Report: Giants denied interview with Brian Daboll by Bills for OC job

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The New York Giants were denied permission to interview Brian Daboll by the Buffalo Bills as the Giants search for an offensive coordinator to pair with new head coach Joe Judge, per Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

Daboll, the offensive coordinator of the Bills, spent four years with Judge as an assistant with the New England Patriots from 2013-16. But despite a desire by Judge to pursue Daboll for the job, the Bills had the right to block the inquiry as a possible move to the Giants would be a lateral move.

Daboll was a candidate for the head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns, which eventually was given to former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

With Daboll out of reach, the Giants interviewed former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett for the position on Wednesday.

14 responses to “Report: Giants denied interview with Brian Daboll by Bills for OC job

  1. Nothing helps morale like denying someone a chance to get a job that pays more money to him and his family.

  2. Daboll never stays in any coaching position very long, he’s typically fired a year or two later. Always hitches himself to a coach under hot water or a rookie coach. Wait another year and I bet the Giants can have him.

  3. Wow! Interesting. I’m not a fan of Daboll, but I’m glad the front office thinks enough of him to block him from moving elsewhere.

  4. Yes! I love the thought of Jason Garrett staying in the NFC East in any capacity possible. Get it done, Giants. LOL…

  5. Unless the Bills wanted to get rid of him, why would they give permission for him to interview for the same or lesser job elsewhere in the NFL?

    It’s funny seeing Bills fans blame Daboll for the offense, though. There are two things that I particularly didn’t like about Daboll. 1) calling Frank Gores number in the second half of the season…BUT I think this is just as likely McD’s call as anyone’s, that Gore be an active part of the game plan. 2) and my biggest complaint of Daboll, calling jumbo package run plays. You know, having all your big guys come in, bunch up tight,and try to get a yard or 3. You know what happens when all the big guys come in tight? All the defense comes in tight and you’re trying to ram a guy up the middle of 21 players all squeezed tightly together. Spread the offense out and sneak your 6’6″ QB in with plenty of holes to choose from!

    Other than that, Daboll was mostly fine. The offense wasn’t predictable, it was fairly creative, and guys were regularly open. Can’t blame him for lack of execution or talent…

  6. Now that Garrett’s contract has expired the Giants are free to interview the OC they wanted all along!

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