Report: Eagles deny Panthers permission to interview Andrew Berry

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Only minutes after a report that the Panthers had requested permission to interview Andrew Berry comes word from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that the Eagles have denied permission.

The Eagles are allowed to deny the Panthers permission since its not an official General Manager position. Marty Hurney has the General Manager title in Carolina.

The Browns also requested permission, but the Eagles can’t deny that interview since it is for a General Manager job.

Berry will interview with the Browns later this week.

He spent 2016-18 as the Browns’ vice president of player personnel.

7 responses to “Report: Eagles deny Panthers permission to interview Andrew Berry

  1. Let him go. The draft and free agency has not gone well the past two years. Heck, they allowed the defensive coordinator to make personnel decisions in free agency. It was a disaster at the LB position as a result. As for the draft, day 3 might as well not exist.

  2. Good for the Eagles. At least the Browns waited for the Eagles to get eliminated before they tried to poach. I’m all for guys getting a promotion, but I wish the NFL would not allow teams to conduct interviews until after the playoffs. Yes, the team can block it, but then that causes unnecessary resentment And drama within the coaching staff. Both eggs the Vikings laid in the playoffs came after their OC’s had a contract waiting for them after interviewing during a week of preparation for a playoff game. Not saying that’s the reason for the loss. Believe me it’s obvious the 49ers and Eagles were clearly MUCH better. The Vikes could’ve had Bill Walsh calling plays for the offense and it wouldn’t have mattered. However, it is only human for the players to be somewhat distracted by the change in routine that’s been in place for 17 weeks straight and for OC who’s now worrying about moving their family to a new state after the season rather than having tunnel vision of preparation for the upcoming game.

  3. The browns bringing back togetherthe front office team that brought us such great hits as 1-31 . What a joke haslem is. Depodesta just is a snake in the grass second guessing everything and saying how in hindsight he wouldve got it right. Well he asnt got anything right yet. He should stick to baseball.

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