Jared Goff excited by “fresh faces” on Rams coaching staff

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The Rams have shaken up their coaching staff since the end of a 9-7 regular season that left them out of the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

They have new offensive and defensive coordinators with new hires coming for special teams coordinator and running backs coach. The arrival of offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell figures to have the most impact on quarterback Jared Goff and Goff said on Sunday that he thinks O’Connell “can add a lot of value and add a lot perspective” to the team.

In general, Goff said he’s excited about working with “fresh faces” and looking forward to offseason work that he hopes will lead to better things next season.

“There’s a lot of things I want to focus on this year,” Goff said, via the Los Angeles Times. “I think I have the ability now to really invest in myself and put everything I have into myself, to come back better and stronger than ever and, hopefully, look back at 9-7 as a thing of the past.”

The changes to the Rams’ coaching staff are likely to be followed by changes to the roster and those moves will have a lot to do with whether the Rams rebound in 2020 or not.

12 responses to “Jared Goff excited by “fresh faces” on Rams coaching staff

  1. Goff should be excited by how overpaid he is and how much that’s going to hinder the team.
    He will never be in a super bowl again, and because of how much he’s being paid, he may never be in the playoffs again.

  2. I love it when an OC or DC gets fired when much of that side of the ball is the head coaches responsibility. So last year when the offense was great the HC was a genius so this year is the fault of the OC?

  3. Goof should basically keep his mouth shut. It’s the off season and no need to comment on anything at all that is taking place right now.

  4. Goff has a great future ahead of him. 25 years old and already has 35 wins, a super bowl, and two divisional championships. I’m guessing he’ll get his 3rd with the Rams playing the 3rd place schedule. Great time to be a Rams fan.

  5. So Goff didn’t feel the need to invest into himself, whatever the hell that means, after having a terrible Superbowl performance? Did he walk away from that experience think he was the best QB ever and that he couldn’t improve. His comments make little to no sense at all, unless of course he thinks the outgoing Offensive Coordinator was the root of all their offensive ills. “thudsp” is 100% correct, last year Sean McVay was the wonder kid genius of the NFL offensive world, but this year the problem for the 9-7 Rams is the Offensive Coordinator and the Defensive Coordinator . . . so the boy wonder is just as good as ever. Should we forget the completely uninspired offensive effort in last year’s superbowl, or the hangover impact that had on this year’s offense? I mean Wade was created with the defensive effort last year and the Ram’s D played far better than necessary in the Superbowl to win that game . . . yet McVay keeps on keeping as this awe inspiring young coach . . . maybe, just maybe, he isn’t the best thing since sliced bread.

  6. With the salary cap issues they are facing in 2020 season…their ship has sailed. Ramsey will be whining for more money, Gurley injuries are troublesome, no #1 draft picks (thanks to me, me, me Ramsey

  7. I think, there’s better ways to welcome new faces than being happy about changes.

    Somebody has lost his job, and you were part of the problem, you have to be accountable of your performance and how that impacts other lifes…

  8. Too bad those fresh faces don’t include a new QB and a new coach. But the head coach won’t fire himself or his overpaid QB so others get the axe for McVay and Goff’s failings. Why would any assistant take a job there?

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