Russell Okung intends to run for NFLPA president

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As they negotiate a potential new labor deal, things largely have been progressing smoothly between the NFL and the NFL Players Association. That could change, fairly soon.

Per multiple sources, Chargers left tackle Russell Okung intends to run for NFLPA president. The next election happens in March. Current union president Eric Winston’s term expires then, and by rule he can’t run for re-election due to the fact that he hasn’t played during either of the last two seasons.

Okung, a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee, is believed to be firmly opposed to a 17-game season and firmly in favor of absorbing (via a lockout) or forcing (via a strike) a work stoppage in order to get the best possible deal for players. Making his candidacy even more interesting is the fact that the NFLPA recently has conducted an investigation that resulted in a finding that Okung gathered and disseminated confidential information in violation of the union’s constitutions and by-laws. Okung, we’re told, vehemently denies the allegation.

The union has taken no specific action against Okung yet, and it’s unclear whether the union will try to impose any type of discipline on Okung.

Reached for comment on the situation, NFLPA spokesman George Atallah told PFT, “We don’t discuss family business.”

Regardless, family business is about to become a point of discussion, once Okung announces his candidacy (as soon as Sunday) and if/when he gathers support from players who agree with his viewpoints and positions regarding player rights and the proper strategies for maximizing them.

20 responses to “Russell Okung intends to run for NFLPA president

  1. Charger fans could argue Okung hasnt played the past seasons either. Dude been stealing checks.

  2. Good call. Let the guy who “negotiated” himself into a horrible franchise-friendly contract call the shots. Maybe Richard Sherman as his assistant? Owners could end up with 99% of profits.

  3. Okung will be a great NFLPA president. I’ve already given him my endorsement and will continue to work closely with him to see him elected.

  4. “Maybe Michael Bennett or Pacman Jones would like a nod too.”

    This is a serious subject with no room for sarcasm or hate. And both those men are worthy of your respect. But I have concluded Mr. Okung is the right man for the job and encourage you to join me in supporting his election.

  5. I side with Okung on 17 games. Don’t need it. Don’t want it. Not sure why the owners have to keep messing with the schedule. No one likes Thursday games either.

  6. Doesn’t matter who the players select. This is not a traditional union where everyone makes the same amount and has a 40-50 year career. The top 10 players on a team make the most money. The other 43 players on the active roster AND the practice squad players all get to vote on the contract.( There are as many players on the practice squad as there are top 10 salaried players ) The average player’s career is 3 years in the NFL. Do you want to give up one of those years so the top 10 guys can make more money ? The league only has to propose a contract that increases minimums for all active players and practice squad players. If you were a player would you hold out ( missing a year of your 3 year career ) so players like Aaron Rogers can increase their $ 76 Million salary, or would you vote for one which gives you an additional $ 100,000 per year for the 3 years you are playing ? Very easy to divide and conquer for the NFL.

  7. Well, Okung is more proof that the “LA” Chargers never had an offensive line that could run block pr pass block….and they blame Rivers for their 5-11 season. They have to blame somebody.

  8. The worst run players’ union for decades has been one representing players that need a strong and competent union the most.

    If the players had any sense they would want the most competent and accomplished person leading their union, and that person almost certainly never played professional football.

  9. Hand it to him — guy has taken home over 95M dollars in his career, and only started 16 games ONCE.

    Very talented, oft-injured and overpaid. Sounds like an executive is born!

  10. Who are De Smith running in the next election? He installed Foxworth and Winston so he could sleep through the last ten years. It is De’s union. Players take his order given to him be the owners.

    A board member doing research are the obligation of the job. Since De practices mushroom management, what would you expect?

    George needs to keep his job will say anything to make sure De can deliver for the owners.

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