Bill Vinovich set to referee Super Bowl LIV

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We are waiting to find out which two teams will meet in Miami for the chance to win Super Bowl LIV, but there is word on who will be leading the officiating crew for the game. reports that the referee for the final game of the 2019 season will be Bill Vinovich. It will be Vinovich’s second Super Bowl assignment as he also worked Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks.

Vinovich will be working with a mixed crew and none of the others work with him during the regular season. They are umpire Barry Anderson, line judge Carl Johnson, field judge Michael Banks, back judge Greg Steed, down judge Kent Payne and side judge Boris Cheek.

Anderson is the only member of the crew making his debut, Payne and Cheek are working their third Super Bowls and Johnson, Banks and Steed are in the game for the second time. It is the most experienced officiating crew for a Super Bowl since 1999.

12 responses to “Bill Vinovich set to referee Super Bowl LIV

  1. I watch a lot of football for a long period of time and Bill Vinovich is without a doubt the right guy to call the Super Bowl, I know he’s called a couple of ours in New England

  2. “Experienced”…as in they can produce the NFL’s desired outcome in an uneventful, surreptitious, and clandestine manner.

  3. Terrible. Vinovich has no business ever getting another postseason assignment after last season’s NFC title game and yet he gets two this postseason. NFL officiating is a joke.

  4. onereasonableman says:
    January 15, 2020 at 4:29 pm
    I honestly don’t understand why in the biggest game of the year, the NFL chooses to have a crew that hasn’t worked with each other. It makes no sense.


    100% the best point. Let the crews stay together.

  5. This must be a mistake right? I mean can the worst head official in the NFL actually be calling this season’s Super Bowl? Has anyone watched this guy officiate a game? Oh wait never mind, Big Al owes him one for the “No call” last season in the NFC Championship game. This makes sense now.

  6. The NFL continues to demonstrate its lack of integrity and holding its officials accountable by assigning Vinovich to the Super Bowl. How he was even allowed to officiate at all this season is beyond me. What a joke!!

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