Dolphins add new offensive line coach

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The Dolphins have gone off the beaten path for a few staffing choices this offseason, but they found a guy with a link to their new offensive coordinator for the latest hire.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have hired Steve Marshall as their new offensive line coach.

Marshall was with the Jets alongside new Dolphins coordinator Chan Gailey.

He has also worked with the Packers, Browns, and Texans, as well as some time in the college ranks.

9 responses to “Dolphins add new offensive line coach

  1. Now the Dolphins need to draft a really good offensive line to protect the quarterback and open up holes for the runningbacks.

  2. Although they weren’t great, Miami’s O Line played decent down the stretch. I’d like to see them take a DE or two prior to an offensive lineman.

  3. At this point only an idiot would prioritize , after QB, anything but the OL.
    With an OL, the team can pass and run. That Combo turned RT into a superstar QB.
    With no OL, you have no team.

  4. Miami’s offensive line was not “decent”. The quarterback simply realized that he was going to have to run for his life. QB running is not a good reflection on the line. Fitzpatrick was simply the smartest guy on the field.

  5. Go try and get a LT with those Tunsil picks…and a RT, and a Guard, C might be a good choice, too. And you need 2 DE’s, another DT. How about another CB opposite X?? Don’t forget 2 RBs…

  6. Forget Tua!!! Get the OLine setup and the running game going. Play action creates more time to throw and a good running game keeps defenses honest. Name one team that drafted a QB and didn’t draft or solidify the OLine and succeeded….I’ll wait. Miami sucked at running the ball and didn’t have solid blocking from the RB’s or the tight ends. Don’t try to fix this team completely through the draft in one year. I give them 2 years to get the key pieces in place to win this division. They can easily take this division in 3 years. Draft OLine and Dline guys…free agency for RB’s and possibly a QB (Bridgewater or Mariota).

  7. Trade out of 5 and add picks for next year. Draft o-linemen and a defensive end in the first round. Take a QB to compete with Rosen in the second round.

  8. Jacob Eason will be there in the second he’s got the kind of arm we need to play in Buffalo and New England late in the season.

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