Titans stun Ravens 28-12 behind Derrick Henry to reach AFC title game

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Who saw this coming?

For the first time since the 2010 postseason, a No. 6 seed has upset a No. 1 seed.

Derrick Henry rushed for 195 yards and threw a touchdown pass, leading the Titans to a stunning 28-12 victory over the heavily favored Ravens. The winner of the Houston-Kansas City game Sunday will host the AFC Championship Game.

The last time a sixth seed beat the top seed was when the Jets beat the Patriots 28-21 in 2010. Tonight’s game wasn’t that close.

The fact that Saturday night’s game was a rout was not a surprise. The fact that it was the Titans dominating was.

The NFL’s leading rusher, who didn’t even make first-team All-Pro, did everything except run for a touchdown. He did throw one, however.

Henry lined up in the wildcat on third down from the 3-yard line. He faked a run up the middle and then did a Tim Tebow jump pass to Corey Davis, who beat Earl Thomas for the touchdown.

He became the first running back with a passing touchdown in a playoff game since Minnesota’s Allen Rice did so in the 1987 wild-card round against the Saints.

But it was the Titans’ running game that beat the Ravens.

Tennessee rushed for 217 yards. The Titans had only 83 net passing yards, becoming the first with back-to-back playoff wins with fewer than 100 yards passing since the Bengals in 1988.

The 1972 Dolphins, 1973 Dolphins and 1974 Steelers all used the ground-and-pound approach in the postseason, too, with each of those teams having two postseason games with fewer than 100 passing yards.

Henry’s 195 rushing yards ranks 10th in NFL postseason history for a single game.

A week after running for 182 yards against the Patriots, Henry had 30 carries for 195 yards. It’s the most rushing yards in back-to-back postseason games ever.

Henry’s 561 rushing yards in four career playoff games is more than any other player in the first four games of a postseason career during the modern era.

Ryan Tannehill completed 7 of 14 passes for only 88 yards but threw two touchdowns and ran for one to help the Titans to the AFC title game for the first time since the 2002 season.

Lamar Jackson will win the MVP award, but like Patrick Mahomes last year, he won’t win the Lombardi Trophy. Jackson ran for 143 yards and threw for 365 yards, but other numbers stood out more.

Jackson threw two interceptions, lost a fumble and was 0-for-2 on quarterback sneaks on fourth-and-one plays.

217 responses to “Titans stun Ravens 28-12 behind Derrick Henry to reach AFC title game

  1. The only issue for the Titans is they will have to play the Seahawks in the SB if they win next week. Not a good matchup for them. Really no one left that could pose a threat to the Hawks left in the tourney. Russ owns the Packers. The Hawks own the ‘whiners in Levi stadium. Get your money on the Hawks as runaway SB Champs. #seahawksdynasty2.0

  2. Have to admire what Vrabel has done with the Titans. Would not bet against them going all the way….

  3. I am an NFC guy but when a pro style offense exposes the gimmicky offense for the minor league quality it is, it’s an awesome game…
    The BEST team definitely won today… kudos!

  4. Earl Thomas looks very stupid saying that whoever played them in the super bowl was going to have problems.

    You gotta get to the super bowl first!

  5. Ravens are all about Lamar Jackson.

    Control him,control the Ravens.

    Titans had the ability to do that along with their excellent ball control offense.

  6. This is the problem with being crowned super bowl champions in November. It’s obvious these guys completely bought into their own hype with key players like Earl Thomas guaranteeing a super bowl appearance. Most of this is John Harbaugh’s fault. You’ve gotta keep your team focused and not allow them to look past future opponents and it seems he failed at that.

  7. ….Who is this Mike Vrabel guy??? What coaching tree did he fall from???


  8. Earl opened his mouth too soon with that SB talk. Titans played great and took it to em. The Ravens arrogance got to them a lot too though. The extra time off, not going for the points that are there. You would think a SB winning coach would know better.

  9. Can’t wait to see all those loser Patriot fans trying to soak up this Titan win because they are slowly realizing their cheating dynasty is over.

  10. John Harbaugh once again outsmarted himself to a lose. 4 and 1 in your territory, you punt the ball John. Without the lead the Ravens are essentially bad. All the gimmicks that Lamar execute are cool for a highlight reel, not to win meaningful games. Hopefully this will stop all the yeah e about how Lamar can basically walk on water.

  11. Bye bye Baltimore. The titans can’t score on the ravens. The titans can’t keep the ravens off the scoreboard. Derrick Henry isn’t gonna be able to run against the ravens. Hahahahaha hahahahaha.

    As for who saw this coming? Outside of Baltimore I think it was pretty well discussed that the titans were gonna be more than capable of knocking off the ravens.


    Games like THIS are exactly why I love Pro Football! This is why that actually PLAY all the games!

    Every “expert”: Lamar Jackson is the second coming of the QB position, Ryan Tannehill sucks, Ravens win a blowout easy.

    Reality: Titans win a blowout.

    How does that bowl of crow taste?

  13. Earl Thomas said that the Patriots did not seem interested in tackling Derrick Henry. I found it interesting to watch the Ravens try to stop him and him give Thomas two nasty stiff arms on the same play. LOL!

  14. So when I heard they had clinched the championship back in week 12 that was premature? But in all seriousness that’s the most fun I’ve had watching a Ravens playoff game since they knocked off Peyton’s Broncos.

  15. The Tennessee Titans are headed to the AFC Championship with Ryan Tannehill passing for 88 yards against the Super Bowl favorites. Just as we all expected before the season started.

  16. Lamar can’t throw outside the hashes, towards the side line, or the deep ball. He is just a RB playing QB, I even like the guy saying this.

    He has one arm angle and it it throwing it sideways. He has thrown it that way his whole life. Fouts is the worst, blaming WR for dropped passes while not once mentioning how horrible Lamar’s accuracy was tonight.

    Note: Accuracy is important for an NFL caliber QB

  17. Lamar looks HORRIBLE as a passer.

    No way MVP, should be Tannehill for what he did for his team, and Vrabel as coach of year. Truly amazing, and I am not a fan of either team.

    Harbaugh should have devised a much better plan of attack for Lamar. How pathetic.

  18. For 4 months we have heard about Lamar Jackson Non-Stop, tonight he was back in playoff form.

    Again he’s a running back pretending to be a quarterback, he cannot read defenses!

  19. Great regular season- great, but Lamar really choked in this game. 2 interceptions and a lost fumble, and the number of wildly inaccurate unforced throws was astounding.

  20. Gotta give it up to the Titans. They were the better team. Lamar had a great season, but wasn’t good tonight and his receivers were terrible. But overall the Titans wanted it more. Congrats.

  21. Stunner. Good defense and a good run game, that’s the formula for winning football and today proves it. All these teams scrambling to find their franchise quarterback should just be building offensive line and defense.

  22. Ravens might have been a little overhyped. They played half their games against teams that were really bad. They did beat some good teams, but those games were close enough where a turnover could have been a loss. The titans went 9-7 and barely made the playoffs. Pretty impressive job of coaching by Vrabel

  23. I’d say you have to hand it to Vrabel for having his team prepared these last two weeks. Of course it doesn’t help that you have a bulldozer at RB. I never thought they’d go anywhere when they decided to play Tannehill but he has played well for them. The Titans are not going to be an easy out.

  24. Derek Henry is a monster. I feel much better about the loss to the Titans after that whooping he gave the Ravens. Tannehill in the first half was money. Titans defense played just as well as they did last round. The key to beating Lamar is stopping the run and outside passes. After that he dumps it off to the back or runs. Nice job Titans.

  25. Baltimore looked rusty to start . That’s why you never rest your starters in week 17. Then the bye week. Equals rusty play . Titans are looking like a team of destiny

  26. Like usual, Earl Thomas and his Super Bowl proclamation and his vow to stop Henry are hot air.

  27. Titans shocked the world tonight. This win is ten times bigger than beating the Patriots last week.

  28. That was fun. As usual the gimmick offenses fall apart in the playoffs.

    Bye Baltimore.

    Now it’s time to eliminate Mahomes.

  29. Gonna be some Harbawlin’ all offseason. Surely, he’ll lobby to change a few rules because of this loss.

  30. Man, a LOT of bitter Pats fans declaring victory because Jackson is somehow not a good QB now.

    The Ravens were rusty, and the Titans were ready. That’s the beauty of the playoffs. It doesn’t mean Jackson is bad or that the Ravens are done – they had a great season, and will likely be in the playoffs as long as Jackson is QB (spoiler alert – a VERY long time).

    They’ll be back. Congrats to the Titans for showing up ready & having a great gameplan. Vrabel is the real deal.

  31. More proof that the teams with good pocket passing QB’s are the most successful, not the running QB teams, and the NFL is a pocket passing league. Always has been, always will be.

  32. Those 1972, 73, and 74 teams all won the super bowl as well. History is looking well upon the Titans.

  33. Crazy they could attempt 14 passes and blow a team out in 2020, let alone the 1 seed in a playoff game. Mike Vrabel is channeling the ghost of Woody Hayes!

  34. A new success story is being written in the NFL. Vrabel’s Titans are getting the attention of the football world and we are anxious to see if a new dynasty is forming in Nashville. Derek Henry is writing his own story and a breath of fresh air. He is becoming Earl Campbell 2.0. As for the Ravens, my heart goes out to them in this painful loss. They are going to come back with a vengeance next year and hopefully to the next level. This is all good for the game of football. Congrats Titans.

  35. Good to see the RATBIRDS lose!! Don’t like cheaters!!! PROTECT THE SHIELD ROGER!! Oh and Lamar looks like he’s taking over the PLAYOFF CHOKER moniker from Manning!!

  36. Simply a joy to see the Ravens humiliated in front of their fans. And the Titans will be even better next year when they sign Brady.

  37. Tennessee fans with their insults and catcalls;
    Angry Coach Harbaugh who cries over bad calls;
    Crushed Baltimorons who weep in their drinks:
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    High stepping tailbacks who jump-pass for TDs;
    Gassed Ravens’ linemen who didn’t eat Wheaties;
    Overhyped QBs with clipped, fumbling wings:
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Now that Ravens’ year is over, one thing must be said:
    A Buckeye has stomped on a Harbaugh again.
    We’re now on to Arrowhead!

  38. Funny how Lamar is the BRADY OF THE FUTURE??? I don’t remember TB-12 choking his first two games in the playoffs!!!

  39. The Titans came prepared and motivated. I guess the Vegas spread was bulletin board material. The Titans defense played excellently. The Ravens defense held up as long as they could but it was just too much Derrick Henry. Ravens QB Jackson has a bad game and the offense was out of sync the entire game. I thought after the 2nd quarter the Ravens had a change but they would move the ball and then another turn over. Just too many mistakes and too much Derrick Henry. A very physical game.

  40. Tennessee bullied Baltimore on both sides of the line from the start of the game.

    Wasnt all that stunning – Tennessee made me big money tonight…an upset special was dud

  41. QB cast off, not worth a small pile of beans, Ryan Tannehill is now in the championship game.
    This reminds me of Trent Dilfer, the cast off that was the QB for the Super Bowl winning Ravens in 2000. Dilfer was then fired after the SB by HC Brian Billick. One of the dumbest NFL head coaching decision ever.

  42. I don’t know why everyone was so shocked by this outcome. The Titans, while they have a 9-7 regular season record, are not really a 9-7 team. This is a different team with Tannehill at Qb than it was at the start of the season with Mariota. Yes I realize Tannehill has only passed for less than 85 yards in the last two contests but he doesn’t do what Mariota always did in tight games and that is fumble it away or throw a stupid pick. The lack of dumb turnovers makes a world of difference.

  43. All this week, “Lamar is the most dynamic playmaker we have seen in the NFL. Nobody can stop him. He is the MVP and it will be great for the league when he at the Superbowl.”

    So is Lamar going to be buying tickets to the game?

  44. Sorry, your video game is over. 1 on 11 doesn’t work so well. Great passing Lamar. But hey, your fantasy numbers killed. Of course they killed your chances for a W.

  45. Dude, I had the Ravens winning handily, but the Titans totally worked them over. They continue to dominate in the playoffs with their physicality. I am impressed.They have to continue to play at this level while their opponents continue to play at a slightly lower level in order to get to Miami, but for them that’s now just one game away. My bracket is totally busted now and my sister in Maryland is pissed. I love the narrative though, but I really hope I don’t have to watch a Titans/Seahawks Superbowl.

  46. Wonder if Harbaugh is going to whine about how it was “deceptive” for Titans to win using a dominant running game in an age built for passing. How dare they!

  47. The Ravens didn’t have enough pro bowlers.

    On a side note, 42 year old Tom Brady and his only reliable weapon that needs 2 surgeries now scored more points than the 14 – 2 Ravens

  48. Wow! Titans/49ers super bowl huh?

    Yes I’m aware there are more games to go but this is how I see it playing out.

  49. I believe this had to do with a lack of interest in tackling Henry on part of the Ravens.

    It’s the only plausible explanation!!!

  50. It wasn’t really that shocking… the Raven blow out bad teams, and have close games with the good teams. The Titans feel like last years Patriots…not turning the ball over, solid D, and rushing for the win (in the playoffs).

    The difference between last years Patriots and this years Titans is, I don’t think the Titans can get past KC.

  51. It is a surprise, but not really shocking. Cleveland beat Baltimore in the regular season with a strong running game and the Titans has a strong running game and that running game was unstoppable in this game. Baltimore also showed rustiness after many starters did not play in a real game for 2 weeks.

  52. When Ravens fell behind by 2 scores, it was over Jackson is still a loooong way from being a reliable QB. Once they had to pass to get back in the game, the Ravens where done. Now the work for Lamar really begins, in trying to become an NFL QB. Good luck Ravens it’s about to get real.

  53. Ohhhh how refreshing is this.

    Humility winning the game.

    I am Sorry for LJ. He looks like a great team but some Ravens fans and ET sounds like the winners before the start of the play offs

    Remember, the play offs are a 0.0 minileague. Playing is better than talking.

    Henry Ran over pats, earl thomas: they didn’t want to tackle him.

    I supose Ravens didnt want to…

  54. Ya gotta love Ryan Tannehill getting them this far. Vrabel is in for the very long run. I wonder if Adam Gase watched? I hope Mariota finds a home and does well. He’s a good guy.

    After 20 years of Mr 8-8 and 1 yard short, maybe the Titans can get there behind Henry, like the got behind George. Or a step further.

    Go Underdogs and old school football !!!

  55. The great joy of knowing so many Ravens bandwagoners post here buying into the Lamar Jackson hype. It is absolutely hilarious. I had predicted the wheels would come flying off, and here we are.

    Run based qbs will never succeed or sustain at the nfl level. The arrogance of the Ravens to try to make it seem like they are special.

    Earl Thomas ran his mouth and the arrogance train waa derailed, led by Cheatbaugh and his Bluetooth cheating scheme.

  56. I don’t think ANYONE saw this coming. But kudos to the Titans for playing with a chip on their shoulder. Literally every sports analyst(s) had the Titans getting blown out. The Titans showed out today.

    It looked like the Ravens took this game for granted and severely underestimated how powerful Derrick Henry really is. He literally was bullying the Ravens whole front 7. I mean, even Ryan Tannehill scored on a RPO on the goal line. I would be embarrassed if I was the Ravens.

  57. Just because you are fast does not make you a great QB The media darling threw 2 pucks, lost a fumble, and had a 63 QB rating. Meanwhile Vrabel stayed old school with great interior lines, a large back, fundamentals and dominated. Remember your history

  58. What a bizarre game

    Ravens had drives that ended at the:

    Titans 36
    Titans 31
    Titans 4
    Titans 18
    Titans 31
    Titans 15
    Titans 16
    Titans 21

    And finished with 12 points.

  59. If anyone wants to beat the Titans they’re going to have to get up early by two or more scores in order to limit Henry’s touches. Not a fan but this team is tough.

  60. I’m guessing all the Baltimore fans that were ecstatic that the Titans beat the Patriots last week are regretting it now.


  61. we all saw it coming because jackson is a fraud. what a great game, good bye baltimore.

  62. Funny seeing the Ravens get the cleat marks on their backs after they set an all-time record for rushing. Can’t wait to hear all the Ravens fans excuses after this one: ” well, Ingram was hurt, the wudeouts dropped passes, blah blah blah” Teams have a blueprint now to turn Jackson into RG III.

  63. Another frustrating playoff loss for the Ravens. Nevertheless, congratulations to the Titans, they thoroughly outplayed and outcoached the Ravens. Reminded me of some of the battles when both teams were divisional rivals

  64. logicalvoicesays says:
    January 11, 2020 at 7:23 pm
    And in the end, Robert Griffin the 3rd is the last man standing in the playoffs between him and the fraud Kurt Cousins hahahahaha!!! Way to pay the joke 80 plus million. You saved the Redskins so much money. As for Kyle Shanahan, he’s a joke and he will get sandblasted by whoever wins Packers/Seahawks. Fate will see RGIII stand atop Shanahan and Cousins. Period
    Well you spoke too soon. RG3 & the Ravens lost so RG3 & Cousins are both on vacation…. haha

  65. There are a few former Patriots on the Titans. Dion Lewis. Logan Ryan. Mike Vrabel. Dean Pees. And they were kicking it old school. Reminded me of the 2001 Patriots.

  66. I am a Seahawks fan and I still kinda want to see the Titans win the Super Bowl. Derrick Henry reminds me of using Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl; he can out-maneuver guys but sometimes it is easier just to run over and through them

    Imagine if Leveon Bell had not…Leveoned. We would be talking about the resurgence of the feature back. It is so much fun when a true star occupies the RB position.

  67. I hope it’s Titans/9ers but as far as ex Patriots I’ll probably stay on the Garoppolo bandwagon.

  68. As a Ravens fan congrats to the Titans and their fans. Yall are not fricking playing this postseason. I knew this was gonna catch up to is but we need new receivers and Lamar can’t always run it I knew it had to come at a point where someone would stop that. Got the Ravens looking like the Patriots with the hate lol

  69. Derrick Henry is a beast! It’s got to hurt late in the game when you have to continue to try and tackle him. He’s so damn big. Titans are peaking at the right time. Lamar still needs to improve. He was exposed.

  70. sityourselfdown says:
    January 11, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    Mahomes will have a better career than Jackson


    I’m a Raider fan willing to bet Mahomes could quit after this season and Jackson will never live up to him even if he plays 10 more years. Mahomes can flat out throw a football. Jackson reminds me of the dog laughing at you on duck hunt when you missed.

  71. Where is all the talkers all week? All week heard how great ravens are from ravens fans. Guess they took day off

  72. I’m not a Titans fan, but I’ve been saying the last two years watch out for them. Vrabel is building a good team there. But don’t fall for the fool’s gold Tannehill. Hopefully he plays good for these playoffs but long term they need an upgrade. They’re out from under Winston’s contract next year so we’ll see what they do. They’re hot, but they still have their work cut out for them to win it all. I’m rooting for them.

  73. The AB curse continues. Sources report that he drove through Baltimore last evening and honked his horn…Again…

  74. Said it all along, the Titans are the one team nobody wants to see in the playoffs. Harbaugh should have either not rested his starters for two weeks before the playoffs or should have let the Steelers win the last game and get into the playoffs instead of the Titans.

  75. Look out for the Titans. Derrick Henry looks amazing right and both the Texans and Chiefs suck versus the run. They are 25th and 26th in rushing defense respectively. If the Titans get up on either team early it will be a long day for them. Oh yeah, the Titans ran for 245 yards against the Texans in Week 17 while trouncing them in Houston 35-14. The Texan did beat Tenn in Week 15 24-21 but they still gave up 163 yards rushing. Tenn also beat the Chiefs at home in Week 10 by a score of 35-32 while rushing for 225 yards. The Titans could very conceivably make the SB. Do not rule them out.

  76. Titans fan here…also a raven hater dating back to the 2000 playoffs. With that said…why does the casual nfl fan insist on a team choking? It’s the playoffs. The titans are peaking and have a well disciplined team that has tremendous talent in the trenches. If these teams played a best of 5 or 7, the ravens probably take the series. But it just so happened that the titans dominated that particular game. Lamar jackson didnt choke…the ravens got bullied. The whole choking narrative is toxic and the worst take in sports.

  77. This game is on Whinebaugh. The team got arrogant and thought they already had the SB in the bag. Glad to see the Titans punch them in the mouth. Zero Year Dynasty…

  78. cookenbauer says:
    January 12, 2020 at 2:04 pm
    Titans fan here…also a raven hater dating back to the 2000 playoffs. With that said…why does the casual nfl fan insist on a team choking? It’s the playoffs. The titans are peaking and have a well disciplined team that has tremendous talent in the trenches. If these teams played a best of 5 or 7, the ravens probably take the series. But it just so happened that the titans dominated that particular game. Lamar jackson didnt choke…the ravens got bullied. The whole choking narrative is toxic and the worst take in sports.

    Because if they say one team “choked” they don’t have to give the winning team credit

  79. Lamar is NOT Brady. Two straight choke jobs in playoffs. And before you say last years his first year I remind you that Brady won SB his first year starting. Genius coaching by Vrabel a former Patriot linebacker. He showed a blueprint on how to stop Lamar by cuttign off his running lanes instead of chasing him. Going to a lot tougher next year for Lamar to run. And he not that great a passer. Ravens will not sniff number one seed again.

  80. I only say Ravens choked because Lamar so over-hyped. Titans were the better more physical team on the field. They deserved to win. Ravens not ready for prime time.

  81. Another commenter said Titans reminded them of 2001 Patriots. Well Vrabel the head coach is a former Patriot all pro linebacker.

  82. Lamar was over-hyped as best there ever was by Ravens. NO it is his comeuppance time.
    Better win soon. Running QB have 5 year shelf life at best. Someone is going to clock him good one of these games. Defensive players who are proud hate being shown up.

  83. Hey, at least Baltimore was the consensus No.1 in the Power Rankings. They can hang Power Ranking Champions banners in their building.

  84. As much as I love the Pats, I was really looking forward to seeing Lamar in the Super Bowl after NE was eliminated. The game against the Titans was the most boring game I’ve seen him play in this year (I’m in Baltimore so I see a lot of Baltimore games). Where was the misdirection? Where were the open lanes? First drive looked great until… I think Gus Edwards only carried three times that I can remember. And 70 drop backs from a guy who became a decent passer but that’s not his forte? Dude held the ball WAYYY too long and he doesn’t have the experience yet to know when he’s about to get hit. That was a crazy stupid game plan. Everyone could have played better, but this one was on the coaches. At least it was one of my favorite old Pats that beat them.

  85. tyelee says:
    January 11, 2020 at 11:35 pm
    I am an NFC guy but when a pro style offense exposes the gimmicky offense for the minor league quality it is, it’s an awesome game…
    The BEST team definitely won today… kudos!


    Ravens beat the best in the game all season with their “minor league quality” offense — including totally dominating the supposed “best” in the NFC. The problem in this game was that coaches took them out of that offense because they panicked. And even one of Titans touchdowns came on a gimmicky “minor league” play.

  86. They did not dominate the Niners, but there can be no Super Bowl rematch since the Ravens were one-and-done.

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