Drew Pearson angry about exclusion from Centennial Class

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the NFL Network turned the reveal of the Hall’s Centennial Class into a two-hour television show Wednesday morning.

And while that might have helped their ratings, it didn’t sit well with at least one of the guys who wasn’t named.

Via video from Jonah Javad of WFAA, former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson was visibly angry when the 13 names were read and his was not among them.

“They broke my heart. They broke my heart,” Pearson said, in what appears to be a house full of friends and supporters and at least one television camera. “And they did it like this. They strung it out like this.”

Pearson was a first-team All-Decade receiver for the 1970s, and the only first-team member of that list who has not been voted into the Hall already. Second-team 1970s All-Decade wideout Harold Carmichael was one of the 10 players named during Wednesday morning’s show.

Pearson’s personal unhappiness is to be expected. And as much as everyone enjoyed seeing the emotional moments when Hall president David Baker congratulates new members of the Hall, there is an inevitable flip side when these announcements are played as reality shows.

And we got a glimpse of that in real time Wednesday.

52 responses to “Drew Pearson angry about exclusion from Centennial Class

  1. Not a Cowboys fan, but Drew Pearson made some incredible plays and was a force against my Packers back in the day. He is right, and now he can win again by being the bigger man. We support you Drew.

  2. Ridiculous decision by the HOF. The Hall looks foolish by omitting the only player of the All Decade Team. His stats are better than Swann’s, who is rightfully in. He was Roger’s go-to WR. Was an integral part of the 70s Cowboys engine. Terrible decision.

  3. If the only thing keeping Clay Matthews out of the Hall is not going to a Super Bowl (nickname for the NFL Championship which the Browns are 4 time winners of!!) That is complete BS! His numbers are as good or better than a whole bunch of the HOFers.

  4. as a 3X AP all pro first team he should be disappointed. Not as much as Leroy Butler who was a 4X AP all pro first team

  5. Sounds like hes more embarrassed than upset. Especially having all that family and friends there with him expecting to be inducted. Oh well. . . .

  6. 1st team all decade. Ten years at the top of his game……

    This man played games in an era when playing was tougher and more vicious and he doesn’t get in? and a second Team next decade man gets in???


  7. Carmichael should have been 1st team all decade over Pearson anyway. His numbers dont come close to the big man.

  8. Absolute disgrace. These top 70s receivers were amazing. They didn’t get 15 balls thrown at them a game. Pearson would constantly make 3 or 4 catches a game. And they were all big money plays. Drops? Not an option. His was literally the most clutch, with the game on the line, receiver you would ever see.
    Too bad so many Cowboy greats were left out of the hall because of the Steelers dominance.
    But Carmichael? Dude might have caught 2 passes in his life that meant anything and the Eagles won no SB with him. Cliff Branch not being selected is a travesty as well. Carmichael? SMH.

  9. It is outrageous. Harold Carmichael was great..but Drew was THE receiver for Superbowl teams. Think 70 Cowboys and it is Staubach, Pearson, Dorsett. Really speechless here. Different era so different state, but for that era Pearson was a top receiver.

  10. I believe he should be in most definately! That being said, Next time wait till your in before you throw a party for yourself! That way you don’t make a fool of yourself!

  11. these HOF’s are very political…someone on the committee doesn’t like the Cowboys or some other random excuse. Not a Cowboys fan, but Pearsn was GREAT. HOF’s are a farce to me.

  12. The HOF has become diluted and a joke. Dungy before Jimmy Johnson? Bill Cowher?? Bill Polian for drafting Manning and winning a SB once and never winning with the Bills? He has two of the best QB’s of all time in two different era’s and has one SB!!!!!

  13. Definitely a surprising omission. His contemporaries thought he was one of the best of their era. Usually that’s enough to get into the Hall.

  14. I can’t see getting all bent over not being in the same country club as Tony Dungy, Kurt Warner and Jerome Bettis…. it’s not like we’re talking about all-time greats here

  15. Hall of fame voting is a joke I always thought. What criteria do they go off? Way too much personal opinion goes into it.

  16. His company made licensed ballcaps years ago, and they were great.
    I haven’t seen those caps in a long time, so I don’t know if they still make them.

  17. The Patriots won 6 super bowls and played in 9 in a 19 year span. If they rated only one HOF for each super bowl appearance that would be 9 guys. They will be lucky to get 6 not including coaches. To date, only three (Moss, Law and Seau ) are in and two of those are in primarily due to their play for other teams.

    Brady and Vinatieri are locks. I don’t know if anyone else is. That’s only three pure Patriots from the the super bowl winning teams of the last two decades that are either in or locks. Neither Moss nor Seau won a super bowl with the Patriots.

    It’s not easy to make the Hall.

  18. Harold Jackson is 43rd all time in receiving yards. Harold Carmichael is 62nd. Why is the HOF rewarding the lesser? Jackson out played Carmichael. Drew Pearson is a 1,000 yards behind Cliff Branch. Cry me a river.

    When Henry Ellard retired he was #3 all time in receiving yards. Who was his QB? Nobody.

  19. Tippet0929 says:
    January 15, 2020 at 10:36 am

    as a 3X AP all pro first team he should be disappointed. Not as much as Leroy Butler who was a 4X AP all pro first team


    Leroy Butler won’t find out his fate until February 1st…

  20. There’s nothing embarrassing about his reaction. It’s an honest response from a guy that I’m sure feels like is as good as any WR from his era. This larger class got the hopes up of all these guys that feel left out. If you don’t make it this year I’m sure you wonder if it will ever happen.

  21. Lifelong Redskins fan here. I remember in the 1970’s the epic battles between Washington and Dallas. Drew Pearson was a pain in the ass. He killed us on that down and out on 3rd down every freaking time. I thought he was already in the Hall of Fame. HOF, Fix it.

  22. For all those arguing he should be in over Carmichael you are flat out wrong. Stats don’t lie, and Carmichael had far better resume, on and OFF the field, which is what the HOF is all about. I don’t recall Pearson every being voted Walter Payton Man of the Year? Quit crying, not everyone can get in each year.

  23. Drew should be in the HOF. The reason anyone thinks he cheated while making a great catch was because he was always the guy who Roger HOF Staubach would throw to in a huge moment like that. He was slow and got open anyway. With the game on the line, his hands were glue. And he was the number one guy for the Cowboys in three Super Bowls. I didn’t realize until this week he wasn’t in the Hall. The selection committee is a joke.

  24. I’m not, the guy’s push off made a 6 year old me cry many years ago. Fortunately, given my team’s historic playoff success, I’m now all cried out.

  25. Can’t push off to make it into the HoF.
    What? Explain Michael Irving then…I’ll wait.

  26. Before Michael Irvin there was Drew Pearson. Whoever believes he should not be in the HOF doesn’t know the game of football and/or just hates the team. Harvey Martin should be in as well. He’s the true single season sack leader and did it in a 14 game season.

  27. I do hate the Cowboys, their ownership and fans. However, no way Drew Pearson isn’t a HoFer.

  28. I don’t blame him. Cliff Branch, Tom Flores and Don Coryell don’t look like getting in this year either which is a joke.

    On the other hand – Absolutely delighted Jimmy Johnson at last got in as did Jimbo Covert. Way past time for both of them. I also LOVED JJ’s reaction when he got the news! I was so touched.

  29. I mean Jerome Bettis is in the HoF. Kurt Warner is in. He literally only had 3 years where he wasnt’ awful, and 2 years where he was great. That’s it. And Bettis was never great – ever. Never finished a season as the leading rusher.

    Those selections tell you it’s much, much, much, much more about politics, than talent.

  30. trchief1603 says:
    January 15, 2020 at 2:12 pm
    Otis Taylor should be in there as well

    Agree 100%. Pearson deserves it, as well.

  31. I had no idea that Drew Pearson was on an All-decade team. Maybe I was oblivious, but he never struck me as even approaching elite, much less a future Hall of Fame member.

  32. Just when we all thought we had to wait a few more months to enjoy more Cowboys fan disappointment. We are blessed with this gem.

  33. How can a a member of the 1970s all decade team (best in the 1970s) be omitted when other players who are NOT in the all decade team have been admitted to the HOF? That makes no sense at all.

  34. tigerlilac says:

    By my count, 24 cowboys are in the HOF. The Bears have 33.
    By my count , The Cowboys and Bears have each won a total of 3 playoff games this century with 0 championships.

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