Kyle Shanahan: 49ers “fortunate” Robert Saleh isn’t going to Browns

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When 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about defensive coordinator Robert Saleh interviewing for the Browns head coaching job, he said he was pumped for Saleh to have the opportunity.

Shanahan answered another question regarding Saleh on Monday and he again used pumped to describe his feelings. This question was about Saleh being passed over by the Browns in favor of Kevin Stefanski and Shanahan explained that he felt bad for Saleh while feeling good for what it means for the 49ers.

“Every year we keep him, we’ll be very fortunate,” Shanahan said, via Nick Wagoner of

With the Browns job filled, Saleh won’t have anything in the back of his mind to take thoughts away from the Packers offense this week. Should the Niners win that game, they’ll be in the Super Bowl and Saleh’s stock will be even higher heading into the 2020 season.

32 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: 49ers “fortunate” Robert Saleh isn’t going to Browns

  1. Probably should stop assuming that every playoff coach is safe from termination or retirement. We always have one surprise and Kitchens seems to be the biggest one so far this year (for only getting one year, not for team performance).

  2. Keep them focused coach. The number two seed is coming to town with a point to prove and they shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter what the result of the first game against them was.

  3. delawarevike says:
    January 13, 2020 at 2:58 pm
    Has to feel odd.

    He just schooled the coach who got the job.

    With the Players he has on that D even YOU could be a good DC.

  4. PhD says:
    January 13, 2020 at 3:01 pm
    The two QBs that would have been the biggest challenge to the 49ers got bounced yesterday. Life is good in SFO.
    I am assuming you’re talking about Russ, and Jackson? If so, Mahomes is a monster and crazy mobile as well. If the Niners bounce the Packers, and the Chiefs do the same to the Titans, it will be not be easy going against that team.

  5. There will surely be a better opening next year.

    Heck, there may even be the same opening next year…

  6. PhD says:
    January 13, 2020 at 3:01 pm

    The two QBs that would have been the biggest challenge to the 49ers got bounced yesterday. Life is good in SFO.


    I think you may be forgetting one…

  7. Browns need coaching help on both sides of ball. But considering the resources allocated to the offense and all the related type A personalities on offense, it would have been illogical for the head coaching gig to not go to someone who identifies far more with the offense.

  8. Houston should can OB and Romeo, and hire Saleh. There is no ‘defense’ in Houston or no defense of both those jokers.

  9. With the Players he has on that D even YOU could be a good DC.
    2 probowlers and 5 guys on that defense were on the D that was ranked 32nd in the NFL 4 years ago. There are lots of teams that have more talent and probowlers on defense. Not 1 guy on that defense was first team all-pro.

  10. The only team that could possibly beat the niners was my who dats. The NFC Championship will be a blowout this year. No doubt!!!

  11. Fortunate their getting the Packers, and not Seattle! Not to mention that easy Viking game too.


    Please enlighten us as to why is it fortunate they are getting to play the better team in the NFCCG?

  12. Dude no way the hawks would’ve beaten the niners. Too banged up. The only team that had any chance was the saints!! Hands down!!!

  13. The same Saleh 9er fans wanted fired? until they got him 5 first round pick D-linemen to make him look like he knows what he is doing?

    I think the Browns are fortunate they didnt get Saleh, but they also really messed up on the guy they did get.

  14. Apparently McDaniels was told that one of Podesta’s analytics nerds has to be on the headset during the game, and the head coach has to report to the Haslams immediately after every game for a potentially multi-hour meeting.

    Anyone who didn’t get the Browns gig is fortunate.

  15. If the 49ers beat the Packers this weekend, he will become the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings next year for knowing how to beat Matt LaFleur and Aaron Jones.

  16. The last thing they need is a defensive coordinator being distracted by his future instead of concentrating 100 percent on the rest of the postseason.

  17. I think the USC Head Coaching job is PERFECT for him. Within 5 years of him being there blue chip recruits will be beating down USC’s door to play for him.

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