Report: Raiders replacing line coach with Rod Marinelli

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The Raiders are swapping out playing experience for coaching experience on their defensive line.

According to Jim Trotter of NFL Network, the Raiders are firing defensive line coach Brentson Buckner.

To replace him, they’re expected to hire former Cowboys defensive coordinator and line coach Rod Marinelli.

The 70-year-old Marinelli was Gruden’s assistant head coach and line coach in Tampa Bay from 2002-05, before he left to become head coach of the Lions.

The Raiders seemed to make progress this year under Buckner, improving from 13 sacks in 2018 to 32, and going from 30th against the run to eighth.

21 responses to “Report: Raiders replacing line coach with Rod Marinelli

  1. This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher, given the DL’s major improvement under Buckner. I just hope Marinelli can do even better.

  2. I think the question most of us are interested in seeing answered is who will be the QB next year? Bridgewater? Brady? Brees?

  3. Get rid of Buckner who improved the line tremendously but keep Paul Guenther as coordinator? Makes no sense, Marinelli should’ve been the new DC. Meanwhile Cable and Olson are collecting paychecks and we see the same lackluster product on the field.

  4. This is the coach you fire? Run D was so much better. Thought everyone but Mayowa improved as season went on and the analytics rate Hall and Hurst way better than counting stats. Plus, seemed like a guy you would bust your ass for in Hard Knocks.

  5. Interesting as the line performed very well. Perhaps it may be the lack of growth from Ferrell. Or, his style was a bit harsh, maybe didn’t fit well with the personalities of the DLine. Either way, very interesting move. Marinelli has a ton of experience, he will be a good fit to the staff.

  6. Could be a ploy to make him Defensive coordinator and send Gunther packing, but still a mysterious move considering how much our D-Line improved—must suck getting pulled into the office thinking you are going to get a RAISE but u get FIRED instead—He got CHUCKIED!

  7. I know he was a fan favorite but it’s not like the line ever performed well. They went from the worst to one of the worst with a talent upgrade.

  8. This guy was money on hard knocks. This is a perfect example of someone probably getting the ax because the way they communicate led was different from the boss man. If you think this guy didn’t get through to his players you’re dreaming. More likely it was the guy getting car pools with Chuckie on the way to the facility that is the weak link but they are car pool buddies so you know how that goes. Won’t see BB in a car pool. He rides alone!

  9. Considering that a 4th round pick in Maxx Crosby could easily be the defensive rookie of the year when coming out of preseason he was in a limited role says something about the defense line. Whether it was more Guenther than Buckner that would be internal to the Raiders.

  10. I still don’t see why the Raiders would move on from Carr. That offense is what it is. No number one receiver. A TE whose career high in yards was less than 100 and this year had over 100, that’s a huge change.

  11. Our dline level if play was all over the place this year. Sometimes they came to play, other times we couldnt stop a nose bleed. I liked bucks attitude, and how he fired up the troops, but sometimes they just seemed underprepared, and lost at times. Rod brings exp, and has a nice stable of young guns rdy to explode. As a raiders fan, I just want to see greg olsen gone. We are undermanned on offense no doubt, but this guy is terrible. Carr played the same way his first stint with us. Fire him, and get jay gruden. Jay seems to get alot out of his QBs/offense.

  12. Two coaches reunite.

    Marinelli was with Gruden in TB during the good years. New HC in Dallas means staff changes there too.

    Gruden went with the ol’ coach and pal, like most coaches (and business professionals) do i.e. “If you become available, I have a job for you.”

  13. Gruden wants him on staff to replace gunther if the D starts off as total garbage again next season.

  14. The D-line was by far the biggest improvement we’re young and need continuity for this team I hate to bring it up but you fire a young up and coming black coach who is a reason for our improvement on D for a 70 year old white man who’s D in Dallas regressed like it or not we all know people are gonna question this move whether it’s racial or not….

  15. This is perhaps the worst move Gruden has made since he got here. Buckner was a great coach and his players fought hard for him. Just look at the stats.
    Not good, Chuckie, not good at all.

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