Andy Reid: Don’t criticize Bill O’Brien for fake punt

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Texans coach Bill O’Brien has taken some criticism for a failed fake punt that helped the Chiefs come back and win today’s wild playoff game in Kansas City. But Chiefs coach Andy Reid says that criticism is unfair.

Reid said that the Texans’ fake punt almost worked, and if it had worked everyone would be saying the Texans unleashed it at the perfect time in the game.

“I thought Bill did a nice job with that. That was an opportune time to call that. People are going to be upset, but form a coaching standpoint, it was an inch away,” Reid said. “That wasn’t a bad call at all there.”

Reid praised Dan Sorensen, who made the tackle on the fake punt, for a big play that helped turn the game around for the Chiefs. If Sorensen hadn’t read the play so well, the Texans would have had a big gain, and O’Brien’s questionable call would have paid off.

25 responses to “Andy Reid: Don’t criticize Bill O’Brien for fake punt

  1. If you take the risk, you have to accept the consequences.
    We are in the year 2020… also known as the “Hindsight Year”.

    If it had worked, O’Brien would have been lauded for it.
    It flopped, so now he has to take the blame.

  2. The fake punt was a bad idea (I said so before they did it). Take points on the road.

    O’Brien is just an awful game-day coach. Looks at his postseason record if you don’t believe me.

  3. The call wasn’t bad but I just don’t understand how you’re willing to fake a punt on 4th and 4 in your own end but not willing to go for it on 4th and a foot from your opponents 13 with an opportunity to put your foot on their throat.

  4. It’s automatically a bad idea. You’re way ahead and want to start working the clock. So you punt and force the jittery Chiefs to go 80 yards. Instead you hand them a mammoth turnover, momentum and the game turns. You don’t take chances when you’re 17 ahead.

  5. As a patriots fan I can’t wait till Kansas City fall short once again, Andy Reid making a fool of himself going to the podium week 17 and say let’s hear it for the dolphins ….what a clown

  6. They lost the Game when they failed to go for it on 4 and 1 when they were ahead. That was the momentum change and the Chiefs knew it and came roaring back while O’Brien was caught napping.

  7. It was a great play to try, but then Dan Sorensen, who was playing like Superman all game, showed up. The Texans’ great play was topped by Sorensen’s sensational play.

  8. Like the announcers on the game said – “if they’d have done this immediately, it might have had better success.”

    This weekend the two frauds, DeeShawn and Lame, will be watching the playoffs from home. Lame likely still doesn’t know what hit him. And he’s still mumbling and throwing tantrums and will join AOC claiming he has PTSD.

  9. towniesman says:
    January 12, 2020 at 7:33 pm
    As a patriots fan I can’t wait till Kansas City fall short once again, Andy Reid making a fool of himself going to the podium week 17 and say let’s hear it for the dolphins ….what a clown

    Sour grapes much? LOL!!

  10. towniesman says:

    As a patriots fan I can’t wait till Kansas City fall short once again, Andy Reid making a fool of himself going to the podium week 17 and say let’s hear it for the dolphins ….what a clown


    Patriot fans try to come across as not caring what others say, but in actuality, they’re really quite sensitive, aren’t they?

  11. After Texans kicked the field goal to go up 24-0, the Texans proceeded to play three quarters 7-51. I doubt final outcome would have been different even if they’d got the fake.

  12. Seriously Pays fans, why so sensitive and salty? For the first time in almost a decade, you’re not in the AFCG. Big deal. You’ve owned a league that forces parity via draft order, salary cap etc…whereas other forgotten franchises like Pittsburgh, Dallas, SF and even the nearly 50 years of irrelevance Dolphins were gifted 5-10 years of excellence due to dynasty-friendly rules. The other teams are just honored to be in the same league (literally not figuratively) as you. We fans of lesser teams (31 of them) are just happy that you were in a charitable mood this season.

  13. The whole sequence in the 2nd Q was brutal. Should have gone for it on 4th down and 1 in KC territory near the endzone. The fake punt only had a little to gain and a lot to lose – which it completely swung the momentum. I didn’t understand that play at all.

  14. It was a terrible decision by O’Brien. When you do something like that, you have to measure the positives of getting a first down, vs. the negatives of not getting it. Just the drive before, he made the questionable decision to kick a field goal on 4th and inches, while on KC’s 15 yard line…then he goes for a punt fake, deep in his own territory? No telling what might have happened if that decision wasn’t made, but as the football cliche’ goes, a coach has to put his team in the best position to win… this was the opposite of that. Just a horrendous decision. O’Brien handed all the momentum to KC.

  15. I thought the fake punt was too risky at that point in the game and ill-advised with their field position, but it did take a great play by Sorensen to stop it if one feels compelled to defend O’Brien there. What I’m not liking is all the criticism O’Brien is receiving for kicking the field goal to go up 24-0 as opposed to going for the first down as that thinking is just plain dumb all things considered and O’Brien did absolutely nothing wrong in that instance. The Texans ultimately lost this game because of their defense’s COMPLETE inability to stop the Chiefs offense after the first quarter, not at all about O’Brien not being aggressive enough when already up three touchdowns.

  16. This is Andy Reid we’re talking about here. 1-5 in conference championship games; who failed to go to a hurry up offense when down by 10 points to the Pats in SB 39.

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