Marshal Yanda accuses Jeffery Simmons of spitting in his face

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Ravens right guard Marshal Yanda has thought about retirement in the past, but didn’t want to answer any questions about his 2020 plans after Saturday night’s loss to the Titans.

He did want to talk about Titans rookie defensive Jeffery Simmons, however. Yanda told reporters after the game that Simmons spit in his face during the 28-12 loss.

“I’ve never been spitten in my face,” Yanda said, via “I literally got spit right in my face by No. 98. He needs to be put on notice by the refs, by the entire NFL. He was saying some stuff today that’s just ridiculous conduct for the NFL. I just want to put him on notice. That was ridiculous conduct.”

Yanda has some history with spitting accusations. He was accused of spitting on then-Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict after a video showing the apparent loogie surfaced following a November 2018 game. Yanda denied spitting at Burfict and he was not disciplined by the league.

Simmons was not asked about the accusation on Saturday, but he’s sure to get a question or two the next time he’s in front of repoters.

13 responses to “Marshal Yanda accuses Jeffery Simmons of spitting in his face

  1. I have not seen this, so this is just a general comment:

    Most of us consider being spit on as being about as disgusting as things get. If a player does this, and it is clear and caught, it should be an immediate ejection and automatic one-game suspension with three games for a subsequent event.

    Again, this is not about these specific guys.

  2. Quit whining and retire Yanda! I didn’t see much dancing and celebrating by the arrogant Ravens last night! I would be happy if they lost every game they play. Lamar probably has an IQ of about 10, have you ever listened to him talk? He is one hit away from being RGIV!!

  3. ThinSkinFlorio says:

    “Most of us consider being spit on about as disgusting as things get”.

    Please consider speaking for yourself, not for most of us. Someone with the revolting screen name “ThinSkinFlorio” should not be the arbiter of what is disgusting.

  4. History of spitting accusations.

    I’ve heard of the boy who cried “wolf”, but never about a man who cries “hawk”.

  5. You play on the line and this is the first time somebody spit at you? Where’ve you been playing?

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