Luke Kuechly can join Gale Sayers as only 34-year-olds in the Hall of Fame

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Luke Kuechly‘s surprise retirement means he’ll first be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the Class of 2025. If Kuechly is inducted on the first ballot, he’ll join Gale Sayers as the youngest Hall of Famers ever.

Kuechly is 28 years old and turns 29 in April, meaning he’ll be eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame when he’s 33 and would turn 34 before the enshrinement. Sayers was also voted into the Hall of Fame at age 33 and was enshrined at age 34.

Whether Kuechly is a first ballot Hall of Famer remains to be seen. His case includes being a seven-time Pro Bowler, five-time first-team All-Pro, and 2013 defensive player of the year.

Rob Gronkowski, who retired last year, will be eligible to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame at age 35. If he gets in on the first ballot, he’ll tie Jim Brown as the second-youngest members of the Hall of Fame.

13 responses to “Luke Kuechly can join Gale Sayers as only 34-year-olds in the Hall of Fame

  1. I’m not sure he is a hall of fame linebacker. Top of the league when he plays? I guess. Top of the league of all time greats? I dont know. You cant really take pro bowl into consideration thats just a popularity contest. Even all pro is meh at this point. I mean Shaq Barrett led the league in sacks and didn’t get first team all pro. If Kuechly gets in hall of fame then Lavonte David gets in because I’m pretty sure Davids career stats are as good or better. Does anyone consider David HOF? Probably not.

  2. HOF? What’s next…..Lamar Jackson retires and enters the HOF for a few good seasons?

    This thing has been so watered down it no longer has any meaning. The simplistic notion that the NFL must induct a minimum number of players per year set that in motion

  3. Talk about elite company. I know many readers here only look at stats and maybe the limited clips available to watch and are baffled by the respect Sayers still gets. That’s a shame. He was the most gifted runner I’ve ever seen, bar none.

  4. I also agree Gale Sayers is the best I’ve ever seen. One cut and GONE. More cuts if necessary. Just amazing. If they had zone blocking then…who knows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another football player 6′ get to speed that fast.

    I also agree about Lavonte David and throw in Bobby Wagner. Patrick Willis is another.

    Maybe they all should be in. I think the public might be more aware of Kuechly but those in the know realize that they have been three of the best in this generation.

  5. Good player no doubt, but I was never overly impressed the few times I watched Carolina games. It seemed he was propped up a lot by the media.

    HOF? I say pass. First ballot? Heck naw.. Zack Thomas was also a 7xProbowl & 5xAll-Pro (according to profootballreference) and he’s been passed over 7 times already

  6. If Kuechly played in a big market or marquee team, this wouldn’t even be a question; he’d be a first ballot HOFer. He was THAT good.

  7. If sayers didnt wreck his knees, there would be no debate…..i wish i coulda seen him play….

  8. The relative shortness of career hurts him. I think he’ll get in, but not on first ballot. I’d rather see London Fletcher get in first.

  9. Sorry, but If Willis isn’t first ballot due to a shorter career, Luke isn’t either. Personally I think they both should have been, but the hall of fame won’t allow that.

  10. Wow : solid LB……. Hall of Good ….. Canton is getting ridiculous if this guy gets in – ever : it’s bad enough Terrell Davis is in – hall of 3 good seasons…… sorry but this kinda pathetic

  11. Guy needed to play a few more years to be HOF material. He lost over half a year’s playing time due to concussions.

    If you are only going to play 7 years, you a season or two with 200+ tackles.

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