Mike Zimmer expects to have conversations about his contract soon

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The 2020 season is the last season on Vikings coach Mike Zimmer’s current contract, but he doesn’t want it to be his last year in Minnesota.

Zimmer said today that he expects to have conversations with ownership about his contract and a possible extension soon, and that he’s confident he’ll be happy with the outcome of those conversations.

I love these players and this organization,” Zimmer said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The Vikings may be an organization in transition soon, as Zimmer, quarterback Kirk Cousins and General Manager Rick Spielman are all heading into the final years of their contracts. But for now, Zimmer is talking like a man who wants to be in Minnesota for the long haul.

38 responses to “Mike Zimmer expects to have conversations about his contract soon

  1. His inability to get his guys ready the year they would have had homefield advantage in the Super Bowl tells me all I need to know about this guy.

    No team will win a championship with this guy as the head coach.

  2. They need to lock him up long term.
    The team is in place for 2020 domination. After next year the price will only go up.

  3. No team will win a championship with this guy as the head coach.
    You make it sound as if the average NFL HC has a Super Bowl Championship on their resume.

    In 2019 only 7 NFL HC had a Super Bowl championship on their resume. Mike McCarthy will make it 8 in 2020. (Harbaugh. *McCarthy*, Belichick, Payton, Gruden, Peterson, Tomlin and Carroll)

  4. Hopefully Zimmer and the Vikings can get something worked out to extend him for the long haul in Minnesota.
    It’s obvious that management likes him and the fans have some kind of bewildering trust in their coach.
    This is a win/win situation all the way around.
    Let’s get it done.

  5. Time to move on from Zimmer and Spielman Zimmer may be a nice guy, remember nice guys finish last. We need new leadership, this team has plateaued under Zimmer. Need a uplift. But the Wilfs don’t like change.

  6. I still think he is the perfect fit for the job! With Kubiak and him at the helms, this team will eventually win the big one. Matter is getting the pieces right and spend money on positions that are the weakest link- offensive line!

  7. You make it sound as if the average NFL HC has a Super Bowl Championship on their resume.

    In 2019 only 7 NFL HC had a Super Bowl championship on their resume. Mike McCarthy will make it 8 in 2020. (Harbaugh. *McCarthy*, Belichick, Payton, Gruden, Peterson, Tomlin and Carroll)
    Nine, someone has to win one this year, and I assume they won’t retire or get fired after doing so. Though I guess Andy Reid could retire.

  8. Do NOT extend this fraud , he has more talent than any coach of the Vikings since Green and he does nothing with it . The same team every other year making a playoff appearance but every time his team gets punched in the mouth they fold like a napkin . No mental or physical toughness at all from the coach or the players .

  9. Zimmer’s old school mentality doesn’t work in 2019 and the prospects of it working in 2020 and beyond are about equal with the Vikings Superbowl chances, nil and none.

    All you need to know about Zimmer is the end of this season where the Vikings dropped 3 out of their last 4 games and two of those losses were complete domination of the Viking’s offensive and defensive lines. He might be saddled with a vastly overpaid QB (and that’s on Spielman) but he didn’t have his team ready to play in the biggest games of the year.

    The best thing that happened to the rest of the NFC North is the playoff game vs. the Saints. 3 untimely and killer turnovers on the part of the Saints has the Wilf’s delusionally thinking Zimmer needs more time.

  10. I think the Wilfs should let this year play out before any contract extension gets done for Zimmer and Spielman. But, they wont, and will doom the organization to the mediocrity it has shown since those two reign. Look at their record. Losing seasons every other year, a 2-3 record in the playoffs, and head scratching moves like the Cousins signing.

  11. 2 & 4 in the division needs a real long look at the direction he’s taking the team. I’m not sure what they should do, but they better dig deep and figure it out. This is the part of the season the Wilfs need to lead. Once this decide then they can be fans again.

  12. Went to the nfccg in 2017 with a QB that got benched in Washington, then beat NO in their own house in the playoffs last week. Sure they got destroyed by SF, but so did a lot of other teams. Outside of the one good Favre years Zimmer has had the Vikings more competitive than they’ve been since the early 2000’s.

  13. Zimmer should’ve had more success with the talent this team has had, key word “had.” They have a lot to deal with this off-season and I predict a major Diggs issue at some point. The guy isn’t happy.

  14. It’s an accepted fact that Zimmer is the best coach in the league not named Belichick. He heads a team with the best defense, and some of the best skilled offesive position players in the league (best WR duo, best RB, top-3 QB). Lock him up long term! Then sit back and watch the dynasty!

  15. He should be looking to get out of there. They have the worse cap situation in the NFL. This team is done and they will be clearing house by the end of 2021.

  16. Their window of opportunity is rapidly closing with this roster. Do they want him around for the next rebuild???? That’s the question….

  17. He’s being out coached in the division by coaches with much less experience. Resign him and overpay him…..please!

  18. Zimmer is a very good head coach. A lot of teams would love to have the results he’s delivered. However, if Zimmer is responsible for the personnel making up that sieve they call an offensive line, maybe he shouldn’t get an extension.

    If on the other hand, he’s been forced to cook with the groceries someone else is buying, sign him to a long term deal. It’s amazing the Vikings have done as well as they have with that line. Zimmer deserves credit for that.

  19. Come on, everybody knows that Mike Zimmer is Belichick 2.0, stop over analyzing this and lock him up for the next 7 to 10 years. It’s a no brainer.

    I mean, just because GB’s Matt LaFleur, with a win next week, could match Zim’s postseason accomplishments in his inaugural season, what it took Mike 6 years to achieve shouldn’t sway anybody.

    Let’s get this done.
    It’s the right thing to do, for everybody’s sake.

  20. There’s a lot to consider. Zimmer has constructed an excellent defense, and his coaching has helped develop some great talent that might have otherwise not blossomed under previous coaches. Players like Danielle Hunter, Anthony Harris, Eric Kendricks, Anthony Barr (and some of the younger players developing now) were questionable prospects coming in, and the Vikings haven’t had a coach do this well developing talent in a VERY long time.

    The Vikings problems are on offense, and have been for a while. While Cousins is a good QB, he is immobile unless on a designed rollout, and that isn’t going to work with the current OL. The loss on Saturday was not the first time this season this was laid bare for all to see. The Viking OL was overmatched by the 49ers, and the question remains as to how this is fixed. Is it new players, better coaching or a combination of both? Do you stick with Cousins and build a better OL, or find a more mobile QB? I can’t see keeping Cousins past next season if no OL changes are made.

    As for Spielman, outside of the QB position, he’s done well, but he has whiffed so many times on the QB, and right now Cousins looks good enough to show up in the postseason, but not good enough to go the distance.

    Meanwhile the one mistake Spielman didn’t make drafting a QB, Teddy Bridgewater, posted a 5-0 record in relief of a future first-ballot Hall of Fame QB this past season, and it’s looking more like Spielman made another mistake by not giving Bridgewater a chance to show what he could do post-injury. If they can’t land Teddy again, I’d prefer to see them sell the farm and go after one of these young guys coming of college in the next two years.

    I like Cousins personally, and when he’s protected he’s as accurate a passer as the Vikings have had in decades, but you can’t expect to stand stationary in the pocket against the best defenses in the league and have time to complete passes. You have to be able to move around while keeping your eyes downfield and avoiding the rush, and Cousins has shown little to no ability improvise.

    Something needs to change.

  21. ThenCameBronson says:
    January 13, 2020 at 11:20 am
    It’s an accepted fact that Zimmer is the best coach in the league not named Belichick.


    He’s not even the best coach on the Vikings, never mind #2 in the league.

  22. obvious to everyone but the Wilfs…spielman doesn’t have the ability to build a championship roster…..I can see it already in the draft…he’ll trade away a 3 and a 4 for 5 extra picks in the 7th…..yup, that’s how ya build a dominating OL…..

  23. The people who want Zimmer gone are the same people who wanted Caldwell gone. They think everyone should be Belichick. Grass isn’t always greener, no reason to move on from him right now.

  24. h0metownzero says:
    January 13, 2020 at 10:09 am
    You can’t let offseason champions like Zimmer get away. Pay the man.

    Ok McNasty, You Do realize the CROW you are going to need to eat after the stomping your Packers will suffer by the 49ers? No matter how much the NFL has wanted a rematch of SB #1 on it’s 100th Anniversary, 49ers are the Class of the NFC. I’ll bet the Pats are kicking themselves over trading Jimmy G. to the 49ers.

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