Kevin Stefanski on calling offensive plays: We’ll work through that

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Among the questions that Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski faced in his first press conference since taking the job was one about calling offensive plays.

Stefanski called plays in Minnesota after being bumped up to offensive coordinator when John DeFilippo was fired during the 2018 season. His predecessor in Cleveland Freddie Kitchens also moved into the job after serving as an offensive coordinator and faced frequent questions during his one season on the job about whether he should cede play calling duties to former coordinator Todd Monken.

Kitchens never gave up that role and Stefanski said at a Tuesday press conference that he hasn’t made a call about who will handle that role because he hasn’t filled out the coaching staff.

“We’re gonna work through that,” Stefanski said. “I think as we put the staff together if there’s someone that’s on staff that I feel gives us the best chance to win, that person will call plays. It doesn’t have to be me, but I think I want to work through that and see as we put this staff together.”

During the press conference, Stefanski talked about playcallers being charged with making a lot of decisions quickly over the course of a game and that he got better at it as he gained more experience. Stefanski will have to draw on that experience as he makes one of his first big decisions about where he wants to take the Browns in 2020.

7 responses to “Kevin Stefanski on calling offensive plays: We’ll work through that

  1. So hes just getting better at calling plays and he had Kubiak in his ear. The learning curve for him will be interesting now with all the moving pieces of being a HC and all that has to be juggled..still a definite upgrade from good ole Freddie I suppose.

  2. The inflatable tube man at used car dealerships is an upgrade over Freddie.

    We’ll see what happens within this new structure, but i don’t think they’ll improve their roster much, if at all, and im not sure that they have the composure or maturity to actually just shut up and play football. Way too many egos on that team.

  3. Don’t worry, DePodesta has already gotton the ok from Haslam to be on the headset and have final say on all play calls.

    Should go real smooth.👍😌

  4. If you want to be a playcaller, be an offensive coordinator. The head coach is the CEO, not the CFO or the COO. Define responsibilities and goals, and delegate. The three hours of game day are too hectic for you to get bogged down.

  5. Is he bringing Kubiak with him? Please don’t allow Baker to call his own plays! He’s too arrogant and very dangerous!

  6. The smart play is to hire an OC that calls the plays. If/when they screw the pooch, then he’s not left holding the bag aka Kitchens. That being said, I have yet to see a Browns HC make the smart play so likely Stefanski will be calling the plays.

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