Marlon Humphrey believes Ravens identity is playoff chokers

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The Ravens were heavy favorites at home on Saturday night, but Derrick Henry and the Titans steamrolled them for a 28-12 win that leaves the NFL’s top regular season time out of the running for a Super Bowl.

It’s the second straight year that the Ravens have lost at home in their first playoff game and that left cornerback Marlon Humphrey to render a tough appraisal of the team after the game.

“The sad reality of it is, this Ravens’ team, we’ve been here two years in a row and we’ve lost, so I think you’ve got to look at yourself in the mirror,” Humphrey said, via the team’s website. “This team’s identity right now is get in the playoffs and choke. It is what it is. That’s just the hard truth.”

Humphrey said he asked himself “is this really happening” during the game, but there was no doubt that reality bit the Ravens hard and they’ll have a long time to consider how to keep it from happening again before they get on the field again.

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  1. Steelers will retake that division next season. I respect them.

    No respect for R*ven trash! 🙂

  2. Jackson does not take command of the game he will break a run or two but he does not settle in the pocket and make accurate throws. This will haunt him now through the season until he has a chance to redeem himself.

  3. Humphrey’s only identify is getting beaten on that long TD 🙂

    Earl Thomas’s of course is running his mouth and looking like a clown trying to defend Henry. Hahahahahaha

  4. It’s refreshing to see someone be honest and frank with his thoughts. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him to say that but he seems to be the only one who has an honest thought about the game.

  5. And don’t forget 2016 and 2017 when they gave up long TD drives to lose games, bouncing them from the playoffs. First to the Steelers on Christmas Day and the Immaculate Extension and then the following year to the Bengals.

    That’s four years in a row that they’ve lost what amounts to a playoff game, with three of those at home.

    Tell me again how tough, dynamic and resilient this team is? Because the facts are they’ve choked in the biggest moments for years now.

  6. Love this guy taking responsibility and looking at what happen. Next the playoffs are tough, the other teams show up too. Way to much talk about point spreads and not enough about who can win. Titans are tough as hell, and they play really hard. I thought is was a great game, one team last night just executed a little better. The Titans were better last night, that is all it is.

  7. The defense was just as bad as Mike Vick 2.0. He might get to a AFC championship game or 2 but he’ll need hall of famers on the other side of the ball to carry him to a SB

  8. Maybe if Tebow, um I mean Lamar didn’t think he was Superman and he realized he has other players on the team and he’d throw the ball accurately instead of at the feet, over the head(reason for 1INT) or behind the receivers all the time they’d have given the Titans a game! But when you have one guy that wants to try and play Superman, try to do it all in the Playoffs this is what happens when you run into a “TEAM”.

  9. The Titans made the Patriots look bad too, so maybe the Titans are just better than we think. When they playoffs begin, every team is 0-0. So I don’t look at it like anyone choked, because every team, starts as equals. If that’s not your mindset, maybe that was the problem. And if you look in the mirror and you see a choker, then that’s what you are as an individual.

  10. You didn’t choke, you were just way too arrogant. Maybe Earl and Ingram and Lamar should have stopped talking about Super Bowls and MVPs and anointing Lamar as the GOAT and focused on actually winning a playoff game.
    Although it’s hard to win with a running back at QB and a gimmick offense that we’ve seen rise and crash many, many times over the years. The truth hurts.
    But your team and your fans were the geniuses telling us how you and Lamar were different and revolutionary. Keep believing that! You must be right!

  11. Fans are reading WAY too much into one loss. Jackson isn’t some flash-in-the-pan. The guys is legit. The whole game last night probably turned on that 1st tipped INT. They were rolling, and if they took a lead at home, it could have ended there & they’d be in the AFCCG next week.

    People want to marginalize an incredibly talented player so quickly. Football fans should appreciate what he brings to the game.

    It’s certainly not “over” for him or that team. Big learning experience for sure, but they have a lot of years ahead. I’m no Ravens fan but I doubt they’ll go quietly into the night.

  12. Titans are really playing well, peaking at the right time. Their OLine is impressive. As a Bengals fan, I have nothing else to say. Old enough to remember 1990 though.

  13. jerryjonessaidwhat says:
    January 12, 2020 at 10:32 am
    Saint’s of the AFC

    Regular season wonders
    Playoff blunders


    Saints of the AFC are the Chargers.

    Difference between Saints and Ravens — Saints have had that reputation since almost the 90s. This is newer with Baltimore. People conveniently forget how Baltimore has always been considered in recent years one of the AFC teams that actually had a reasonable chance of winning in Foxborough in January.

    Result last year was similar, but different path. Jackson was so mediocre at times that Ravens fans were screaming for Flacco. No one was really surprised they lost last year. This year falls on him. We’ll see if he learns from it.

    Also, at least give some credit to the Texans. Not sure why people still discount this team.

  14. “Fans are reading WAY too much into one loss. Jackson isn’t some flash-in-the-pan. The guys is legit.”

    I agree. The Titans secondary was air-tight on pass defense, tipping and knocking down well thrown balls consistently when playing aggressively, and superb tackling when playing soft coverage in the fourth quarter. That had a lot to do with LJ’s perceived poor play. Tom Brady and Drew Brees and Jimmy G all throw the odd pick, too. The Ravens as a team were just not good enough.

  15. Ravens are not a come from behind time..They are great from ahead.

    If Ravens are in a situation were they have to keep passing-he’s not the quarterback to do it.

  16. The ravens weren’t that good in 2018, so a 1 an done was expected.
    This year was different.
    That doesn’t establish a pattern.
    Now if they are 1 and done in 2021 then it does.

  17. A team “chokes” when they have a big lead in a game and let it slip away. This was just the better prepared, more confident team laying a beat down on the lesser team.

  18. Loved watching the Colts crash and burn in the playoffs in the 2000s. Love it when it happens to Aaron Rodgers. Loved watching the Saints crash again this year. Last night I was cheering like a maniac for the Titans. Take your flash and stats and stick ’em where you can. Playoffs are a gut check. Championships aren’t played on paper!

    To the analytics dept: Add 0 for 2 on 4 and 1 to the stats LOL

  19. I like LJ’s game. However, last night he ran way too many times. He should have allowed the RBs to get more of those carries. His throws were certainly a mixed bag. His WRs couldn’t get any separation. Credit the Titans and their DC Dean Pees! If anyone knew how to slow down LJ, it was him. He had the players to do it. Last thing, Ravens depend on TEs too much because the WR corp is pretty weak.

  20. True or not, file that one under “thoughts to keep to yourself immediately after the game.” The football world has largely moved beyond their disappointing home playoff loss with a seemingly average rookie qb last season, but yeah, with as dominant as MVP Jackson and this team appeared for most of this season this one will follow them for a long time. The downside to success in anything in life is that it raises previously established standards and some simply don’t handle that very well.

  21. If the shoe fits, wear it! They were hit in the mouth early and never recovered! They are not built for playoff football!

  22. I think that in the 3rd quarter with 10 minutes left and a 4th and 1 the Ravens should have kicked FG to make it 14 – 9. When Titans got the ball Henry went off for the 66 yard run on the 3rd play. They score TD then get the ball back after the fumble and then score again.

  23. Kudos to the Titans – a great win! Last night might have turned out differently with a healthy Mark Ingram, Mark Andrews, Nick Boyle – they are center pieces! The Ravens had a terrific season even though they are at the beginning of an experiment with a simultaneously throwback/novel offense. They have a stand up kid at quarterback who will devote his offseason to working on his weaknesses as a passer, particularly throwing outside the numbers. Go Titans! Go Ravens!

  24. I definitely got sick of all the Ravens and fans trash talk and am laughing at the irony of all that. But lets not start dumping on them like this. Let them fade into yesterday’s news. They have earned it.

  25. I loved it because I am a big fan of Tannehill. So pleased he is on a good team at last. He deserves everything he has. The Ravens are a team that’s going to be good for a long time.The Titans look they are solid everywhere which makes me think its the Super Bowl for them.

  26. Time to draft linemen on both sides, as I’ve been saying for years. Flacco had been running for his life before he left B-more. All the other pieces are there.

  27. Fist off, hats off to the Titans. Last offseason Lamar had to prove he could pass. He did do that. Now his next goal is to get over the hump in the playoffs. I believe in him and know he will be determined to improve his skill set. Some times it takes a couple years to be that guy, and he looked absolutely rattled in this one. But this loss isn’t solely on him. The defense didn’t show up. Coaching decisions were awful. And special teams outside Tucker’s foot, is mediocre at best. Time go lick our wounds, fix what we can and move on. This is still our division to lose.

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