Don’t be surprised if LSU must disassociate from OBJ

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More than a decade ago, the NCAA ordered USC to disassociate itself from Reggie Bush, who had received improper benefits from a third party while in college. Soon, the NCAA could make a similar decision regarding LSU and OBJ.

Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr., while enjoying sideline and locker room access afforded to him by LSU, was caught on camera handing cash to LSU players — and also slapping the butt of a police officer. After trying to claim (presumably with a straight face) that the money was fake, LSU acknowledged that some of the money may have been real, and that “some of our student-athletes may have been placed in a compromising position.”

Beckham is the one who placed those student-athletes in a compromising position. And the lightest possible punishment for which LSU could hope is a mandate that Beckham be banned from any future LSU events.

If that’s the outcome, Beckham surely will be upset. He’ll complain. He’ll say others give money to players, and that he’s being singled out for punishment.

He’s right, but only because he was dumb enough to hand out money in the presence of cameras.

Beckham just can’t help himself. He needs attention. He craves it. And when he’s not getting it for what he does on the football field, he gets it for what he wears on the football field. And when he’s not on the football field, he looks for any opportunity to capture a little fame.

But the fame always must be on his terms. Criticism or scrutiny is met with whining that if someone else had done the same thing, people wouldn’t care.

They care when Beckham does something because he always seems to be doing something aimed at getting everyone to pay attention to him. The NCAA and LSU are paying attention now, and Beckham quite possibly won’t be thrilled with the criticism and scrutiny he eventually will receive.

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  1. I can’t believe he would do that to those kids. To his own university. It’s like he was trying to get them in trouble. I’m sure he waiting to be sure cameras were recording before he did it too. This guy just can’t think straight. I’d rather have his better half (the kicking net) be his representative in the future on the sidelines.

  2. And now you see why the Giants were willing to trade him away. Sometimes, all the talent in the world isn’t worth putting up with the headaches that come from having a diva.

  3. the word around town is that OBJ was pretty wasted which isnt an excuse but does explain why he was acting extra crazy. how about we just apologize and forget about it ?

  4. Does the NCAA plan on disassociating itself from the money they made off of OBJ?

    Look OBJ is an idiot.

    But that shouldn’t cloud us from the fact that the NCAA might actually be the most hypocritical, categorically corrupt institutions in the country.

  5. He causes his own drama. I can’t stand when people do this, then can’t own up to the fact that they screw up. People need to grow up and own up to when they do something wrong.

  6. For less USC had their national championship rescinded. Bush had to return the Heisman Trophy and USC got two year ban from bowl games and loss of 30 scholarships.

  7. I watched the video

    The cop was investigating a LSU player and OBJ slapped the cop butt to distract him away from the LSU player. The cop should’ve never been in the locker room unless he knew for a fact their was drugs in play

  8. Is there an unspoken contest with AB that we don’t know about. Waiting for OBJ’s next single to drop after AB’s Whole Lotta Money.

  9. “And the lightest possible punishment for which LSU could hope is a mandate that Beckham be banned from any future LSU events.”

    This is a nothing burger. LSU will get a slap on the wrist, which will be lighter than your suggested mandate. If they’re smart, they won’t need a mandate to ban him.

    He may be in more trouble with the NFL, but I don’t care about that. LSU will be fine.

  10. OBJ trying to compete with AB. Has a ways to go but he is trying.

    To be fair… AB seemed ok up until the last year and a half. Sure he’s racked some impressive “what not to do” in that time. OBJ has been the same consistent idiot his whole career

  11. whodatalien says:
    January 16, 2020 at 1:04 pm
    the word around town is that OBJ was pretty wasted which isnt an excuse but does explain why he was acting extra crazy. how about we just apologize and forget about it ?


    He’s had enough time to have already made that apology, and then some! Law enforcement appeared to have been waiting and spotted him the time before issuing the warrent, yet he has yet to issue a statement.

  12. Reggie Bush accepted money as a college player. Bush’s family knowingly violated the rules by accepting a free house. Bush refused to talk to NCAA investigators after leaving USC, even though nothing could be done to him. That refusal played a major role in the sanctions levied against USC.

    In contrast, OBJ handed out a few hundred dollar bills to players who were no longer subject to NCAA rules. There has never been a hint that OBJ violated any rules while playing at LSU. There is a huge difference between Bush’s and OBJ’s actions.

  13. I heard that USC told OJ that they didn’t want him around, either.
    But I don’t know if that’s really true.

  14. I never say this, but I am for this story: good job, Florio. I completely agree. Talent is lost on this guy. It’s sad.

    As for the Seahawks fan wanting OBJ, I sort of hope you get what you want. Your team will be the next to implode. That would be a real shame, if you get my drift.

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