Lamar Jackson: We just beat ourselves

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Lamar Jackson will win the MVP award. He won’t win the Lombardi Trophy.

No quarterback has won the MVP award and the Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner in 1999.

Jackson’s performance Saturday, and the resulting upset loss by the Ravens, doesn’t diminish anything the quarterback did during the regular season. He deserves the MVP. He was the best player on the best team in the regular season.

He was not the best player — and the Ravens were not the best team — Saturday.

Jackson lost a fumble, threw two interceptions and was stopped short on two fourth-and-one quarterback sneaks, while Titans running back Derrick Henry ran for 195 yards and threw a touchdown pass.

“We just beat ourselves,” Jackson said, via NFL Media. “We had, well, I had a lot of mistakes on my behalf. Three turnovers, that shouldn’t happen. They came out and played. We just started off slow. We’ve just got to do better next time.”

Jackson piled up the yards, throwing for 365 and running for 143.

His 508 yards proved empty as Jackson fell to 0-2 in the postseason, both home losses. But Peyton Manning went 0-3 in his first three postseason games.

Jackson just turned 23 and should have plenty more chances in the postseason.

“I don’t really care about what they say,” Jackson said. “This is my second year in the league. Many people don’t be able to make it to the playoffs. I got a great team with me. We don’t really worry about what other people say. We’re just going to keep going, get ready for next year.”

It doesn’t take the sting out of this season, though. After losing only two regular-season games, none since Week Four, the Ravens are one-and-done.

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  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t make any Peyton postseasons for the kid. That’s jinxing him in a bad way, seeing as how Peyton never really did have the success this kid is aspiring to.

  2. I saw this coming, called the Ravens one and done this year. I just didn’t trust Lamar yet playing from behind in a playoff game, and that’s exactly what we saw today.

  3. For him to be compared to the legends, he will have to keep winning regular season games and win some playoff games. Otherwise, he will be just like Cam Newton, one great year and then back to being just a guy. I was rooting for him but Tennessee earned this victory.

  4. I am *SHOCKED* that playing the Wildcat on every snap did not go well for the Ravens…


  5. He speaks as a great man, player.

    I’d Like to see him cover all de the run in the future, but I like this has stop Earl Thomas from trash talking.

    Henry Ran over pats, earl thomas: they didn’t want ti tackle him.

    I supose Ravens didnt want to…

  6. Lamar J. is player of the year, but he is not MVP. He is player of the year for the amazing stats. An MVP, howeer, is a player who can transform a team. Jimmy G. is the MVP. He transformed Frisco from a 1-11 team into a 6-11 team in 2017 by winning 5 straight games without a loss. When he was starter in 2018, his team was 1-2. The rest of the season his team was 3-10 in his absence due to injury. In 2019, he turned the 49ers around and went 13-3 as a starter. Unlike Lamar Jackon, he did not have a single bad game in 2019. To me, Jimmy G. is the MVP of the NFL. No other player can do as much for his team as Jimmy G. has. He lost one game when the kicker missed a makeable field goal, and he lost 2 games when his defense failed to stop his opponent’s winning drives that ended those 2 games.

  7. Raven fan should be concerned over Jackson’s comments here. In one breath he declares that it’s not easy to make the playoffs, suggesting that all should be grateful. While he did man up to his mistakes, the very idea than people should feel lucky after 0-2 playoff home record … that’s just plain wrong. Fans have every right to be disappointed.

  8. Sometimes, stats don’t tell the whole story. It looks like Lamar had a game for the ages. But those passing yards were given under a soft defense. A lot of the running yards too. There were also four 4th down failures.
    When people are appalled that Drew Brees wasn’t in the top 100 – they are purely looking at stats.

  9. So Lamar took the old Bungals Carson Palmer “We beat ourselves/We were the better team” approach to dealing with the Radbirds horrific beat down by the Titans.

    That always served Carson well.

    Good luck with that Lamar.

  10. I preach this all the time – football is a team sport. No one person makes you a winner, and no one player makes you a loser. The Ravens got beat last night and while LJ did seem to like handing the ball over, the fact is the team didn’t perform. But I like his words. “We” didn’t play well- while admitting he did a whole lot wrong last night too.

    Not a Ravens fan, liking what TN post-Mariota is doing. I may run with them through the SB. (My team is out…again)

  11. Jackson is so amazing to watch play! Crazy cuts,stopping on a dime making people miss tackles, and making it look easy!

  12. What a punk, you beat yourself? You got beat by the Titans. You will never be an elite QB with those lame excuses. From what I saw from you, shows me you might not be starting for any NFL team in the next five years.

  13. Give credit to the Titans and stop blaming yourself. Your offense was outsmarted. You’ll learn eventually that defenses win i the playoffs. The Titans took advantage of every mistake made by the Ravens. I know Henry had a monster game but Tannehill was only 7-14 for 88 yards but no INTs. Henry even threw for a TD. Yes, you can beat good defenses but your team wasn’t prepared for what the Titans had strategized. Vrabel learned from one of the best strategic planners in the game (as hard it is for me to say that). Good luck next year.

  14. When players say ‘we beat ourselves’, they discredit the team that just outplayed them.

    Similar to “Titans didn’t win. Ravens choked.”

    I call bull.

  15. Yeah, the Titans had nothing to do with it, Lamar.

    His petulance during the game, his body language…he looked more like my nephew when his toy truck is taken away than an MVP.

  16. What Lamar doesn’t realize is there may not be another next time. Just ask Ryan, Goff, Rivers, et al. It’s very difficult to make the post season and even more difficult to advance. It just shows once again the greatness of Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Bob Kraft and the Patriots dominating the NFL landscape for the last 20yrs.

  17. He didnt play anything like an MVP. Talk about making mistake after mistake.
    No one believed in Ryan Tannerhill, maybe after that beating we should believe.
    Derek Henry deserves an MVP. His running is amazing.

  18. No, the Titans beat you.

    As soon as you learn to give the other team their due credit you’ll improve as a player.

  19. Have to disagree with Mr. Jackson, the Titans whipped them soundly. Sitting players in week 17 can go either way and it probably did hurt the younger players more but the bye week may have done the same. I haven’t watched many Titan games but they are impressive. I guess all the naysayers who dismissed their win last week against the Pats will now find another reason to dismiss this win but they are on a great roll. Hate to see these ” we beat ourselves” statements from players emerge after a game like this, too arrogant for my liking. I know it was right after the game and emotions are raw but it’s getting old and not a good look.

  20. Dude is overrated.

    When he has to throw it is pathetic.

    Can’t come from behind.

    Why the heck can he not throw an out route? My God all passes beyond the hash marks looked horrible.

    Teach him how to play QB.

    Instead of that Mickey mouse offense they run

  21. Jackson is not a good quarterback…If he can’t run,he is no good….just like the rest of all running quarterbacks…defenses find out how to stop them from running, offenses struggle!!

  22. Wake up Lamar! You didn’t beat yourselves. Derrick Henry was the HAMMER and the ravens were the nail. Plain and simple can’t stop the best player in the NFL.

  23. I disagree. Having watched that game, Tennessee just plain whipped them. Another case against sitting starters in the regular season.

  24. You beat your own team, sloppy throws, turn overs, a couple of dumb penaltys and 2 QB sneaks.

    Don’t get too big for your britches, the other team played as a team flawlessly.

    Learn from it

  25. Nice little regular season novelty QB. When his team need him to be a playoff QB he crumbled. Nice garbage time stats don’t change that.

    He looked every bit an RB paying QB last night.

  26. So Derrick Henry didn’t just run all over the Ravens D?
    The Titans didnt make plays when they had to? stopped the Ravens 4 times! on 4th down?

    Accept the better team won and move on.

  27. Jackson account for almost 400 yds passing 160 rushing. His teammates dropped 4 first down catches on 4th down, dropped a TD that would’ve brought them to 1 score with a conversion with 555 left. He came to play.

  28. I didn’t care for Jackson at the beginning of the season. I looked at him as another “flashy” running quarterback who couldn’t truly pass, like Vick and so many others.

    But he started showing his passing chops and I thought “this kid is the real deal!”.

    Throwing for 365 yards against the Titans, and running for another 143 is a pretty impressive feat. No reason to hang your head if you’re Lamar Jackson. But the turnovers killed an otherwise brilliant season.

    Of course, being a Pat’s fan I’m glad Baltimore lost, I hate Harbaugh with a passion, but Jackson had a solid season

  29. Lamar’s first playoff game! Ouch. There have been many QB’s to come that were great in the regular season and then choke like this in the playoffs like a Matt Ryan…

  30. If Ravens fans need help with how to cope with the shock of their team suddenly choking so badly in the playoffs after a season of such high expectations, just ask the nearest Cowboys fan.

  31. He handled adversity like an absolute 🤡 both during and after the game.

    The “MVP” has been figured out and he won’t be long for this league.

  32. Peyton Manning may have started 0-3 in the playoffs, but Andy Dalton started 0-4 in the playoffs.

    Not sure how either of those stats is relevant to Lamar’s future.

  33. We’ll see how Russell handles GB today but watching Lamar last night I saw the big difference between the two.

    Russell can play from behind…Lamar gets behind and bad things happen and his body language is not great.

    Lamar and Earl were thinking about being in the SB a little too early.

    Take it one game at a time and you don’t overlook a Titans team ready to smash you with Henry all game.

  34. Lamar: congrats on your MVP season. Hopefully you and your arrogant Ravens fans will realize as we’ve been saying all year long that it doesn’t matter what happens in November and a December, it’s about January and February.
    News flash: your gimmick offense doesn’t work. You are a fantastic running back but unfortunately a very flawed and poor QB. And you need to throw the ball to win in January and February.
    0-2 in the playoffs and truly looking lost and inept in both games.
    I hope we can stop with all the talk about how “revolutionary” your offense is and how you are single handedly changing football and the QB position.

  35. Don’t worry Lamar, many people don’t be able to make it to the Superbowl. You be one of them.

  36. My favourite part of this game was the Ravens whining and crying to the refs after every single play. It just added to my pleasure watching them get blown out.

  37. I’ve seen the 16-0 Patriots get beat in the super bowl, and I remember the 15-1 Vikings didn’t win the super bowl either. It happens, but a 14 game winner is a really good team. The Ravens will add a few good players this off-season, as they always do, and they’ll continue their quest. Lamar Jackson is only a second year QB. He’s a hard worker, so he’s getting better and better. As much as he looks like Superman, he can’t throw it and catch it too. He can’t play linebacker or safety. I’ve seen Drew Brees make costly mistakes, but nobody in New Orleans is questioning his ability. He’s another one that will come back strong. I’m already looking forward to next year.

  38. Keep up the encouraging words, Charlie charger. Unfortunately, Jax is not Drew Brees, in talent or in leadership skills. He was a one-man, walking meltdown, last night.

  39. Compare Jackson’s body language when they were losing to Russ Wilson’s. Wilson may be too goody-goody for some folks, but he’s always picking up his team, telling them they’re going to get back in it, never showing any sign of defeat. Football is an emotional game, and that stuff matters.

  40. I’m not a fan of either team. The Ravens are a better team than the Titans. Let’s keep it real… the Titans played a perfect game and got lucky. Theses two teams play 10 times, Ravens win 9 out of 10. Comgratuaations Tenn.

  41. No hate. He is a great talent and maybe he’ll become a real NFL QB, but he is not there yet and this game proves it. It’s one thing to be awesome in the regular season and quite another in the playoffs there is were the sham hits fam, and deficiencies are magnified

  42. After the regular season it was shocking to see them lose so badly. I wonder if they tried to over-script the first quarter? It seemed totally lackluster. They were done after that.

    As long as they can keep the team together they should be good to go next year.

  43. What’s this we crap? You’re inability to read a defense surfaced at the appropriate time! No progression, one read and run! It didn’t work at Louisville and it’s not working at this level!

  44. He made it a full season without a knee injury.

    So… the window is closing even faster now.

  45. No, it’s beyond difficult to justify that loss in terms of “we beat ourselves” for anyone who watched that game in it’s entirety. The Titans controlled the action and were the better team yesterday from start to finish, wasn’t just about the Ravens looking rusty and sloppy which they certainly did.

  46. The old “we beat ourselves” defense. Face it, you lost! The Titans outplayed you.

  47. thefiesty1 says:
    January 12, 2020 at 1:11 pm
    What’s this we crap? You’re inability to read a defense surfaced at the appropriate time! No progression, one read and run! It didn’t work at Louisville and it’s not working at this level!


    You weren’t watching the same game everyone else was. The two picks he threw weren’t the result of not reading a defense. One was because of a brick-fingered tip, and the other was that he didn’t put enough on the throw to what was an open receiver. In fact, he didn’t run very much at all. If anything, he held the ball far too long going through his reads twice and three times before deciding to run. Greg Roman’s game plan switched from RPO to drop-back pocket passer, which is not what Jackson is best suited to. Baltimore RBs had NINE carries between them. Oh, and Jackson’s desperate scrambles netted him an average of more than 7 yards per carry. He nearly matched Henry in rushing yardage.

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