Kevin Stefanski: The sky’s the limit with Baker Mayfield

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New Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski says he’s eager to get to work with quarterback Baker Mayfield.

“I spoke to Baker briefly yesterday,” Stefanski said at his press conference today. “He’s the quarterback, he’s the trigger man, and that’s the exciting part to me. I’ve worked with a lot of quarterbacks, a lot of great ones over the years, and I’m looking forward to hunkering down with him and getting to work. Like any one of our players, when they walk into the building we’re going to have a detailed plan for them and how they’re gong to improve. And Baker, as a young player, the sky’s the limit, but we’re going to put in the work to get it done with Baker. I’m still in the infancy of studying last year and we’ll identify some things as we get going, but certainly, when you’re talking about this job and this franchise and everything that goes with it, you talk about the quarterback, and I think the sky’s the limit for the kid.”

Stefanski believes his offense is a good fit for what Mayfield can do.

“The skill set that our quarterback has is legit. He’s as accurate as they come. I think there’s plenty of things that we’ll do schematically to hopefully make life easier on him, and I’m looking forward to the jump that this kid will take. He’s such a young player. . . . I really think this kid has a chance to take off.”

Stefanski also mentioned Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry as players who will help the Browns attack the defense the way he wants. The pieces are there, and now the question is whether the Browns can finally put those pieces together.

60 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: The sky’s the limit with Baker Mayfield

  1. Why is Stefanski talking to Baker? Paul Podesta will be calling plays and running the offense.

    Stefanski has zero power. Baker already has tuned him out.

  2. Who are all these great QB’s he worked with? Brad Johnson, McNabb, Christian Ponder, Tavaris Jackson?? (Yes he was there while Farve was, but I don’t think Stefanski was working directly with him – he wasn’t promoted to QBs coach til 2017).

  3. This upcoming season is absolutely huge for Mayfield. He showed lots of promise his rookie year but took several gigantic steps back this season. If he looks poor again next year the Browns will likely write him off and start looking for somebody else. And he’ll find commercial deals to be much harder to come by if he ends up holding a clipboard all game.

  4. There’s a new sheriff in town and I like what he said here. Clearly letting Baker know he hasn’t arrived yet, and the he has work to do. Now let’s see if Stefanski can get the rest of these guys to play to their potential.

  5. So much HOPE in Cleveland in Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July and Aug…..then Sept comes around and the Browns repeat their losing ways. I do hope for the Browns fans the cycle is broken.

  6. If Baker has so much potential at QB, then why does he have to clean up the stadium after games, get toilets fixed, address electrical issues and water the field?

  7. Stefanski will have Baker handing the ball off and throwing check downs in no time.
    This would’ve come in handy a few times this year, rather than watching Freddie’s “home run” pass calls that failed miserably because the line couldn’t hold their blocks long enough for the plays to develop.

  8. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but he’s right. We all saw what he did in 2018 when he had confidence. If he can get that confidence back plus a little bit of football knowledge then he could be a top-15 qb. Will that happen though? Probably not. The hype was fun when it lasted.

  9. I wonder if Gregg Williams pandered to Mayfield like this. Gregg had a winning record when he was head coach.

    Hie Jackson and Fred Kitchens were Mayfield panderers. They had losing records.

    Just sayin

  10. Stefanski has spent his career in the Vikings organization. As a longtime fan can he please tell me which great QBs he is referring to?

  11. Baker needs to put that chip back on his shoulder that he’s carried his whole life. If he can do that, then he’ll crush it. If, however, he believes the hype about himself, then he’s toast. He’s fun to watch when that chip is there, so I’m hoping he puts a ginormous friggin chip on his shoulder and gets back to gun slinging.

  12. Browns aren’t far from being a playoff team. If I’m Stefanski I’m taking notes from the playoff teams. Good run game and solid defense. You don’t need Baker to be the main focus of the offense.

  13. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but he’s right. We all saw what he did in 2018 when he had confidence.

    I don’t know that anyone believes the kid lacks confidence. He definitely needs the football knowledge part more. The coaching was obviously a mess this year, but he still made a lot of bad decisions. Whether that’s misreading defenses or thinking you can make throws you really can’t, I couldn’t say.

  14. Stefanski is just a yes man for Paul DePodesta.

    Keep dreaming about success Browns fans. Dreams is all you will ever have with Haslam and DePodesta in power. Your new head coach has no power. Zero!

  15. Don’t know about the sky being the limit but after the 2019 season he has only one direction he can go in and that’s up.

  16. It’s interesting when you look at the Vikings to Browns comparisons when it comes to weapons.

    OBJ – Diggs
    Landry – Thielen
    Chubb – Cook
    Njoku – Rudolph (Njoku has more raw talent, but hasn’t stayed healthy)

    The only problem…it’s not like the Vikings have set the world on fire offensively. Why mimic the Vikings so you can lose early in the playoffs?

  17. The dude is Johnny Manziel 2.0. You’re incorrect…they sky is not the limit for him in the NFL. The bottom on the other hand is limitless.

  18. Unless some coach can get Mayfield, Landry and especially OBJ to stop being such danged-nabbit divas…folks, I don’t care how talented this team is. Unless they adopt the attitude of “do your job” the Browns are going nowhere. On this one, BB is 100 percent correct (and his latest coaching tree proteges, Vrable and Flores, appear to be installing that attitude as well…look at what it has done for Tannehill…and yes, even Fitzpatrick!).

  19. For all the crap this team (deservedly) got this year, I do think they still have a lot of potential. OBJ will continue to limit that potential so long as he keeps being a distraction on and off the field, but the available talent is real. No one will be as afraid of Baltimore next year after the way this season ended for them, and with Pittsburgh’s skill stars healthy and back, the division should be much more competitive next season.

  20. Something tells me Baker isn’t quite as passive as Kirk. I have a feeling Baker will explode when Stefanski runs the ball straight into a brick wall for no gain on 2nd and 10 for the 100th time in a row.

  21. With this group, this QB ,Stefanski will see what he got himself into around game 3… of the preseason. He just took over a bunch of guys that have the skills to win,but the maturity level is around 10th grade.

  22. Stefanski has gone from a team loaded with skill position weapons, but with no protection for a QB who becomes non functional without protection

    to a team loaded with skill position weapons, but with no protection for a QB who becomes non functional without protection.

    So if his coordinator can build a great defense, he can get the Browns creamed in the divisional round …

  23. Oh God please no. Not another just hired Browns head coach running his mouth about all the talent we have on the team when we have never ever been to a Super Bowl and haven’t been to the playoffs since the earth was cooling. Do me a favor and shut up and win something before you start in with he “hey look at what we’re going to do” moments. Geez. Shut up and ball.

  24. IF Baker Mayfield can let go of his enormous ego and his arrogance, he MIGHT have a chance to be a good QB.
    But as we have seen with too many guys in the NFL, the chances of him doing those things are about as good as the chance of Commissioner Goodell becoming a good commissioner.
    Right now, Mayfield is nothing more than Johnny Manziel Part II.

  25. WELL, i’d start by having him stop mowing the field,and watering the field ,and cleaning up the stands after games,+ making sure the bathrooms are cleaned up properly.


  26. What people don’t realize is that when Stefanski made that statement he and Mayfield were flying in a high altitude plane. In other words Mayfield’s limit is not very high 🙂

  27. It’s a matter of perspective, Stefanski is used to Kirk Cousins so anything else by comparsion looks good.

    Still the jury is still out on Baker Mayfield. Short QB’s historically don’t do well (Brees is an exception) so either Baker steps up his game or Cleveland will have yet another 1st Round QB bust to add to their growing list.

  28. If he can reign in Baker’s arrogance, more power to him! What does he have planned for all the prima donnas already intrenched on the Browns?

  29. Im thinking the Vikings faithful took that loss pretty hard. Clearly Stefanskis fault. We understand.

  30. People will say anything when they get handed piles of money. Baker= Johnny Football with no drug problem.

  31. They should have hired Rex Ryan. Maybe Rex could teach Mayfield to be more than a first read quarterback. How much fun would that be to watch?

  32. Baker’s bathroom clean-up commercial has that SMH irony to it. And we all thought Oakland would receive this year’s NFL Darwin Award for stupid self-destruction, but alas, Baker and Cleveland were the clear winners.

  33. The sky was the limit when he was made OC and Kubiak the special offensive adviser.

    Then they get destroyed twice in the span of a few weeks, first by the Packers then by the 9ers. In both those games that “Sky is the Limit” offense netted 7 first downs.

    I wish Denny Green was around to say, “The vikings are we thought they were!” And what he thought they were was vastly overrated and now over the hill to boot.

  34. freefromwhatyouare says:
    January 14, 2020 at 1:30 pm
    Why is Stefanski talking to Baker? Paul Podesta will be calling plays and running the offense.

    Stefanski has zero power. Baker already has tuned him out


    Why are all packer fans so bitter?

  35. This is a good offensive roster for Stefanski. He’s got a couple good backs, he loves the play action, he’s gonna simplify reads for baker. Jarvis Landry and OBJ will play the roles of theilein and Diggs, he’s got the playmakers he needs in Cleveland. It’s gonna be about whether he can command their respect and get them to buy in

  36. Ha HA…..Suggest an Baker fans watch “East Bound & Down”. He IS Kenny Powers minus the sweet mullet.

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