Bill O’Brien: No plans to hire a G.M.

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Bill O’Brien is not only safe, he’s going to keep doing two jobs, according to Bill O’Brien.

The Texans coach said Monday — after an incredible playoff collapse against the Chiefs — that the team has no plans to hire a General Manager.

“The way I see it right now, it stays the way it is,” O’Brien said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “We have a great group of people.”

After their failed run at Nick Caserio a year ago, O’Brien acted as the de facto G.M., and the team must have been convinced that it was fine to continue to operate that way.

Of course, it’s not like the Texans have that many draft picks to worry about, having already given up their first- and third-rounders this year, and their first- and second-rounders in 2021 (among others) in a volley of O’Brien-orchestrated deals that netted them Larmey Tunsil, Kenny Stills, and Gareon Conley.

So now O’Brien will continue to run things, along with a group of executives including Jack Easterby, and they have a lot of business to do.

O’Brien said he hoped to negotiate a contract extension for quarterback Deshaun Watson this offseason, as well as for Tunsil. That’s a lot of negotiating, and they obviously think their coach can handle it.

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  1. Makes sense a GM is going to want to bring in their own head coach.. so not doing that is a wise attempt to keep your job… especially after that perforance over the weekend.

  2. I thought for sure BO would lose his job here.
    But first off, Deshaun Watson has his back and I’m sure Watt does too.
    Pretty well everyone inside the organization seems to be on board.

    But sometimes you need an outsider perspective to see what’s what.

  3. The results say it all. O’Brien has had plenty of time to get things done and also plenty of talent but he’s never made it past the divisional round. And it was an absolute disaster by him coaching yesterday: Going for a fake punt up 24-7? Thinking about punting with under 8:00 left trailing by 3 scores?

  4. O’Brien the de-facto GM won’t hire a real GM.
    O’Brien the GM wont fire O’Brien the HC.
    O’Brien the HC wont fire O’Brien the OC.
    So the song remains the same as long as O’Brien is employed by the Texans.
    The fans are the real losers here…

  5. I’m not happy with the guy as I write this, so let me say first BOB the GM did a great job assembling some talent for the field this year. Now, if BOB the GM would fire BOB the coach that doesn’t know how to direct that talent, it might be his best move yet.

  6. What happened with Nick? I thought his contract was up with the Patriots this spring? Can the Texans hire him now?

  7. The GM/Coach role rarely every works in pro sports.

    Sure, he can make splashy trades and draft players but i’d imagine there is a lot of monotonous day-to-day transactions that he won’t have time for.

  8. What’s up in Texas? The defacto GM’s on both the Cowboys and the Texans need to be removed from their duties. Too many egos involved to allow their teams to succeed. And the decisions made yesterday by Bill O’Brien as a coach would have a real GM contemplating a change at HC. Then again, Dan Quinn is still the HC with the Falcons after the epic collapse against NE in Super Bowl LI.

  9. Do they have an acting owner since the McNair passing? This guy is the luckiest man in the world. He didn’t want to draft Watson but Rick Smith forced it on him. Then he wins the power struggle to push Sith and within two years becomes the GM, HC, and OC with one of the best young QBs in the league and a good roster that Smith comprised. He’s pretty much guaranteed to be in charge the next 4 years unless they seriously underperform. Poor Deshaun.

  10. My question is how is this team going to improve these next two years without draft picks. The draft allows you to draft starters without paying too much for them. Now they’ll need to sign from free agents if they want to get better and still hold onto their own free agents. Watson is going to want an extension. Same with Tunsil and a number of others. They have $61M in cap space so it’s not impossible. Still, making all those moves this offseason is what a team does when they think they are close to a Super Bowl. The problem is the coach isn’t a Super Bowl coach. Losing those high draft picks is going to set them back down the road and they may regret it.

  11. Watson doesn’t realize that hes sustaining this bum, while their careers are being wasted. Hopefully that train wreck this weekend will somehow get through to the owner.

  12. After finally recovering from the Osweiller disaster now the Texans have no 1st round pick until 2022, maybe. B.O.B. sure blew smoke up the owners rear when he got the G.M. job and the poor Texans’ fans are the ones who really got screwed.

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