With Bryan Bulaga out sick, Jared Veldheer stepped up

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The flu bug that swept through the Packers locker room last week was a bad one. So when backup tackle Jared Veldheer heard that Bryan Bulaga had come down with it, he knew he had to prepare.

“That thing is awful,” Veldheer said of the illness, via Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I know what it’s like on that thing. Like, he can’t function. So I got it through my head pretty quick that I had to be ready for this ballgame.”

The Packers brought Veldheer out of retirement late in the season, but he only played in the regular season finale. Sunday against the Seahawks, he played every snap, and the Packers were glad to have a guy with 120 career starts to turn to.

“He’s an established veteran,” left tackle David Bakhtiari said, “who’s played a lot of football in this league. Everyone is looking at him like a backup, but he was a starter in this league. He’s played a decade. He’s seen a lot of ball, he’s been in these tough situations. For him, it’s just kind of getting back on the saddle and going. . . .

“I was very proud of him. I told him it’s one thing to fill in and let us run our offense, but to excel in our offense and let us run it at a high level is another thing. And I just told him I appreciate it.”

Bulaga was active, but was only going to be able to play in case of emergency. He tried moving around in pregame warm-ups, but it was clear he wasn’t himself.

Having an experienced backup helped make the decision to park him easier, and Veldheer held up well in his first extended action of the year.

18 responses to “With Bryan Bulaga out sick, Jared Veldheer stepped up

  1. Gute revamped this team in one year hitting on free agents/draft. His churning of the roster the entire year has produced as well. Veldheer was just one example and probably a game changer looking back at last weeks game. Have similar success in 2020 and look out.

  2. Reminds me of the Bruce Wilkerson move in 1996. A long time low profile player that came in and did a great job. Hope history repeats itself

  3. I got really excited when they signed Veldheer, and he’s proved there was good reason to be. He may even be a band-aid for next season while we try to mold a younger player if we’re incapable of reaching a new deal with Bulaga.

  4. Veldheer is a beast at 6’8″ 325. Jared did a nice job at RT Sunday night, but it will be great to get Bulaga back this week for the Niners game.

    Bulaga was out most of the November game vs. the 49ers and that was a big reason that the OL was out of sorts in that game. Alex Light did not perform well and the whole line was affected.

    It is good knowing that a beast like Veldheer can come in at either tackle spot and the line won’t miss a beat.


  5. Scrub everything down every night, emphasize to these guys to wash their hands often, and never touch their faces. Some should even wear face masks. Whatever it takes to get these guys at 100%. Injuries are bad enough, we can’t afford to have anyone sick.

  6. I guess he just couldn’t help it in the end, but c’mon man, you can’t be coming down ill the very day of a playoff game, at least not to the point you miss the entire game.

  7. ” Must be nice to be on a team where holding is never called.”

    Since film of the game shows Seattle offensive linemen basically tackling Packer defensive linemen the entire game, your whine is demonstrably false.

  8. 49ers had similar situation with Ben Garland. Richburg went down, but they had a trusted veteran center and he has played really well.

    You can’t have too many solid linemen on both sides of the ball!

  9. No one ever heard of Veldheer and Bulaga would have been out of the league years ago if the refs didn’t allow him to hold on every play.
    49ers are going to expose that poor OL and awful defense.

    49ers 48
    Packers 6

  10. skolbrother33 says:
    January 14, 2020 at 1:22 pm
    No one ever heard of Veldheer and Bulaga would have been out of the league years ago if the refs didn’t allow him to hold on every play.
    49ers are going to expose that poor OL and awful defense.

    Sure is funny how that ‘awful’ defense held the Lavender Loser’s to 7 first downs and 139 total yards.

  11. When you play for the green and gold you wear the pants that are given to you. Wash them first. Especially when dealing with the flu!

  12. lionsfan123 says:
    January 14, 2020 at 12:24 pm
    Does this Bulaga guy ever play? Seems like he’s always hurt or out for some reason or another.
    Yeah, he plays. Like the the two games this season where he stoned Danielle Hunter, 0 sacks, 0 QB hits. Or against the Cowboys, when he totally dominated DeMarcus Lawrence.
    You should try watching some games, they’re pretty cool.

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