took a week before the team moved on from Jason Garrett, beginning the search for a possible replacement first.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones explained Friday that Garrett “wasn’t in any hurry” for the team to make a decision.

Garrett believed he had a chance to return, according to a source, with hopes that the Cowboys wouldn’t find a better option. The Cowboys, though, fell in love with Mike McCarthy, hiring him Sunday.

Thus, Garrett is out of work, or officially will be in four days when his contract expires.

“We had open conversations with Jason, and he knew that we were obviously looking probably to make a change,” Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “But at the same time, he wasn’t in any hurry, and it was his preference for us to not be in any hurry, to make an announcement or to move forward. And we really didn’t feel the urgency as long as he understood, and we didn’t want to hide anything that we were going to be contacting coaches, not just the two we interviewed, but the others about what their thoughts were on this job and what they would be thinking about it as we decided who we were going to bring in to have official interviews. And as Jerry and I discussed, we discussed with other people in our organization we really felt like it was in our best interest to find a head coach that had had deep NFL coaching experience, had success as a head coach going to the playoffs, winning in the playoffs, and that’s why we started with Marvin [Lewis] and Mike is they had had success in this league, been to playoffs. In Mike’s case, had a lot of success in the playoffs. We wanted to start with that. We had certainly had a path that if we weren’t totally at peace at that point, then we could move into maybe make an exception, whether it’s a college head coach or whether it’s a coordinator that’s on the up and coming or whatever that may entail. There were other options we looked at. But we wanted to start with that, and then of course when Mike came in there as the day went, it just became obvious that he was the right guy and the right fit for us.”

18 responses to “Stephen Jones: It was Jason Garrett’s preference for team to move slowly

  1. This makes sense (coming from a Jones).

    “winning in the playoffs, and that’s why we started with Marvin [Lewis]”

  2. Well I can tell you Marvin Lewis is crushed. He feels used. Like he was only there to meet a quota or something. I mean seriously, who’d rather have McCarthy over Marvin?

  3. Delusional and dysfunctional that’s how the Jones run their football team.
    What a bunch of clowns.

  4. I think Garrett was counting on Jerry Jones penchant for only having a puppet as a coach, and was hoping Jerry couldn’t find anyone like him. Garrett was wrong. Jason Garrett should have been out looking for another coaching job.

  5. Garrett played it slowly! Just like he coaches! He can’t seem to get an interview for OC somewhere now!

  6. I’m trying to figure out what job Garrett is qualified for. He would have been fired years ago on any other team. He’s really only good at one thing–kissing Jerruh’s backside.

    So what team would hire him in any coaching capacity? I can’t think of any coaching position he’d be good at. I do think he’d be good if they wanted to hire him to be a cheerleader on the sidelines.

  7. First time I have ever heard of a coach having any say in how quickly his firing happened. “The guy we fired was in no hurry to be fired so we took our time” is a bizarre statement.

  8. If Garrett really thought he would return given his record of mediocrity and playoff failure, then they should have called in the drug testing or mental health people to bring in the strait jacket. That would have been the definition of delusional and out of touch.

  9. Thetruthspeaks says:

    The only reason they interviewed Marvin Lewis was to satisfy the Rooney rule. They were hiring McCarthy all along.

    And if he had hired Lewis, you same people would bash him for hiring a guy who can’t win in the playoffs. Grow up.

  10. Perhaps Garret thought (or hoped) that no other coaches would interview for his job as long as he technically still had the position. Coaches generally don’t like to campaign for a colleague’s job while they’re still employed.

  11. I don’t know how anyone thought this was a good idea. It’s like your girlfriend who you live with telling you I intend to dump you soon but I’m going to sleep with some men in the meantime. When I bring them home feel free to give me some feedback on my choices. You don’t have anywhere else to go and there is a possibility I will choose you in the end so if you don’t leave its your preference for it to be this way.

  12. The Jones family were trying to be respectful to Garrett. Troy aikman jumped the gun by saying the cowboys handled the firing in a disrespectful way. He didn’t know all the facts

  13. Garrett pisses me off. He never cared about winning. He sullied the Cowboys legacy and he wasted an entire decade. When they lost, he just smiled and slapped backs of the players who just defeated him. It’s almost like he enjoyed keeping the Cowboys down, since he was originally from the northeast.

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