Stephen Jones: We’ve got to land the plane with Dak Prescott deal

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The Cowboys opened the season facing questions about when they are going to get a contract extension done with quarterback Dak Prescott and they are opening the offseason with the same question on the table.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones have fielded those questions by stating their desire to sign Prescott to a long-term deal and Stephen Jones did so again on Friday. Jones was on 1310 The Ticket and said head coach Mike McCarthy “can’t wait to spend time with him.”

Jones said the two sides were close before the start of the season — Jerry Jones called a deal “imminent” in September — and that it’s time to go the final distance.

“We’ve got to land the plane and get his deal done,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of “That’s on Jerry and myself. He’s our future. I think he stepped up and improved in all ways last year.”

With McCarthy in place as the new coach, the Cowboys have to fill out their coaching staff but there’s little else likely to take priority over finishing up a deal with Prescott.

19 responses to “Stephen Jones: We’ve got to land the plane with Dak Prescott deal

  1. Dallas does have a lot of talent this guy isn’t one of them , he benefits from the rest of the team .
    Redskins fan

  2. Dak is a middle of pack mediocre qb that’s carried by the run game and defense, and he only beats awful teams, and pads his stats in garbage time against the good teams. Next season when dak is the same qb and miss the playoffs, everyone will blame McCarthy. The Cowboys are idiots if they pay dak like he’s the best qb in the NFL. It will be another five years of mediocrity with dak.

  3. csarneson says:
    January 10, 2020 at 2:49 pm
    As an Eagles fan I desperately hope they lock him up long term for HUGE guaranteed $$.

    compared to Carson Wentz Dak is Tom Brady

  4. As an Eagles fan I desperately hope they lock him up long term for HUGE guaranteed $$

    Good thing Carson is locked up…. Paid all that money for a regular season Qb… I just worry about your backups.

  5. Dak is an above average QB. Half the teams in the NFL would love to have him. But he is not worth Russell Wilson money. This contract could be finalized easily if Dak would stop listening to the people who are telling him how great he is. He is good, but he is not great. Take a more modest salary Dak and you will still be set up financially for the rest of your life.

  6. Of course signing Prescott is a priority, but Dallas has other serious decisions to make on the roster. 26 players will be either restricted or unrestricted free agents this offseason. Also, some players may decide to retire, because of age or like Andrew Luck they’re tired of playing through pain, nagging injuries and constant rehab. There’s going to be a lot of turnover this year, making a successful draft all the more important.

  7. Inozwetrust

    Show me one quote where Dak said he wanted money. If anything, he said he never asked for 30m or any price. Erin Andrew’s reported this during a game then Troy commented “I bet his agent did not like hearing that”

  8. Dak’s good, not necessarily elite. But that doesn’t really matter when it comes to QB salaries. QB’s in his position hold all the leverage because what are the team’s other options – roll the dice and try to draft a QB, pay some other free agent too much money? Its all about timing with these QBs, if you’re the next one up you’re gonna get paid.

  9. Jerry and Stephen probably could have locked Dak up for mid 20’s at the end of the last season, but they dawdle. Now they are stuck with about a minimum of $33 million a year starting point (current tag price) and around $100 million fully guaranteed. The NFL is a desperate QB market those that have one and those who don’t, and no matter the skill set they will always get over paid. Jerry should have bit the bullet last year.

    The other option let him walk for that 3rd round compensatory pick and get in a bidding war for around $30 million and deal similar to Cousins for Winston, Brady, Rivers, Dalton or Teddy who all have major flaws and at the moment are all probably worse than Dak, go cheap for someone like Tyrod or roll the dice on the draft and if lucky enough to get a QB that can actually play in the NFL it is about 3 years before they become decent and by then they will need new lineman.

  10. Let him walk. Sign a veteran (Fitzpatrick, Dalton, Tannehill, Mariota, Keenum, etc…). Draft the QB of future with 1st pick (Fromm, Eason). Let the rookie sit a year.

    Use the $15-17M you just saved to resign your other players (Cooper, Jones, Quinn, etc).


  11. Just for the record, Dak has a 40-24 regular season record, which includes 18-6 in the division. Eagles (5-3), Giants (6-2) and Redskins (7-1) fans seem to always use the “signed, NFC East” tag line. Really? Better think again, as he already owns you and is only going to get better with a new sheriff in town!!

    Oh, and by the way, I know he’s 1-2 in playoffs – That’s still one more win than Wentz.

  12. I hope Jerry signs Prescott to a fully guaranteed, 20 year, $50 million/yr deal. He’s so good, you’ve got to it!

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