Bears announce Bill Lazor, John DeFilippo hirings

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The Bears announced their coaching changes Thursday, including the hirings of Bill Lazor as offensive coordinator and John DeFilippo as quarterbacks coach.

Coach Matt Nagy also confirmed the promotion of Dave Ragone from quarterbacks coach to passing game coordinator.

The Bears already announced earlier this month they hired Juan Castillo as offensive line coach and Clancy Barone as tight ends coach.

Other staff promotions announced Thursday were Brian Ginn to assistant special teams coach, Chris Jackson to assistant receivers coach and Shane Toub to defensive quality control.

The Bears failed to score a first-half touchdown in 11 of 16 games. They ranked 29th in the NFL in scoring, 29th in total yards, 27th in rushing yards, 25th in passing yards, 31st in yards per play and 32nd in yards per pass attempt.

20 responses to “Bears announce Bill Lazor, John DeFilippo hirings

  1. It’s actually impressive they went 8-8 with those types of rankings on offense. Props to Nagy. #TrubiskyNoNo

  2. The rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic. Same leadership group, same commitment to mediocrity, same absence of draft picks, and same Mitch, same Offensive Line. 2020=8-8

  3. Trubisky hasn’t had the time to read defenses or throw long. He’s too busy trying to avoid the rush because the O-line stinks. Neither of these hires will help, as a previous poster noted, Nagy is still there. Hopefully for just next season and not beyond.

  4. 3 Offensive Coordinators from 2019 on the coaching staff of 2020. Bears will still have bottom third ranked offense unless scheme and QB play change.

    – Bears fan

  5. This team has more of a GM problem than a coaching problem. No 1st rounder again and in cap trouble without even paying a QB. Has to be the first time I have seen that. At least the Vikings paid a QB to get in their cap trouble. Packers will be running the North for the next 2 to 3 years. Lions have a better chance of challenging them.

  6. Bill Lazor is a pretty good hire if Mitchell Trubisky is your starting QB. I was surprised to see the Bears ranked 27th in rushing yards despite having Trubisky at QB, with Trubisky at QB you should never rank outside of the top 10 rushing as you should always have at least the threat of Trubisky pulling it down & taking off running there. The Bears should study how the Ravens ran the ball w// Lamar and how Arizona does it with Kyler Murray and use Trubisky more as a running threat with a couple good RB’s behind him. If defenses are forced to stay honest and forced to respect Trubisky’s athleticism & ability as a runner all of the sudden he has more wide open looks in the passing game with teams stacking the box to try & contain the run, when they start playing coverage dropping more guys into coverage start running the ball more. The Bears messed up IN A BIG WAY by not using Mitchell Trubisky to his strengths and using his ability as a runner more.
    All that said above I still the Bears should look at drafting another QB because i’m not a big believer in Trubisky, he just isn’t good enough as a passer to ever be a top 5-10 QB in the league yet the Bears are stuck with him thanks to their GM trading away years worth of 1st round picks a few years ago. Maybe Bill Lazor finds a way to get him to improve massively this season but I highly doubt it.

  7. Chicago Bears keep hiring coaches, why not some new scouts who can recognize talent? Passing on Mahommes and Jackson is still the biggest problem?

  8. golfer4900 says:

    January 17, 2020 at 7:55 am

    Chicago Bears keep hiring coaches, why not some new scouts who can recognize talent? Passing on Mahommes and Jackson is still the biggest problem?

    I wish people stop saying this stupidity. The entire NFL scouts and GMs had no idea on what Mahommes would be. GO back and look at the draft reports, he was listed between the 3rd and 4th rounds. So please kill that noise. NOONE saw that coming, so get a new narrative. And go read the reports on Jackson, he was a huge BOOM or BUST. Mechanically Mitch looked like a better QB than Jackson in college. So they went with it. Get over it.

  9. 1. Head coach calls all plays
    2. Offensive coordinator calls HC
    3. Passing game coordinator calls OC
    4. QB coordinator calls passing game coordinator
    5. QB coordinator handles water boy/girl QB interface.
    6. McCaskeys continue to work on Halas Hall remodel.

    The Bears have finally figured out how to shorten Trubisky’s reads.

  10. thefiesty1 says:
    January 16, 2020 at 8:49 pm
    I don’t understand why Flip keeps landing on his feet!

    Keeps landing on his feet? Seriously?

    Just two years ago by mid-season DeFilippo was listed as the #1 candidate for a HC position and by week 15 he was unemployed, now two short years later he can ONLY land a QB coaching job with no offers for a OC position and you think that’s landing on his feet?

  11. Man, Bears fans are super critical of their coach and ownership. I think you guys should gave Nagy another chance. He did take your team from worst to first and win the division last season. It’s ok to have an average season and make corrections.

    I feel the Bears bounce back in that division next season the schedule is going to be much easier too. Relax Bears fans, you’ll be fine.

    The Mike Shereck guy is a fair weather fan that jumps wagons as oppose to sticking with his team, don’t listen to ANYTHING this hack says.

  12. Neither of these guys is impressive on the face of it so I think you have to look at their connections to QBs like Dalton and Foles. Neither of those QBs is a long term solution but they are miles better than Trubisky and Pace/Nagy’s best hedge against a bad 2020 season that would likely get them both fired. I don’t know if Flip or Lazor have a lot og inherent coaching ability but knowing they are in a potential one and done situation should at least have them highly motivated.

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