Saturday afternoon up, Saturday evening down in the ratings

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Saturday night’s playoff game was compelling, but a matchup of Baltimore and Nashville simply won’t generate the same eyeballs as an L.A. team versus America’s Team.

Via Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily, the average audience for Titans-Ravens on Saturday night dropped by nearly four million viewers in comparison to last year’s Saturday night divisional-round game between the Cowboys and Rams on FOX. Still, 29.4 million is a solid audience, up considerably from the 26.7 million who watched on Saturday night on CBS two years ago, when the Titans faced the Patriots.

In the early window on NBC, Vikings-49ers averaged 29.3 million viewers, up from 29.1 million in the same spot last year (Colts-Chiefs) and 27.1 million two years ago (Falcons-Eagles).

Sunday’s numbers are coming later today, and they should be higher in both windows, given the star power involved, the teams, and the reality that more people will watch football on a Sunday than on a Saturday.

7 responses to “Saturday afternoon up, Saturday evening down in the ratings

  1. America is in a funk if America’s team has not even been in a Super Bowl in a quarter of a century, let alone winning one. America’s team finished out of the playoffs with an 8-8 record. I am an American, but Dallas is not my team. I live in a city, and most Dallas fans around the country live in cow towns.

  2. Also should consider the likely pre thinking (wrongly) that most all fans & experts thought this would not be a competitive contest, that MOST EVERYBODY thought the Ravens would steamrole the Titans.

    *Confirms the old adage, “That’s why they play the game!”

  3. Another reality, when I was a kid we enjoyed afternoon NFL playoff games. The whole family could watch.

    Now youngsters have to stay up past 11 PM to see the ending of a game on Sat. It’s ridiculous. Do some numbers on how many people fall asleep during these games, or have to be woken when it’s all over.

  4. You might want to take into account that the weather in the eastern third of the country was a balmy 70 degrees (in NYC). People were out at night.
    I’d gather last year it was about 25 degrees for the same divisional weekend. Fireplace weather, especially at night.

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