Aaron Rodgers hoped Packers wouldn’t get “hosed” on Jimmy Graham spot

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The Packers were able to run out the clock at the end of the fourth quarter after an Aaron Rodgers pass to tight end Jimmy Graham was ruled to be a first down on the field.

That spot was reviewed and replays appeared to show Graham down short of the line, but officials ruled that the evidence was not conclusive enough to overturn the call. After the game, Rodgers was asked about the call and referenced a first quarter call that saw the Packers lose a challenge because officials ruled there wasn’t clear evidence of a fumble recovery by the Green Bay defense.

“We kinda got hosed in that first quarter one. I was hoping we didn’t get hosed again,” Rodgers said at his postgame press conference.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said after the game that he believed Graham was short and such a call would have stood if it had been made on the field, but “that’s how it goes.”

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  1. No, it was the Seahawks who got hosed on a ridiculously generous spot. It wasn’t a first down if you had a pair of eyes, but staying with the theme of the year, the replay calls were horrendous. The refs have really done the NFL teams a disservice with their replays and the outcomes of the replays.

    There were NUMEROUS calls all year the refs got wrong. Speaking of getting hosed, the Saints got hosed on the push-off by Rudolph in the EZ in OT. Regardless, the Vikes were completely outclassed by SF. How you like that, Cousins?

  2. If you look at the replay, the computer generated line was a half yard ahead of the marker.

    That’s a fact. He got the first down.

    The better team won.

    Top 4 and hoping for more.

  3. What percent of reviews got reversed in 2019? Why have replay at all if your not going to use it properly? Just get rid of it and speed the game flow up. It’s understandable if a ref misses something in real time, it’s not when a replay official sees it 10 times in slow motion and still gets it wrong.

  4. I don’t have time to read the fine print on how replay and fumbles work but…Packers challenged that seattle fumbled the ball. Replay shows Seattle fumbled but because they blew the play dead too soon, there wasn’t a clear recovery. Ok, fine. But Packers still won the challenge because technically Seattle did fumble and that was the premise of the challenge.

    1) Why wasn’t it ruled a fumble but down where the player lost the ball because there “wasn’t a clear recovery”?

    2) Packers challenged that it was a fumble and it was, so why did they lose a timeout and challenge?

  5. stellarperformance says:
    January 12, 2020 at 11:27 pm
    An ugly win is ugly. But it’s a win.
    A win is a win even if it’s ugly. Green and gold!!

  6. Why is it when other teams barely win its luck, but when the Packers do it its “winning ugly”. You’re like that friend who goes home with the bow wow and brags he spent the night🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. How does it go when you fumble the ball but get called down instead?
    Has the NFL, et al explained that yet? Video clearly shows the ball coming out before the he was down. Strange

  8. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    January 12, 2020 at 11:42 pm
    Refs looked at it twice. Apparently double booth review and s a thing now. They got it right. #13xWorldChamps
    Banners don’t matter. Winning Super Bowls are all that matters in the NFL. Only Super Bowl that matters is the next one. Green and gold seeing it clearly 2020!

  9. I have no dog in this hunt. It looked like a first down. He caught the ball at that spot, fell down at that spot. That’s a first down.

  10. Re the fumble: Once the refs blew the play dead, replay by rule is required to show clear and convincing evidence of a) and fumble and b) a clear recovery before the whistle. The fumble was clear, but the ball was lost in the pile at that point. GB probably recovered… but “probably” isn’t good enough.

  11. I rooted for the Packers against the Sea Dorks and yes it may have been short of the mark, especially when the yellow line was used. show that the call on the field was wrong. Seattle was lucky that it was reviewed. However, the yellow line is NOT official and the replay clearly did not definitely show that it was the wrong spot. The 12 will gripe from now to eternity that they were robbed. Besides, there are many times in an average game that the official gives the offense a generous spot, including this one, when Seattle received some generous spots. What decided the game was not the spot, but the penultimate drive of the game, when the 35 million dollar dude could not score, and had to rely on his Legion of Bust to get the ball back for him. The Legion of Bust gave up a long completion to Adams and a short one to Jimmy G., the other Jimmy G. The rest is history. Better luck next year, Seattle, because luck was why you were able to get into the playoffs, and luck was why you could beat Philadelphia on the road, by knocking Carson Wentz out of the game due to luck.

  12. The second time he looked at the video was really a Skype call from Goodell telling him that he just wanted it to appear that the refs did a thorough investigation. Seriously, the video shots did not give a definitive spot so they went with the call on the field. One referee doesn’t want to change another refs call unless it is definitely shown differently on the video. It’s all part of being in the brotherhood where they watch each other’s back. For example, look at the PI’s not called on the field but the coach throws the red flag and how many times its been overturned. Personally, I did not see a clean shot of exactly where he was down. I was neutral watching the game. It was entertaining to see Caroll throwing a hissy fit. Neither team would make it past the 49’ers next week.

  13. Anyone who doesn’t bleed Green and Gold and has watched Packer games over the years knows the Ref crew is somehow supplemented by local high school refs from the GB area. It is amazing the number of bogus calls that go the Packers way game in and game out. I know every Packer fan can’t see it through their Packer goggles, but it clear as day to the rest of us. Anyway, someday Aaron and his State Farm commercials will retire and this will all be over. Looking forward to another 49er beatdown of this pretender.

  14. No one can say for sure if Graham was short or not. It was obviously very close. There wasn’t a camera angle to show where the ball was compared to the marker. He was down near the hash mark, his helmet making the chalk line. The line on TV isn’t 100% accurate. The official said he.made the marker. Can’t have all the calls go against Green Bay, all the time. If the spot was bad, it only evened out for a bad call against. Oh well. It is in the books. One call doesn’t make a game anyway.

  15. I feel like all spot challenges should be handled the same way. Look at the video to determine the correct spot for the ball. Spot the ball on the field based on video. Make the call based on the new spot (even if it happens to be the same) and measure for 1st down if necessary. It’s baloney to say there’s not enough evidence to change the call on the field when you didn’t even bother to re-spot the ball. Having this exact same procedure for every spot review would bring some much-needed consistency to officiating.

  16. All these silly fans are looking at the (non-official) yellow line. The Refs use the chains, folks. I loathe Graham, but he got the first down.

  17. Good morning football had a good shot of the Graham play this a.m and you can clearly see the yellow t.v line was definitely a couple feet further than the actual line to gain. I agree that Graham probably didn’t get the first (such that it matters, they would’ve picked it up on a sneak the next play) if you go only by the yellow line….but looking at the sideline marker it’s pretty clear he got it.

  18. DVR’d the game and watched it again. For those of you who think the yellow line is the official indicator of the line to gain, it moved! Yes, it moved multiple times during the fox replaying of the tackle. That is why they use those chains on the sideline, accurate measurements.

  19. So if he was short it would be 4 th and inches , chances are the Packers go for it and get it, if you watch the sideline marker he got the first down. Only seahawk and Viking fans say he was short.

  20. Call was not consequential. Hawks had two chances to hold GB back on third and long and didn’t. The personnel in there was subpar – – a rookie, who played limited mins all season – on GB’s #1 receiver the first time, and a too slow back-up safety on Graham the second time.

    D was an issue all year for this team.

  21. How many of the criers mentioned that it was only 3rd down? It would have been 4th and about 3 inches, and Rodgers uncharacteristically had snuck for more of that earlier in the game.

  22. He may have been just short possibly (and they would have gone for it or kicked a FG there if so, the latter of which would have almost sealed the game anyway), but that terrible fumble call and a couple of weird facemask/nonfacemask and iffy PI calls on both sides would have made me nervous too. It’s a problem when, as a fan, you have to pay attention to which referee is officiating the game because you’re so used to being on edge when he works. I see way too many officials for my liking, most of them calling iffy penalties that are borderline.

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