Bill O’Brien expects defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to return

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The Texans gave up two first downs and 46 yards in the first quarter of Sunday’s divisional-round game. Of course, two dropped third-down passes by the Chiefs helped.

The Chiefs ended up with 434 yards and 51 points in a total team meltdown by the Texans.

Speculation about the future of Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel began immediately afterward.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien said he expects Crennel to return, though O’Brien did not specify in what role.

Yes, I do,” O’Brien said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I do expect him to be back. I will meet with all staff members one by one and see where we are at, but, yes, I anticipate him being back.”

Crennel, 72, was the Texans’ defensive coordinator from 2014-16. He stepped away from the defense in 2017 to make way for Mike Vrabel to take over as defensive coordinator.

Crennel was assistant head coach for one season before Vrabel left for the Titans. Crennel then resumed his duties as defensive coordinator in 2018.

11 responses to “Bill O’Brien expects defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to return

  1. Well of course. SMH.

    I can’t recall a defense outright quitting like the Texans did yesterday, but I guess it’s no big deal to some people.

  2. The question is: How does Bill O’Brien keep his job? This guy coached his team out of the game on Sunday. How is he taken seriously?

  3. Bill O’Brien shouldn’t return!

    Texans are nuts to keep him. They should hire Eric Bienemy or McDaniels to guide Watson’s future.

  4. Bill O’Brien needs to worry about whether or NOT he will be returning. Embarrassment is not a strong enough word for yesterday.

  5. Bill O’ is as stubborn as they come.
    He is too emotional to be a good game day coach.
    He has the belief that if everything would get done like he plans, they would win.

    At some point most of us realize if things keep blowing up in our face, maybe the problem is in the mirror

  6. 51 points and the D coordinator gets a pass from the awful HC.

    Hate to see so many seasons for Watson, Hopkins wasted.

  7. I think it’s time for both Bill and Romeo to move on. Or rather get moved on.

    The problem is, O’Brien has traded away all the teams good draft picks, so the new leadership is going to be in a bind addressing roster issues.

  8. It kind of looks like Bill took over as the defacto owner along with being the GM/coach. Really, whoever is in charge needs Bill to explain why he should still be the head coach. Bill seems to be one of those coaches, ala Garrett, who does just enough to not get fired, but this team has definitely reached its ceiling.

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