Exit physical showed knee and ankle issues for Bobby Wagner

Getty Images

As with so many Seahawks, injuries are part of the story for Bobby Wagner.

But the veteran linebacker didn’t realize they were as significant as they were.

Via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, Wagner’s exit physical revealed knee and ankle issues, though he’s not believed to need surgery.

“He found out today that there was something that he didn’t know about. We didn’t even know it was there,” coach Pete Carroll said. “He had a little test done, I don’t think it is going to require surgery or anything like that. He didn’t even know he was hurt.

“Sometimes that happens.”

If nothing else, it might be enough to get him out of playing in the Pro Bowl. But after spending last offseason engaged in the process of getting a new contract, Wagner said he was looking forward to focusing on his health.

“I’ll be taking care of my body,” Wagner said. “There were a lot of stuff going on that I didn’t know about. So I’m taking care of myself, health-wise. Having fun, doing the whole family thing, so that will be cool.

“You know, it’s a different offseason than last year. Last year, we had to worry about the contract, and things of that nature. So a little bit more of a free offseason.”

He actually made it to the end of the season mostly healthy though, which separated him from a lot of teammates.