Report: Browns request G.M. interview with Ed Dodds

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The Browns are still working out who their next head coach will be, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping them from getting the ball rolling on the General Manager front.

Dustin Fox of 92.3 The Fan and the Browns radio broadcast team reports that the team has requested an interview with Colts assistant G.M. Ed Dodds.

Dodds moved from Seattle to Indianapolis in 2017 and he was with the Seahawks at the same point that 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh was on the coaching staff. Saleh interviewed for the Browns head coaching vacancy and the choice of coach will likely have some bearing on who winds up replacing John Dorsey as the G.M.

Saleh is joined on the list of coaching candidates by Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

20 responses to “Report: Browns request G.M. interview with Ed Dodds

  1. I don’t have a ton of confidence in Haslam as long as he has a baseball guy as his primary football advisor. It’s not a mystery that Haslam keeps “striking out”. If I were Haslam, I’d call Mike Shanahan and offer him ten million a year for three years, and have him put together a front office and coaching staff. I agree with the notion that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But the Browns are broke. They need to fix it. I mean, if your car’s broke, take it to an auto mechanic, not a pitching coach.

  2. It’s got to be Saleh then. Haslem said head coach would have a major roll in picking the GM. If it were McDaniels they wouldn’t have let him leave town. Reports are that Saleh blew their socks off.Anybody else have a connection with Ed Dobbs? Hope Saleh can get a good OC.

  3. Maybe they want to know more of what happened in Indy and McDaniels especially if Josh likes Dodds.

    And Josh didn’t leave town. He and wife have family there.

  4. Ozzie and Bill leaving killed this franchise more than the Browns leaving.

    They still haven’t recovered from that.

    Oilers became Titans
    Browns became Ravens
    Jags, Texans, and Panthers are all new and all have achieved some measure of success.

    Browns still Brownin

  5. Brown’s report: Saleh had the best interview but it is more important to hire a coach this weekend then to wait until Saleh is available.

    This is why the Browns stink. They are not willing to wait a few weeks to get the guy that they think will do the best job.

  6. Appears Dorsey benefited by all the draft choices left to him, and the new GM will benefit from the talent Dorsey acquired, providing they get a coach who can make it work.
    Might have been fun to see the chemistry between Josh McDaniels and Mayfield, assuming he didn’t want to trade Mayfield for a QB with 1/2 the talent, as he did with Cutler.

  7. Hiring a coach is like drafting a player…you won’t know for at least one (and maybe more) years if they are any good.

    That said, Haslam’s don’t have a good track record, so no reason to believe this hire will be any different

  8. Not until Art Model is in the Hall of Fame Cleveland will never have a super bowl champion

  9. From what you read about the guys they’ve interviewed, it’s not like there’s a BAD choice, just that they’re all unknown choices. (Even Schwartz.) Everyone thought Freddie would bring his offensive creativity, but he evidently couldn’t do that and run the show at the same time, so nothing worked. You have to be a Head Coach, not an OC/DC who gets paid more. Not everyone can do that, and most don’t know how until they try it. Just give whoever it is more than a year. And a decent O-line, please.

  10. “McDaniels wanted too much power, the very thing that will continue to keep him from a HC job…!!!”

    Hilarious you think you have the slightest idea what any of the 8 candidates want.

  11. The Browns said they’d announce a HC today and they have yet to get a GM so therefore the GM won’t be involved at all in who the HC is, way to start everyone out on a different page Haslam! You do know that’s backwards and not only does it alienate the GM it makes him realize he has 0 power?

    Is there any question why the Browns just can’t get it right during the season?

    Just like the Cowboys here’s another owner who can’t take his fingers off of the team! Good luck with that Browns fans.

  12. theghostofottograham says:
    January 11, 2020 at 2:11 pm
    McDaniels wanted too much power, the very thing that will continue to keep him from a HC job…!!!

    Just maybe McDaniels is smarter than anyone thinks, what if he said he wanted all that power just so they wouldn’t hire him? HMMMMMMMM!

    If I were McDaniels I wouldn’t take the Cleveland job for anything less than $10mil/yr with an 8yr contract! Anything less and I’d say NO THANKS I’m happy in NE. Why would someone as successful as McDaniels what to ruin their reputation by going to the Browns?

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