Hollywood, Florida police athletic league returns donation from Antonio Brown

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LIke many others throughout the country, the Hollywood, Florida police department has had enough of Antonio Brown.

Via Brooke Pryor ESPN.com, the police department’s athletic league has returned a donation from Brown in the aftermath of Monday’s profane verbal assault by Brown on multiple police officers who were present at his home.

“We made the decision to sever ties between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League,” public information officer Christian Lata said in a statement. “We did not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown.”

The statement points out that Monday’s incident included Brown using “very degrading language in front of his young children.”

“We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization,” Lata said in the statement.

Brown posted the video on social media, apparently oblivious to the light in which it paints him. The NFL continues to investigate a sexual assault lawsuit and other misconduct involving Brown; the latest episode could be the thing that keeps him out of the NFL for good.

34 responses to “Hollywood, Florida police athletic league returns donation from Antonio Brown

  1. That’s some self righteous police right there. I guess they are all without sin. Good for them.

  2. No wonder he was not placed in the police car, the NFL and all teams should also sever ties with this kid

  3. Hypocrites. If the LEO had shot Brown in the face for his idiotic behavior, these same parasites would be defending it as self-defense or imminent harm or justifiable use-of-force.

  4. You know your rep is bad when charities return your donations.
    Doesn’t he have anyone who can persuade him to get help?

  5. That video was hard to watch. No doubt it was terrible any child would be caught in the middle of that scene, but the complete disrespect AB had for police that were just doing their job was unacceptable! This piece of trash thinks he’s above the law and can just humiliate law enforcement from his property. Any NFL team that would sign AB after this pattern of behavior should be embarrassed.

  6. Coaches hate distractions so you can guess what they now think of Brown who brings along several distractions to distract you from his other distractions.

  7. If you all have not seen the full video you have to see it.
    This clown really is either completely an utter idiot or he has brain damage. Nobody with common sense would talk to the mother of his kids, the police and the entire world like he did.
    Can you imagine if that was a white person saying that N word like he did no less than 50 times in a few minutes.
    I’m so sick and tired of the double standards in this country.
    A african American popular person needs to put this guy in blast publicly through the media and be relentless in doing it.
    I want some of these “kneelers” that are fighting the oppression and injustice they claim to come forward and put AB on blast.
    How about you Colin??? Step up and speak about how AB was presenting himself. How he was mistreating the police and his mother of his children. How he was saying the N word like he was. Come on all you big time talkers.. step up and be heard now!!!!

  8. Love to see what the reaction would have been if AB was white. That guy used the n word and was racist towards white people saying cracka. I haven’t seen a single headline calling him a racist. Which he is.

  9. Every scandal gets the word “gate” attached to it.
    “Spygate”, “Bountygate”, “Deflategate”, “Spa-gate”…

    Guess we’ll have to call “Mr. Big Chest-gate”.
    Certainly can’t call it “Antonio-gate”, (for obvious reasons.)

    This will not end well !!
    Pretty sure it already has. There literally isn’t much more that can happen on the Antonio Brown Show.
    He’s going to clamor about the Hall of Fame in five or six years and that will probably be the last time we hear from him.

  11. his dad is “Touchdown” Eddie Brown…maybe someone in the media should reach out to him and get him to talk about whats going on with his son…

  12. It’s all BR’s, JuJu’s, the Steelers’, the Raiders’, the Patriots’, Kraft’s, the NFL’s etc etc etc fault. It’s never going to be Brown’s fault. It’s easy to blame his outbursts on mental illness, however, and contrary to popular opinion, I think you’re seeing the real Brown. All the signs were there before, and now that he can’t get his way, he’s ramping up the tantrums. IMO

  13. patriotsivan says:
    January 14, 2020 at 6:26 pm
    That’s some self righteous police right there. I guess they are all without sin. Good for them.
    You clearly did not watch the video. It was truly disgusting and I unconfident, most anyone is without sin based upon the video’s benchmark.

  14. Why isn’t anyone in the mainstream media calling Brown out for his racist remarks? Riley Cooper drunkenly said the N word and had to personally kiss Al Sharpton’s backside, but Brown drunkenly screaming racist slurs at police officers is ok?

  15. Obviously a seriously troubled individual. He pretty much euthanized any career potential that he had left with this outburst. Here’s hoping that he can find peace and salvage something of his life.

  16. cobrala2 says:
    January 14, 2020 at 7:00 pm
    Number one question is why is Antonio Brown donating to police departments?
    Yeah, how very strange, a professional athlete donating money to an athletic league for children. Surely that’s never happened before. (/sarcasm)

  17. Lifelong Steeler fan and I loved AB. But the last year or so with the team he definitely changed mentally. I really think he has a serious mental problem probably from the head shots he has taken. If you call yourself a friend of AB you will help him get the help he needs.

  18. Stop saying it’s CTE. He’s just a moron and money highlighted it. Keep saying it’s CTE and this idiot will find the right lawyer to have the nfl hand over more millions that he doesn’t deserve.

  19. Sad that the police only cited “degrading language in front of his children” and totally glossed over abuse of police officers and racial insults.

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