Drew Rosenhaus conditionally terminates relationship with Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown has no team, and for now he has no agent.

Per an NFLPA source, agent Drew Rosenhaus has informed Brown in writing that the relationship between the two men has been terminated, conditionally. The letter, per the source, explains that Rosenhaus will rescind the termination if Brown secures appropriate counseling within the next five days.

No termination of a client-agent relationship becomes official under NFLPA rules until a five-day waiting period has elapsed after the letter initiating the separation.

The goal, according to the source, is to persuade Brown to get the help he needs. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to find a new agent — and perhaps that agent will be able to help him through a stream of issues and challenges culminating in the recent incident with the mother of one or more of his children and Hollywood, Florida police.

Some have wondered over the past year whether Brown has gotten bad advice. The more accurate characterization may be that he has refused to heed the advice he has received. Rosenhaus, by all appearances, hopes that the termination letter will get Brown to obtain the assistance needed to result in him changing his ways, regarding topics like his interactions with family members and his use of social media.

98 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus conditionally terminates relationship with Antonio Brown

  1. Which of course is not going to happen. And it’s not counselling AB needs but a full blown mental evaluation. AB is not going to listen to ANYBODY! It’s a shame, but Rosenhaus needs neither the money nor the aggro

  2. This, above all else, should be the moment of clarity AB needs to realize he needs some professional help.
    Seriously – an agent giving up a paycheck, or potential for one.
    The alarm bells are officially going off…

  3. So either AB’s behavior has even left Rosenhaus disgusted, which would be hard to believe (see one Terrel Owen’s driveway situps), or it is a nice way to start pedalling the apology tour.

    AB says it is a wake up call, goes for “counseling”, cries to Oprah and then back on a team next year, until the next meltdown.

    Call me skeptical at best.

  4. In other words: “AB you’re not getting anymore checks from anyone if you don’t seek counseling and act accordingly. If you decide to do that, I’ll be here to cash in. Hit me up.”

  5. Since it “supposedly” is being used as a catalyst for Brown to get help, what took him so long? Brown’s absurd behavior has been going on in the public eye for over a year. So now, when the writing is on the wall, that he is probably done for quite some time, maybe forever, in the NFL. He drops him as a client unless he gets help.

  6. If a money hungry guy like Rosenhaus drops you, you know you aren’t playing the league ever again.

  7. Never in my life would I feel sorry for Drew Rosenhaus, but that man sure had to work hard for AB over the last year, with no football commission paychecks to show for it.

  8. After that last video, I think it’s pretty clear there aren’t any more commissions coming his way. Can’t help somebody who won’t help themselves.

  9. Maybe Rosenhaus isn’t a complete slimeball after all and wants to really help Antonio Brown. Nah, PR stunt running out of future money opportunities with AB. Next!

  10. Drew ain’t making no money with AB right now. Why would he continue to be associated with him?

  11. Freddie Fudpucker says:

    Poor AB, he’s just misunderstood


    He’s just a soul whose intentions are good…

  12. This is just another pr ploy by Drew to get AB in the headlines for something positive. He will sign up for some scam counseling…..and Drew will then go on a sign AB campaign.

  13. Drew just really really really cares about ole’ AB. got nothing to do with $$…riiiight

  14. Brown has suffered many conditions
    I am wondering if this may be affecting his judgement
    An incredible talent, but he needs to get help and get his life under control

  15. How in the world did the Steelers and Tomlin coax all those all pro years from AB without everything hitting the fan sooner. With everything I’ve seen from him he’s a very unstable man. Maybe it just got worse through the years.

  16. ipskipskyblue says:
    Why does someone who is unemployed need an agent?

    To GET employed?

  17. ninersapologist says:
    January 16, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    What took him so long? Rosenhaus is a slime bag and money is everything to the guy but I’m surprised even he stayed on this long.


    Fair question, here’s the answer: Rosenhaus knows that Brown won’t get counseling; face it, Brown isn’t quivering in his boots at losing an agent that (in his view) can’t land him on another roster. Rosenhaus is publicizing this termination as a means of trying to repair his damaged relationships with the Patriots, Raiders and Steelers, as well as salvage his reputation with everyone else.

  18. wasn’t ESPN and other media outlets just writing about when Antonio Brown could get another chance? as if it were the big bad NFL’s fault and they were keeping him down. Dude has lost his mind.

  19. AB will not be sitting on a shrink’s couch anytime soon. Guaranteed! He exhibits symptoms of someone suffering from CTE. It’s unfortunate that all his talent is cut short with his antics. I don’t believe if someone such as Tony Dungy ,for instance, reaches out to him to mentor him would even help… AB is definitely has gone crazy! He might have already played his last down in the NFL.

  20. His career as an artist is taking off so why should he care. AB is really transcending both games. This is all rock n roll baby.

  21. Maybe this is the first step in getting Brown to seek help. He needs a full mental health evaluation. His issues are serious and potentially dangerous. There is a good chance they are related to head trauma.

    We can only guess at Rosenhaus’s motives, but whatever they are this is a positive.

  22. I hope he gets the help he needs before this downward spiral gets worse. AB get the help and get your life back. Please…..concussions can lead to these types of behaviors as well. That hit from Burfect in the playoff game. Get your mind and body right AB, for all of the people around you.

  23. Hmmm, this should be interesting. Is there where we find out that Drew was behind all the maneuvers to get him out of the Raiders??

  24. Translation: AB is (already) out of money, and thus is worthless to Rosenhaus

  25. Wow. For Drew Rosenhaus to want to separate from Antonio Brown, he must be messed up even more than we all think.
    Brown had better get some serious professional help or he might end up where no one wants to see him be.

  26. He is retired again so he no longer needs an agent. I think this will just result in AB flipping the finger to Rosenhaus and the rest of the world, and then he will sink into the abyss with no one left around him to support him. Unfortunately I don’t think we have seen the absolute worst yet.

  27. Roenhaus was the man saying “next question” over and over as Terrell Owens did sit ups in his drive way… If he’s abandoning Brown after doing things like that for his clients… holy hell does Brown need mental help. Hope he gets it.

  28. Any agent that is interested in taking over after Drew is the person that really needs counseling.

  29. We don’t know for sure that Rosenhaus hasn’t been advising Brown to get help, but not making it public. I can see where he could have done it, and kept it quiet because admitting that you’ve told your client to get help does not make him more employable.

    Going public with this could be for the publicity, or it could honestly be that he cares about the guy (as a money source or as a person) and realizes that this could be the only way to get through to him.

    Or it could be that I’m superimposing my view of my clients on Rosenhaus. Maybe he doesn’t give a hoot beyond the paycheck. At least for now, I’m assuming he does care.

  30. It funny seeing any mention of Rosenhaus and passing up potential money…Brown needs to be paid money for Rosenhaus to receive any money. Nobody is paying Brown jack if he can’t somehow convince a team or otherwise he has his crap together. This is pretty much a publicity stunt, either as a way to distance himself from the train wreck that is AB, or something the two of them schemed up so AB ‘gets help’ and convinces some team he’s rehabilitated.

  31. Rather than heap tons of hatred upon Rosenhaus, maybe consider that this is the only way he can get through to AB to get some kind of help.

  32. What is it with diva WR’S loosing their marbles. AB, OBJ and Diggs earlier this year. When are they going to figure out that when they loose a little of their ability no one will keep them around.

  33. How brave… Drew Rosenhaus playing the “victim” while also playing the “I’m here to help” card.

    Weird how none of this was an issue for Drew while AB was employed, cough, cough, while Drew was making money…

  34. It’s not CTE or mental illness. It’s a cultural/generational thing. Brown has never been told no (except by women he attempted to assault) and has only surrounded himself with people of ill repute. His embrace of today’s social media landscape in which everyone wants to play the star and victim at the same time, only makes his behavior worse. I think we are seeing the true Antonio Brown… a bad person who doesn’t know what bad behavior is.

  35. Perhaps if Rosenhaus had not helped create the monster by constantly pretending there was no need for help as long as he could get a contract….

  36. Drew Rosenhaus is a grifter. His client list confirms he’s always been willing to latch himself on to a star…for a price. Almost any client.

    When the price outweighs the cost…bye.

    Next question.

  37. This is Terrell Owens II. These guys have real mental health issues that none of us understand. We’re just football fans. I have no idea about what he needs or doesn’t need. The only difference is Owens didn’t have access to social media like Brown has today.

  38. Boy, Antonio Brown sure makes Ben Roethlisberger look better all the time, doesn’t he? I can’t imagine how Big Ben put up with his crap.

  39. cbwv1974 says:
    January 16, 2020 at 2:36 pm
    That’s it! Forget an agent, go to the XFL. Once you’ve ticked off Vince McMahon a couple of times, he’ll send out his son-in-law Triple H and drop you a few times. Maybe…maybe…that will get your stuff together. Yeah, XFL!

  40. 6thsense10 says:
    “..How in the world did the Steelers and Tomlin coax all those all pro years from AB without everything hitting the fan sooner…”

    He was always a bit of a prima donna, but after that hit he took from Burfict (Jan. 2016) he was never the same. He went downhill fast after that.

  41. Virtue Signal by Rosenhaus. AB’s mental well being wasnt a problem when he could still get a contract

  42. Really enough is enough. People may want to just let this thing die off. Brown could be a threat to himself. He appears to constantly be speaking out for attention. Someone needs to put their arm around this dude and quit worrying about money, etc. Its time to start worrying about this guy as a human and someone needs to teach him that his life is important. This is very concerning.

  43. Rosenhaus sticks w/ AB through all his antics but now suddenly realizes his client needs help? Why now when it’s been evident for quite some time. Is AB out of money/not paying his bills?

  44. Nobody really knows if Rosenhaus and people around Antonio Brown haven’t been pleading for him to seek help. I would think they have been doing it for a while. I believe because he has the money and is the ‘gate keeper’ in the lives of the people around him, they may have been reluctant to turn him in. Until he becomes a threat to himself or to the safety of the public, he can’t be forced to seek help. In his mind he is perfectly fine. His brain has a chemical imbalance. It’s like an engine that misfires. His delusions may increase and he could become increasingly irritable and combative. There are different medications that work extremely well with therapy. Some do have side effects (weight gain, etc.), but once a patient settles in with what works best for them, they can be totally transformed and even be able to digest their irrational behavior. Until then, we probably will continue to hear the bad news.

  45. Let’s be honest…some of you are calling AB stupid. Folks, it’s painfully obvious he is suffering from some mental illness. No regular person would do what he’s doing on such a continuous basis. He’s up. He’s down. Maybe CTE has taken hold. I’m not absolving what he’s doing. Just that “stupid” isn’t the cause.

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