Deshaun Watson: “No doubt” Bill O’Brien the right coach for Texans

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Losing a playoff game you once led 24-0 is going to lead to a lot of questions for and about a team’s head coach and Bill O’Brien is facing those questions after losing 51-31 to the Chiefs on Sunday.

O’Brien’s decisions to kick a field goal on fourth-and-one and fake a punt in Houston territory on another fourth down a short time later have come in for heavy scrutiny. The Chiefs scored 28 straight second quarter points to go into halftime with a lead and kept pouring it on after the break as O’Brien couldn’t stop the bleeding.

That outcome may have some thinking that someone else should be coaching the Texans, but quarterback Deshaun Watson was adamant in his belief that O’Brien is the right man for the job.

“There’s no doubt,” Watson said, via “I mean, you might have doubt, but there’s no doubt. I mean, I love that man. I’m going to play hard for that man. Y’all can say whatever you want to say through all the media and all the writing, but as long as I’m at quarterback, he’s cool with me. He’s got my heart. He’s going to get all of my 110% every time I step on that field. So y’all can say whatever, but [I’ll] always be rooting for that man and going to play hard for him.”

Watson said the “future is bright” for the Texans despite how things ended on Sunday, although it might take some more time for others to shake off the clouds that descended on the team after the first quarter.

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  1. If they went for it on 4th and 1, and missed it, he would have been criticized.

    If they made the fake punt, he would be called a genius.

  2. Bill OBrien was handed Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins.
    BOB messed up the Clowney situation and gave him away.
    He over paid for Tunsil, leaving the Texans in bad shape down the road.

    I’d look for a new HC.

  3. Sadly, it’s Watson especially and some others, sustaining this bum. Lesser players and he’d have already been out. Hopefully, ownership has a clue and will finally understand O’Brien’s a big problem they’ve been overcoming and can no longer afford.

  4. First of all, the Texans had very little to do with the 24-0 lead. Kansas City handed those points to them on a silver platter. But I have faith in O’Brien. His biggest problem is his QB, Deshaun Watson. Watson can only make plays with his feet, and relies on great receivers making great plays. Watson can make some plays, but he gets outplayed by the good QB’s every time. I’m just telling it like it is. The film doesn’t lie.

  5. That was a dumb question. What else is Watson supposed to say?

    Those interview sessions are most ridiculous element of the players responsibility. If a player ever spoke their mind truthfully especially after a loss, there would be fines and fights in locker rooms every weekend.

    It almost a certainty that every Texans player is thinking O’Brien is an idiot for having called that fake punt. He panicked because he caused the momentum to slide. And everybody knows it.

  6. Mew England went up 24-6 and then 14-0 at halftime of it’s two games against the Chiefs last year and had to fight like hell to win after losing both leads.

    The same could be said in countless games against Manning’s Colts. In one very odd game, it was Brady that fell behind 24-0 to Manning’s Broncos before winning in OT 34-31.

    These games happen when you have great QB play.

    Now having said that, the Texans gave up this lead far too quickly. It’s not like the Chiefs clawed back from 0-24 to win 27-24 in the final seconds. The Chiefs tool the lead with a few minutes left in the first half and had time to win by 20.

    It’s almost as humiliating as the Patriots comeback from a 25 point deficit with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. And almost as humiliating as the Oilers blowing a 35-3 halftime lead against the Bills backup QB in the divisional round in the mid 90s.

  7. Unfortunately, Bill is the offensive coordinator, head coach and GM… he will not get fired.. maybe he will be promoted to assistant owner too…

  8. The DC should’ve fired on the flight back to Houston! 7 TD’s after leading 24-0 is a major problem!

  9. He should be fired. The fake punt alone should be a reason. There are too many others to really name, but he has been gifted some of the greatest stars in this game and he can’t win with them. I’d take Watt, Hopkins, and Watson on the team I root for any day and I know they would win there. Watson is a part of the problem, though, because he takes too many negative plays trying to make something happen. Sometimes, you just have to throw it away…

  10. Unfortunately, Bill is the offensive coordinator, head coach and GM… he will not get fired.. maybe he will be promoted to assistant owner too…

    That should be assistant “to” the owner
    Thanks, Dwight

  11. First of all, it wasn’t a full yard—it was 4th and a foot. Him kicking a FG says to me he had no faith in his 6’4 QB to plow ahead and get a foot. That’s utterly ridiculous. As one surmised on here—if he didn’t make it, he’d have been criticised. Hardly—EVERY TEAM in the NFL has the QB sneak in the playbook. I STILL can’t believe he didn’t run it. Even if you don’t make it, KC has to go 90+ yards and eat up a lot of clock. He realised his mistake which is why he overcompensated and tried the fake punt. No this is on the WHOLE coaching staff. They ALL should be fired.

  12. They gave up 51 points in 3 quarters. How do you give up 28 in one quarter? The defense couldn’t even slow them down or hold them to FGs. And the offense couldn’t chew up any clock when it had the ball or hand the opposition bad field position.

    At first I was thinking– wow, how do you score 21 in a quarter like Houston did — and then the Chiefs topped it in the second. It’s like playing poker and putting down 4 aces, only to find out your opponent was holding 5 aces.

  13. DeShaun Watson is entitled to his opinion. “If” O’Brien is the right coach, he’s still the wrong coach for Watson. O’Brien is another conservative coach, who basically plays not to lose. For a coach that built his reputation is on offense, his approach is very conservative. Coaches who attack defenses are more successful in the NFL.

    I’ve watched both Watson and Dak Prescott in college at Clemson and Mississippi State respectively. Both try to put their team in a position to win a game. They have that skill set and mind set for that. Both can are accurate on short passes and both can throw the long ball. Both can scramble and buy time in the pocket. Both can run when necessary. Both are better when they are free to have some latitude on play calling and play design. I’m not sure Watson has the freedom he needs. Watson seems to only have some freedom when the Texans are 14, or more points behind. Then it’s often too late for the Texans. Unleash Watson to do what he does best.

  14. The problem in Houston is Crennel more than it is Bill. Houston went from a top tier defense to giving up tons of points in the 4th quarter of nearly every game. He doesn’t make adjustments at half time and is too old and set in his ways. Houston’s special teams killed it the first quarter. Bad tackling ( defense ) on a kickoff and a fumble by Carter and the Texans handed the Chiefs three touchdowns with less than half a field to work with. The Chief’s offense didn’t ” earn ” their comeback in the 2nd, the Texans gave it to them. The stats for both teams were fairly even by half time. The Texans defense didn’t show up in the second half and I blame Crennel. He knew his best safety Gibson ( who was brought on to defend Kelce to begin with btw ) and he did nothing to adjust for that.

  15. Pats fans last week arguing that O’Brien and Crennel are examples of Pats/Belichick coaching alum that are actually remotely successful? Hard to make that argument this AM.

  16. It’s business, Deshaun. You don’t know any other head coach in the NFL. You don’t have anything else to compare O’Brien to.
    Once you do, you’ll be wondering why he wasn’t fired sooner.

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