John Harbaugh: Titans beat us in the trenches

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The Ravens set the record for the most rushing yards in NFL history this regular season, but in their playoff loss, the Titans ran them over.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh acknowledged that the Titans’ offensive and defensive lines took over the game on Saturday.

“The trenches on both sides, they played extremely well,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “That was the biggest difference.”

Despite the disappointing loss, Harbaugh does see plenty of positives from a 14-2 season.

“I felt like this was the best football team that it could be this year,” Harbaugh said. “With the group that we had, we made the most of us, becoming the best football team we could be. We just weren’t that today, and that’s the disappointing thing.”

Now Harbaugh and the Ravens will begin the process of addressing what needs to get better in the offseason, while the Titans will prepare for the AFC Championship Game.

79 responses to “John Harbaugh: Titans beat us in the trenches

  1. You could tell he was really missing bluetooth headset guy. Life is just harder when you have to follow the rules!

  2. Last week they beat my team in the trenches too. But the silver lining here is that its nice to see good old physical trench warfare coming back to football. For a while it was all hot dog passing. The sport will be better for this trend.

  3. So true….with those O and D lines they can beat anyone..
    Wouldnt be surprised if they go all the way….it would be bizarro world if Ryan Tannehi won a superbowl….in Miami ironically

  4. Titans were playing Big Ten football last night. It was beautiful. Plus they had Mariota to simulate Lamar Jackson in practice. Perfect storm for an upset.

  5. It’s not easy to win in the NFL. The Titans backed into the sixth seed when the Steelers lost but they were finally healthy and playing well going into Wild Card weekend. They remind me of the Giants in both years they beat the Patriots in the super bowl, albeit with a stronger running game.

    The NFL has finally seen parity with the Patriots bowing out early and teams like the Ravens and Saints handed early exits.

  6. Just goes to show what the Patriots have done for 19 years cannot be taken for granted. It’s hard to win as an underdog and sometimes harder to win when you’re expected to

  7. Same way the Vikings got beat! MVP‘s are won by flashy position players but Super Bowls are won in the trenches.

  8. Very shocking. I thought that it was going to be a close game for the most part but the Ravens were going to eventually pull away in the 4th quarter.
    The best team in the league got punched in the mouth by a 6 seed team. Unbelievable!

  9. Keep coming out w/ that run-option offense and beat your head against the wall, John. It may have worked at Louisville but this is the NFL. Perhaps having Jackson show more leadership instead of trying to smack-talk linemen and horse-collaring who just picked him off, may be a mature place to start.

  10. He was outcoached last night. Yes the receivers dropped crucial passes but going for it on 4th and 1 over and over again especially when your in FG range. No bueno!!!

  11. Steelers fan here and that was a class statement by Harbaugh. Baltimore had a great season and they will be back tougher than ever. Everyone said that the Titans stunned the Ravens, but watching the wild card game, you could see that Tennessee has that something special in their playoff run.

    If Lamar Jackson doesn’t get hurt with his style of play, the Ravens will always be a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to both teams for a great game.

  12. because they figured out your gimmick offence that the bills helped st the print for…just like the pistol read option and the wild cat before it..teams eventually figure out gimmicks… the clock has struck midnight on lamar

  13. It was obvious the Titans were going to be physical but lord they brougjt the heat. While the tipped interception feels like it killed the momentum for the Ravens early, Titans were relentless afterwards.

    I really don’t know what the offensese could of done better. They were giving up few running lanes, had the routes absolutely smothered, and were swarming to the ball. The TE2 getting leveled after catching the ball on his in-route, and Adoree Jackson deflecting that pass from behind the receiver, those two plays pretty much summed up how the Titans played that game.

    Also, fire Adam Gase.

  14. I’m waiting for Earl Thomas to tell us what happened. Did you see him crash the line looking for glory and the receiver blow past him (and the lone DB who was supposed to have help from Thomas) to get behind the entire defense and catch the Titans 2nd TD? Yeah. Sweet.

    Yo Earl, Pete says hey.

  15. They really did. Look at those 2 4th and inches where the titans dline blew the Ravens oline off the ball. 4th and inches is supposed to be automatic and they were 0-2.

    After the Titan’s took away the Ravens running game, the Ravens discovered just how far Jackson has to go to be a good pocket passer.

  16. Actually coach you had 530 yards of offense vs 300 for Titans, 29 first downs vs 15, 11-18 on 3rd down, punted only 1 time, had TOP advantage of 4 minutes, ran 92 plays on offense vs 53 for Titans BUT YOU made 2 bonehead 4th down calls and your QB was not ready for the moment and turned it over 3 times – that’s why you lost – running 92 plays you should have worn down the Titans but they stood you up anyway. Trenches? Nope – you were outplayed and outcoached.

  17. Not only that but Vrabel out-coached Harbaugh. The Titans had a good game plan and they followed it. Out-coached and out-played.

  18. They contained Lamar early and made him move laterally to try to find a running lane and as a result those 300 lb linemen had to do alot of running around to try to block for him. They got wore out early and dominated.

    Brilliant strategy

  19. “The NFL has finally seen parity with the Patriots bowing out early and teams like the Ravens and Saints handed early exits.”

    All 3 of those teams will likely be back in the playoffs next season. No team can win it all every year and its almost impossible to win 2 Super Bowls in a row.

    Happy for the Titans and their fans. If the Pats can’t win it all I’ll be more than happy to see the Titans do so with all their Pats alumni both coaching and players.

  20. Blueprint game on how to beat Jackson..gimmicks always get figured out in the NFL. Real qbs that can read presnap win sbs.

  21. Ravens didn’t want to play. Was told to lose and you can see it in all the players’ emotions from half-ass route running and dropping routine passes…..just compare how they played during the regular season and last night. Lamar getting stuffed twice on 4th and short….he gets that with his eyes closed 9/10 times but you could tell he wasn’t supposed to make it. NFL = sports entertainment aka WWE.

  22. John and Ravens fans: your arrogance got you, plain and simple. You were adamant how Lamar and your offense was revolutionary and changing the world of football and how we were so wrong to point out that you have a running back at QB who can’t throw to save his life.
    Oh yeah, were we wrong.
    The truth hurts. Enjoy your humble pie. You deserve it. But enjoy all the regular season success and your GOAT QB who is now 0-2 in the playoffs and looks totally clueless when it matters.

  23. Look, you got one guy to stop. Not a team of pro bowlers, one guy. He came out flat, got frustrated he couldn’t be the hero, he was the team, he failed. Plus guys like him become predictable and teams won’t let him rule the roost next year.

  24. the boo birds on running QBs in the NFL will be out in force when it was the defensive line of the Ravens that came up short.

  25. Will Earl Thomas flip off John Harbaugh? The safety diva decides to take the coach to the wood shed for a poor game plan and bad coaching decisions during the game.

  26. Amazing to me that coaches who earn bye weeks continue to be in denial as to the reality of what happens when they give their teams week 17 off. It is not like this is all a new concept.

  27. Ravens fans celebrated and declared the Pats’ Dynasty dead not realizing that they likely would have won against the Pats’ horrible offense.

    Ravens Dynasty RIP 2019 – 2020

    Lamar Jackson is not a quarterback and most likely never will be. 0 – 2 , make him pass and he won’t win

  28. couldn’t happen to nicer team, and an even less likeable coach… Blueprint is out… another dynasty that’s not gonna happen.

  29. Lamar Jackson WAY OVERRATED! Can’t WIN a PLAYOFF!!!! HARBAUGH Game plan mediocre at best. Do you really think Lamar was going to carry this team on his back without a good a good running back. Hell NO! Once Defense figured him out, it was OVER! Lamar is not good against Playoff team! He’s good in regular season, not playoff! PLAYOFF!!!

  30. Cannot help but wonder if having your OC and DC off looking for HC jobs creates a distraction. The coaching was also poor in this game in both scheme and calls.

  31. Harbaugh knows football. He’s 100% right titans controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Teams that so that usually win. Titans beat a real good team last night.

  32. For everyone knocking the read option…the Eagles won the Super Bowl with the read option being run by an immobile backup QB 🤷‍♂️

  33. I wonder where are those ‘smart’ analysts who were saying that BB should have gone for 4th downs in a point game last week. Numbers and analytics are fine but the most important thing is having the feel of the game and there isn’t anyone better at that than BB.

    It was always going to be difficult for the Ravens being down 2 scores and the Titans running the ball well. Lamar Jackson is hands down the MVP of the season but there isn’t anyone better than Russell Wilson when it comes to playing from behind.

  34. It doesn’t help John, when you go for 2 down by 16. If you kick, you make it so you will need only one two point conversion, as opposed to a game where you now need two of them if you miss, which they did. Not that it mattered, but he’s been around long enough to know you don’t chase twos until the end.

  35. No disrespect to the Titans, but nobody thought they would win, and nobody wants to watch them in the Super Bowl.

    The Ravens are better for tv, but the Titans were the better football team last night.

    And I will say this. Stop crying that the Ravens didn’t win.

    Be a man, and take your loss like a man as Lamar took his loss.

    Nobody to blame but the coaching staff, the QB, and the defense.

  36. That “going for it on fourth down” arrogance finally caught up with ole John in the Playoffs! Two critical chokes along with the TO’s sink the #1 seed!

  37. The game was lost when Ravens players were talking about the Super Bowl and Earl Thomas was blathering about the Patriots instead of preparing for the Titans.

  38. Hey john how about taking some friggin blame, you got out coached from start to finish, never ever heard you walk up to the podium and say it was your fault

  39. Dave Kirtz says:
    January 12, 2020 at 5:46 pm
    Hey john how about taking some friggin blame, you got out coached from start to finish, never ever heard you walk up to the podium and say it was your fault

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    The puke’s ego is so big, he will never fall on the sword like bb.

  40. hankster1019 says:
    January 12, 2020 at 5:21 pm
    The game was lost when Ravens players were talking about the Super Bowl and Earl Thomas was blathering about the Patriots instead of preparing for the Titans.

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    Earl still jealous of the loss to the Pats in SB 49. Yet, BB had the better gameplan vs Tenn than Harbaugh did. As stated.

  41. Gotta love how the Ravens fans shoved it down our throats every week how Lamar was the GOAT and single handledly won every game in the regular season and then after his atrocious play they start blaming everyone and everything else for the loss— receivers, the time off, the refs… anything but the guy who turned it over 3 times and couldn’t hit an open receiver to save his life.
    Where are those fans today? Not quite as vocal any more. I guess they lost their voices.
    I distinctly recall hearing almost every week that Lamar was so incredible he didn’t even need to play in many 4th quarters… but now apparently everyone else was rusty after 3 weeks off and so not playing is a big mistake. For everyone else but Lamar. Newsflash: maybe Lamar should have played in those 4th quarters to work on his throwing mechanics and reads.

  42. I expected the Ravens to be flat in the first quarter. The 2nd quarter was the best quarter of the game with Ravens pulling to within 8. But the second half was a disaster. No answer for Derrick Henry who shrinks the field and the game. The Titans defense played outstanding football especially in the secondary. No one saw this coming including Las Vegas. A bitter pill for Ravens fans to swallow with home field thoughout the playoffs. Not to worry, the Steelers will be healthy next year.

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