Mike Zimmer likes continuity with offense, no timeline on OC hire

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The Vikings need to hire new offensive and defensive coordinators and head coach Mike Zimmer talked a bit about what the team is looking for on the offensive side of the ball during a Monday press conference.

Kevin Stefanski left to become the Browns head coach and Zimmer said he’s not looking for a major change in the way the Vikings go about their business offensively.

“I like the scheme,” Zimmer said, via the Pioneer Press. “I like the continuity we have offensively with the coaches, and I feel like if we add a couple more pieces and continue to work on the execution of staying with the same play calls, the same system, the same motions and formations, it’ll definitely help the offensive players.”

Given the desire to keep things moving in the same direction, it’s hard not to think Gary and Klint Kubiak will be candidates for the spot. Gary Kubiak could also keep his assistant head coach title while his son moves up from quarterbacks coach, but Zimmer declined to comment on that possibility.

Zimmer also declined to give his preferred timeline for making a hire. He said it “may be by the end of the week or it may be a couple of weeks” before a new coach is added to the staff.

22 responses to “Mike Zimmer likes continuity with offense, no timeline on OC hire

  1. It amazes me that someone who is billed as a defensive guru can’t or won’t figure out how teams destroy his defense apart (quality offensive line play, quick passing games, motion) and add those concepts to the offense.

  2. 1. Shurmur is going to Denver. If he isn’t there already.

    2. OC will be Kubiak’s son

    3. DC will be Wade Philips

    4. This is Spielman & Zim’s last season with MN unless they win the SB then they will be extended for 5 years.

    5. The Vikings need to rebuild the entire left side of the O-line and put Bradbury at LG, cut Elflein, get a true Run/Pass blocking center 330 lbs or more to deal with Smith & Hicks and all the big boys that manhandled the Vikings all season.

    6. Get at least 1 big time # 1 Wideout. Antonio Brown would work if he is free of his legal troubles.

    7. Get rid of Rhodes. Resign Harris. Resign Waynes. Let Joseph & Griffen walk. Hit the FA market for the replacement players. Building a person from scratch doesn’t work. 2 years for them to get good 3 years in their prime, then they are already falling apart. I.E. Rhodes. All Rhodes open all day.

    8. Stop going conservative. Play all out, all game.

    9. Your defense is not good enough to win close games. Put the petal to the floor on offense & out score teams.

  3. The hammering on Zimmer baffles me. The guy does win 60% of his games and there isn’t a ton of staff or player turnover. Players love being there. 60% win percentage in the NFL is pretty darn good.
    8th in the league in points for. 5th in the league in points against. A lot of teams would love to have those numbers.

  4. They need an offensive coordinator who isn’t scared to death to throw the ball more than 5 yards downfield. Cousins had the best or second-best passer rating on deep passes this year and Diggs led the league in receptions of 30+ yards. Despite this, they haven’t consistently worked the deep ball into the game plan since October (remember Kirk Cousins player of the month?). Since that time, for some reason, they only want to throw screen passes, short throws, and run the ball. Then they finally uncork one deep pass late in the game and they complete it. You have great wide receivers and a quarterback who is better throwing deep than he is throwing short. How hard is this to figure out?

  5. h0metownzero says:
    January 13, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    I’m amazed at the lengths these Zimmer apologists will lower themselves to – just to defend this career playoff loser.


    He didn’t have the luxury of inheriting basically a Mike McCarthy built team, with a future HOFer at QB. Zimmer has only one losing season and that was his first year. He has a 57-38-1 record in his tenure as the Viking HC. packers fans want him outta the division because LeFluer is this years Matt Nagy. Book It!

  6. Goodbye Rhodes, Reiff, and Elflein. The way the left side of the line played, it’s a small miracle Cousins wasn’t killed. The way Rhodes was targeted, it’s a miracle the opposing teams didn’t put up 35 every game.

  7. I think you guys miss the target !! Spielman has been there 10yrs and No SB, Hog tied the salary cap with a middle of the road QB. Its time for a change at GM fire Speilman and promote George Paton !!! Time to give someone else a chance to succeed ……

  8. Middle of the road QB? So, 15-16? Well, first of all, only 12 teams make the playoffs. Second of all, name me the 14 QB’s that are better, and tell us why.

  9. Blessing in disguise, retain Kubiak and improve your oline to better fit with Kubiak’s system. Add to the Int Dline and secondary as well.

  10. They are hiring Zim’s son as DC & Kubiak’s as OC. I really wish this wasn’t true. I guess Zim is going out swinging

  11. 3 new starters on the O-line; maybe we have them? Would’ve like to see more playing time for Samia and Udoh. Need one big DT (HINT: C. Jones – KC). Need a 3rd WR that is tall and fast, doesn’t need route running skills, think DK Metcalf. Trade for Rosen- Miami and let him set behind Cousins next year; he has a cap friendly contract. If Cousins isn’t the guy, Rosen could be? Belichek was high on him coming out; he has an eye for QBs.

  12. I love Zimmer sticking around. Sure you can cite the 60% win rate, but how many of those come against teams above .500? Well this year you get to claim 2, and only 2 of your 11 wins did.

    Sure you hit the playoffs every other year. Then what? Maybe play 1 good game before getting destroyed the next?

    How many OCs has Zimmer had? How many struggling kickers that once they leave the Vikings they thrive?

    Zimmer’s vaunted defense? Breaks down against decent teams. The offense? Zimmer could not care less.

    Zimmer is a head coach who can not change his ways, and his way is not good enough to beat the teams the Vikes need to beat to advance.

    So please keep him. My Pack held onto McCarthy way to long and it cost us because McCarthy refused to change. I’m happy the Vikings are now making the same mistake.

    We aren’t scared of Zimmer staying, we are thrilled because we saw this story and no it means the Vikings aren’t a real threat for as long as he is there.

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