Mike Zimmer hopes to figure out how to get over the hump

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But for stepping on a rake in the Super Bowl, Mike Zimmer’s six years in Minnesota have provided a microcosm of the Vikings’ postseason experience. Playoff appearances half the time, a couple of euphoric January wins, inevitable disappointment.

Zimmer said during his end-of-season press conference that he has spoken to his mentor, Hall of Famer Bill Parcells, about what it will take to deliver the thing that has tantalized Vikings fans for decades, on the heels of a 27-10 loss to the 49ers.

“We kind of ran into a buzz saw a little bit, I think,” Zimmer told reporters. “We didn’t look as fresh in that ball game as we did the week for. Obviously, I’m not making any excuses, they’re a good football team. They played really, really well. I was on the phone with Coach Parcells for an hour this morning talking about trying to get over the hump of we’ve been to the conference championship, we’ve been to the divisional game, we’ve been in a wild-card game where we lost by a field goal, and just trying to figure out how do we get over this hump of getting to the next level and eventually winning this thing.”

So what do the Vikings need to do under Zimmer to get it done, once and for all?

“We’re not going to talk about it,” Zimmer said.

Fans will be fine with that, as long as Zimmer can put Parcells’ advice into action. With an aging defense and lingering questions regarding the effectiveness of a bare-bones offense that relies too heavily on the run and that can’t generate a dangerous passing game when the running game becomes stymied, can the Vikings do enough in one offseason to be ready to win the games they should (they usually do) and eventually to win the games they shouldn’t (they usually don’t)?

It won’t be easy, not with a cluster of great NFC teams that have all reset to 0-0 and, but for the two teams still chasing Super Bowl LIV, begun the preparations for Super Bowl LV.

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  1. All year the Vikes had trouble with physical defensive fronts, particularly DTs — that’s the main reason the 49ers crushed them and the reason they were able to succeed against the Saints (their starting DTs were either injured or not as good). It’s been the same formula all year. Last Saturday, Stefanski should have recognized that weakness and game planned around it, knowing the Saints’ game plan wouldn’t work — he never figured that all year (although maybe there was no solution with this O-line). If they want to get over the hump, they’d best improve the interior O and D lines. Cousins will never be the difference maker like Wilson, Mahomes, Watson, etc (really how many of those NFL QBs exist?) — but he can be effective if a O-line gives him time.

  2. O-line still needs work. no defensive front should be able to pressure a QB with ease like that without blitzing. All QB’s are mediocre or less when under that much pressure. See all the greats when you can pressure them like Cousins was pressured on Saturday they will typically lose.

  3. Never seen a team continue to attempt screen play after screen play when they were getting nothing from them, but yet they kept trying. “A” for effort I guess.

  4. chino1985 says:
    January 13, 2020 at 12:59 pm
    Never seen a team continue to attempt screen play after screen play when they were getting nothing from them, but yet they kept trying. “A” for effort I guess.
    Viking fans are not going to miss Stefanski’s inability to make adjustments

  5. Keep adding pieces to the offensive line. Keep adding pieces to the defensive line as well, Minnesota already has a couple studs there and you can never have too many. Got to win the division too and maybe even shoot for a first round bye. If you keep playing second fiddle to Green Bay or Chicago you going to keep playing playoff games on the road, and that’s a tough path to take.

  6. If you are going to have a bad O-line you can’t have a QB who is less mobile than 40 year old beer swilling me. Dude lacks awareness and an ability to get away from pressure.

  7. No, Cousins is not in the caliber of Rodgers, Brees, Brady. But those are three HOF QB’s. Pretty tough comparison. Of course, Cousins played longer this year than two of the three.

    Look at the rankings for left tackle and left guard. The Vikings were quite bad this year. Yet, they went 11-7 and into round 2 of playoffs. Cousins is plenty good enough to get to the SB. The team is not. The O-line is not. The secondary was not. Fix those last two things first.

  8. Case Keenum got the Vikings to the same spot in the playoffs as Kirk Cousins and for $84 million less.

  9. Solution is simple – get a coach that can coach and have his team ready to play at the start of each game. Half the games the Vikings play, especially against better teams, they look totally unprepared. Zimmer is simply a bad coach who occasionally gets luck against better coaches.

  10. Week 16 showed how wide the gap is between the Packers and the vikings. Week 19 showed how wide the gap is between the vikings and the 49ers.

    It isn’t a hump they have to get over. They have to cross the grand canyon. And it looks like Evel Knievel is driving the bus.

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