Report: Bears to hire Bill Lazor as offensive coordinator

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The Bears have reportedly settled on a new offensive coordinator.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Bears are hiring Bill Lazor to fill the post. Mark Helfrich was relieved of his duties after the 2019 season.

Lazor was out of the NFL in 2019 after being fired as the Bengals offensive coordinator after the 2018 season. Lazor served as the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator in 2014 and 2015 and had stints as a quarterbacks coach for several teams.

Lazor called the plays with the Bengals, but head coach Matt Nagy has handled the offensive playcalling in Chicago and there’s no sign that he’ll be giving it up. That could lead to Lazor working more closely with quarterback Mitch Trubisky in what’s shaping up as a pivotal season for the 2017 first-round pick.

40 responses to “Report: Bears to hire Bill Lazor as offensive coordinator

  1. How do you get one of those gigs? Offensive Coordinator, yet you don’t actually coordinate the offense.

  2. Lazor might not be a bad guy… but… forget him as a coordinator.

    In Cincinnati… Giovani Bernard was easily the Bengals 2nd best receiving option.

    Quick separation (very necessary due to consistently terrible offensive line),
    dependable hands, and good yards after catch… but… Lazor was never imaginative
    enough to move Bernard around.

    Zac Taylor might be as bad as Dave Shula… but… he is a better offensive coordinator than Lazor.

  3. Pace just keeps digging his hole deeper.

    Let me guess, Lazor is EXACTLY what Trubisky needs.

    I am so pumped now I may actually forget Mahomes is playing to go to the Super Bowl…..

  4. Ask a Bengal fan about Lazor…Are they sabotaging Trubisky and Nagy?! Lazor is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lazor made Bengal fans miss Hue Jackson and got Marvin Lewis fired, which was nearly impossible!!!!

  6. Nagy is the offensive coordinator and play caller. Nagy was just looking for someone to sit quietly and let him destroy the team. Think they found their guy.

  7. People rail against the Rooney Rule because they think hiring should be based on merit, performance, experience, skill, or ability — even though the Rooney Rule doesn’t force teams to hire anyone. Then, in the past week alone, you’ve seen instance after instance like Bill Lazor where it’s clear teams aren’t hiring based on these criteria, anyhow.

  8. Seems like the Bears are setting themselves up for failure. Just ask Ryan Tannehill–Lazor would not let him audible. ‘Nough said. Good luck, Trubisky!

  9. So Lazor gets to try to make Trubisky into an actual NFL QB. Good luck with that. I’ve watched every game Trubisky has played for the last two years, and I don’t believe it’s possible for the guy to become a real pro QB. He’s just too inconsistent and can’t elevate his game. He’s got the physical tools, but his mental makeup simply won’t allow him to progress. Lazor has his work cut out for him, and I expect him to fail.

  10. I don’t know how well they got along, but this makes me wonder if the Bears will try to acquire Dalton from the Bengals and that’s why they brought Lazor in. If they got along well, it might make some sense. Knowing Pace, Nagy and the Bears though, Dalton thinks Lazor is a stooge and he just crossed the Bears off his list of potential trade destinations.

  11. Does he have a 1st round draft choice in his back pocket that he can bring with him? If so a great hire. Hope he has been told Trubisky is “Our Guy.”

  12. I don’t get it, The people screaming for Nagy to get fired are the same ones that were calling him the next Lombardi after he won coach of the year.

  13. Lazor was so in demand that his last gig was working for Penn State — for free. What the heck are Pace and Nagy thinking?

  14. Nagy seems like a decent HC, but he’s a horrible OC. Too bad his pride prevents him from giving up control of play calling.

    When the Bears replace Nagy this year, will they just promote Pagano? Ugh. Well, at least Pace will be fired this year.

  15. Year after year my wife asks me why I am so passionate about a team that is perennially disappointing and doesn’t seem to care about building a consistent winner.. This is the kind of hire that makes me wonder if she’s right. =(

  16. He was awful in Miami. And I still can’t figure out how Zac Taylor got a HC job when just a couple years ago he was the Miami QB coach and the only reason he had that job was he was Mike Sherman’s son in law.

  17. This is the guy that helped ruin Ryan Tannehill in Miami.

    I have no idea how he still has a job. Worse yet, that job requires him to turn around Truflopsky?

  18. Excuse me. But this season was supposed to be the “pivotal season” for Mitch Trubisky.

  19. Lol Bears were terrible with him. Bears are no different than the Browns or Lions. Seriously !

  20. Cheaper than grossly overpaying for another QB in the draft.
    They’ll throw Nagy under the bus at the end of next season.
    Because the GM couldn’t possibly have gotten the pick completely wrong.

  21. Yeah,this move says all you need to know about the Bears organization. I do feel sorry for Bears fans.

  22. And the Chicago downward spiral continues.
    Move after uninspiring move.
    If Nagy is actually the playcaller why did he fire the OC?
    Ans.: Another scapegoat to save his own failed performance.
    This all will not end well, but enjoy 2020 and battling Detroit for last place.

  23. This was likely the only guy that would come to Chicago. Everyone knows that Nagy and Pace will be fired after another horrible year next year. Not to mention, who would want to run an offense with Trubustsky, the guy has no accuracy.

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