Leighton Vander Esch had neck surgery Tuesday

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When the Cowboys shut linebacker Leighton Vander Esch down with a neck injury just before Christmas, the word was that he would have surgery to address the issue after the regular season.

Todd Archer of ESPN.com reports that Vander Esch had that surgery on Tuesday.

The procedure to alleviate problems related to a nerve injury has been described as being minimally invasive with the expectation that Vander Esch will make a full recovery. Per Archer, that recovery is expected to happen in time for the linebacker to take part in the offseason program.

Vander Esch was limited to nine games this season. He had 72 tackles, a half-sack and a forced fumble in those appearances.

12 responses to “Leighton Vander Esch had neck surgery Tuesday

  1. Hope he continues to have a very good career and mostly healthy life. Way too young and early in his career to be having neck surgeries.

  2. edenprairieballer says:

    The only guy in the league who wears a neck brace gets a neck injury. Go figure.

    Tell him to his face.

  3. Neck injuries are nothing to take lightly. Those things have a tendency to not go away. Hopefully he doesn’t suffer any long-term consequences from this.

  4. I give him 3 more years. Long neck guys with neck injuries, don’t fare well in NFL.

  5. i hope all you clowns take satisfaction on making fun of his neck injury, i can’t believe how many people like to joke about stuff like this, totally ignorant!

  6. I agree….the description clowns is actually understated. Now that Luke Keuchley
    has retired seemingly for reasons similar to Gronk….the on,y question that
    remains is ..will fans finally wake up. Will fans finally understand what players like
    Sean Lee and Vander Esch face.
    Injuries are somewhat a small part of the pressure. A player of the level of
    Vander Esch faces other pressures as well. They work their hardest all year to maintain
    the level that is needed and now expected and one bad break, one teammate’s mistake
    or some slip causes them to miss the rest of the season.
    Not only do they feel the actual pain from the injury, the pressure from letting your teammates
    and organization down, to the thoughts of future impairment for life lingers. Not to mention
    CTE, dementia and other horrible side effects.
    So stop. Get a life and stop saying dumb things like “ I like him but he is following…..”

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