Haslam calls report he’ll get the game plan inaccurate and irresponsible

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Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is pushing back against a report that he will personally check the game plans of new head coach Kevin Stefanski.

Responding to a report that Haslam told Stefanski that they’ll have weekly meetings on Mondays and that he has to turn the game plan into the owner on Fridays, Haslam said the first part is true but the second part is false.

“If you owned a pro football team, would you meet with the head coach the Monday after the game? Of course you would. I mean, of course we would,” Haslam said. “The rumors out there, though, about presenting the game plan, of those kind, are just totally inaccurate. And I really think they’re irresponsible.”

Haslam has been accused of meddling too much in what the football people do, and it’s clear that he told the coaches during the interview process that they need to be ready to meet with him on a weekly basis. But the game plan, Haslam insists, is for the coach to determine, without the owner’s interference.

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  1. He doth protest too much, methinks.

    How common are Monday morning Owner-Coach meetings? I can’t say I’ve heard of this as a regular thing, but maybe it is.

  2. The Brownies are on the hook now as being the ‘most’ dysfunctional NFL franchise. Much of that blame goes to Haslam.— When the owner butts out & the Brownies actually improve their on-field play, the silly rumours will also disappear. — Hopefully, before the year 2030.

  3. Allbright explained on a podcast the process. No word on if Analytics will be on the headsets on game day. Balt has done something similiar the last 4 years.

    Paul’s team will give nuggets of information that they’ve gathered to the coaches to help refine the game plan.

    Monday ownership meeting: analytics and coaching review previous game and analyze decisions + tactics

    Ownership views/watches but doesn’t have input on the Monday meetings, but they are a way for ownership to crack down on infighting, and ensure alignment between Analytics/GM and coaching which has never existed in Cle before.

  4. Some coaches sleep in their offices to get more time to prepare for the next game. When time is everything what is the value add of this Monday meeting? It seems that the owner has already decided to disadvantage his new coach. This is more good news out of Cleveland for the rest of the NFC North.

  5. I remember the 60’s Packers. I endured the 70’s and 80’s Packers. It earned me the privilege of watching 30 years of Favre and Rodgers.

    Keep the faith Browns fans. You have the quarterback. You need a youngblood coach with his finger on the pulse of today’s fast and getting faster game. I think you got a good one.

  6. Brownies will make the haters pay soon enough and I for one cannot wait. 90 percent of the haters teams are in the offseason just like the Browns but think they have some sort of high ground because they made the playoffs twice in the last ten years.

  7. You know we make fun of Haslam and the Factory of Sadness, we talk about the dysfunction of Lil D (Snyder,) but Jerry Jones has been meddling for 25 years ever since Jimmy left and he hasn’t won a thing.

  8. Mike Brown makes the Bengals HC watch game film every week and explain why each play was called. That would be brutal and I’m sure a big reason why a big name will never be interested in the Bengals job.

  9. Remember when owners like Jack Kent Cooke and Tex Schramm demanded Monday morning meetings with Joe Gibbs and Tom Landry (respectively) as part of their employment deal?

    Yeah. Neither do I.

  10. Well of course not to Jimmy. It will be turned over to Dee Haslam to review and opine on.

  11. He said that he wouldn’t be receiving the game plan on Fridays, but didn’t address that it will go to the data nerds for their review.

  12. From an episode of the office between Michael, Jim, and Dwight:

    “Michael: Here’s what’s going to happen. I am going to have to fix you, manage you two on a more personal scale, a more micro form of management. Jim, what is that called?”
    “Jim: Microgement.”

    I just realized Haslam is Michael Scott….

  13. When is Jimmy Haslam going to wake up and realize he is part of the problem and not part of the solution?

  14. The rumor was a meeting with the owner (and the analytics guru) on Monday and the game plan was to be turned into the analytics guru (NOT the owner) for analysis. The Browns are dysfunctional. That is partly due to the owner but mostly by the analytics guys who have been given too much input and control. That stuff should augment the coach’s thinking and habits, not force some sort of statistical compliance. No coach can lead that way if the players start to believe the decisions are not based on them but are instead based on generic probabilities. Who is running the show, the coach or the trends? The ONLY candidates that would be willing to agree to that BS are guys looking to get their foot in the door. They are not really thinking about Cleveland at this point because they know they will be fired soon. Cleveland is a stepping stone. Just look at the list of recent coaches. The only guy with any credibility was the interim guy they didn’t give the full-time job to. Maybe the new guy is a rock star but I doubt it. He seems to be the latest pawn with a deceiving title.

  15. There’s one thing to be said for owner-coach meetings, and it’s not a football thing per se. The owner is in the entertainment business, whether fans want to accept that or not. An owner _might_ want to get the coach to focus on putting out an entertaining three hours, especially if he can’t produce a winning one.

    Given that Cleveland hasn’t put out a winning product in more than a few years, maybe Haslam is just trying to generate interest.

    (I don’t necessarily believe this, but it is a not-unworkable theory to explain his particular type of dysfunction. This is not a wealthy franchise.)

  16. WelcomeToBroncoLand says:
    January 14, 2020 at 2:59 pm
    Why can’t owners (who know nothing about football) just chill out?

    They can’t. It’s not in their mental make up. They didn’t become billionaires by chilling out. They came billionaires by micromanaging everything so they feel it applies to the NFL too (which it doesn’t).

  17. Just make sure you hire the right person, meet as often as you like in the off-season, then stay out of the way until the season is over. If you have some advice for your coach, then it’s time to fire the coach because you hired the wrong guy

  18. Jerry Jones does not like this at all – He wants to know how Haslam stole his blueprints and copyright…..

  19. I will say that I believe the report more than Haslam. He hasn’t given me any reason to believe him.

  20. why don’t these owners buy a PS4 or Xbox and run their own team in Madden to their hearts content and leave the real football operations to those that know what they’re doing.

  21. theboysvlog says:
    January 14, 2020 at 3:21 pm
    You know we make fun of Haslam and the Factory of Sadness, we talk about the dysfunction of Lil D (Snyder,) but Jerry Jones has been meddling for 25 years ever since Jimmy left and he hasn’t won a thing.
    I rip Jerry as much as anybody but I will give him one thing: Unlike these other owners, he DOES know football. He was a starting offensive lineman on a national title winning college football team. And he is right from time to time. In 2005, the Cowboys were switching to a 3-4 defense. They had two #1 draft picks and were looking to rebuild the defense. Parcells wanted to use the first pick on 5-technique defensive end who would set the edge but Jerry wanted to draft a pass rusher. Bill wanted Marcus Spears but Jerry wanted DeMarcus Ware. Jerry won and they drafted Ware and as it turned out, they got Spears with the second first round pick.

    Jerry is an egomaniac and probably has been the chief reason Dallas has not won a Super Bowl since ’95 but he shouldn’t be compared to Snyder and Haslem.

  22. Haslam must be taking lessons from Jerrah! Open mouth, insert foot and then deny everything!

  23. Maybe if Haslam has not run such a screwed up football organization for years and gone through multiple head coaches and multiple GMs, people might think more of him. But the Browns are seen by the fans and media as the worst franchise in the NFL – even worse than the Bengals, Jaguars, Redskins, and Jets.

  24. seahawks80 says:
    January 14, 2020 at 3:11 pm
    Wow, I don’t think even Jerruh is that bad

    47 16 Rate This
    LOL …. nope Mr Jones makes the game plans himself , in crayon 😀

  25. Pittsburgh and Baltimore have to love the state of Ohio for giving them Cleveland and Cincinnati in their division. I’m thinking the browns are worse. Haslam sounds like a wanna be jock and can only be a jock sniffer. Wake up Jimmy and let the coach do his job!

  26. Well, obviously that is incorrect. He is required to submit the game plan to the homeless guy…

  27. I don’t think it’s a good idea(for Haslam to get the game plan), but, he is the owner. I don’t know if this or the analytics guys having the final say is worse, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for the new HC.

  28. solo681 says:

    Jerry Jones does not like this at all – He wants to know how Haslam stole his blueprints and copyright…..

    Jerry Jones is a GM with three rings. And the current roster is actually very solid. He has a national championship as a player as well. None of that can be said about Haslam.

  29. Hey Jimbo

















    Do it.

  30. Without even knowing where this story came from, I can take an educated guess and be 95% correct. Adam Silver? That’s who I think of when I hear the words ”inaccurate” and ”irresponsible”

  31. TribeOfOne says:
    January 14, 2020 at 3:18 pm
    Brownies will make the haters…

    The Brownies don’t have “haters”
    Only successful teams have “haters”… well, successful teams and the Cowboys

  32. Analytics is already a greater part of football than most realize. The younger coaches realize that and are more open to it and can figure out how to blend it with play on the field, and players on the field, without being beholden to the data alone. Data alone doesn’t work, old school thought alone doesn’t work. Only concern is that having a meeting late in the week, seems late. Analytics need to be at least a week out to provide the coaches with their impactful data prior to finalization of the game plan.

  33. I laugh at owners like Jerruh Jones and Jim Haslam. They think they know football more than the coaches do when the reality is they are clueless.
    I equate their meddling in the day-to-day running of the football team to a race car owner who decides to join the pit crew changing the car’s tires during the race.
    Owners should do what they do best — concentrate on the financial aspects of the team and leave the running of the team to the professionals that they hire to do the job.
    Ronald Reagan said it best when he was President — he said, “I surround myself with the best people I can find, then get the hell out of their way and let them do their jobs”.

  34. Plain & simple – Haslem is a boob – always has been – always will be.

    Believe nothing he says…..

  35. Know I’m in the minority, but in theory, I see no problem with this. It’s the owners job to make sure everyone else is doing theirs. That’s not always easy to do if you don’t know what the strategy is.

    Easy example. If I’m watching a game, and 4 times you’ve run up the middle and gained no yards, I may start to think “why the heck do they keep doing that if it isn’t working”. But if I spoke to the coach who told me “when you run up the middle, their LB’s have a tendency to start to crowd the line, so we want them to do that, then start to hit on routes behind them”, it would make perfect sense. Even if it doesn’t work, at least you understand the theory behind it.

    It being Haslem, nobody is going to want to hear that of course. But in theory, I see nothing wrong with this

  36. I believe this is completely true because this is exactly how dumb and interfering Haslam is. He will ruin whatever positive direction this team is moving in. He’s one of those guys who can’t believe someone else knows better than him about anything.

    Please NFL – force him to sell the team to a non-idiot.

  37. So if you don’t have faith in the coach being able to hire and use his coordinators for play calling, why did you hire that coach?

    Not seeing how this team performs any differently the next few years.

  38. Haslem needs to go the Jed York route. Used to be, it was York this, York that. Always in the media. I tell you, around here this dude has gone into witness protection. An absolute ghost. He’s let Lynch and Shana run the show.

    The results speak for themselves this year.

  39. There’s too much smoke for there not to be some fire. I can’t help but wonder if this is just him back-pedaling due to the backlash he got when the report first came out. Normally I would give the person the benefit of the doubt but the way he has run this organization means he gets no such benefit from me. I know he cares so much about what a random Vikings fan thinks of him…..

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