Everyone practices for Packers on Thursday

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The Packers had full attendance at Thursday’s practice and all members of the 53-man roster got on the field for the workout.

Green Bay only had one player miss practice for medical reasons on Wednesday and wide receiver Geronimo Allison (illness) was feeling well enough on Thursday to be a limited participant in the session. Allison caught one pass for 11 yards in last Sunday’s win.

Wide receiver Ryan Grant and tight end Jimmy Graham sat out Wednesday for non-injury reasons. Grant fully participated on Thursday while Graham worked in a limited fashion.

Right tackle Bryan Bulaga moved from a limited session to full participation, so it looks like he’ll play after an illness caused him to be a late scratch against the Seahawks. Defensive tackle Kenny Clark (back) and linebacker Preston Smith (ankle) remained limited participants.

17 responses to “Everyone practices for Packers on Thursday

  1. Of course the refs were there. They’re the ones who have to attach the wires under their jerseys.

  2. Just play the game, I can’t wait until Sunday. Good to have all hands on deck, we’ll need that. We’ll also need a couple receivers to step up from where ever they have been hiding all year. Lets hear the drummmmm roll, Goooooooo Packers!!!!

  3. I’m glad they have a full team soo that when sunday comes they have no excuses once they get beat down. You know how a little bit a math and common sense, can you serioualy see the packers scoring more than 24 points on this niners D? shoot, 20 would be a reach in my homer eyes. And then on the other side, can you see that packers D stopping the #2 scoring offense in the league and keeping them under 30? shoot, I think the niners might score well over 30. But he, any given sunday can happen.. but the chances are very low..

  4. Too bad we lost to the Chargers during the season. That was an unnecessary defeat. Shucks. Then the game would have been in Green Bay this Sunday and the temperature would probably be down in the mid-teens by early evening. Next year we gotta shoot for the #1 seed so we can lock in more January activity at Lambeau Field. 🙂

  5. Amazing how Garoppolo is seen by many as a battle tested, ready to lead his Team to the Super Bowl, starting QB

    He’s 1-0 lifetime as a starting QB in the Playoffs

    49ers beat-up the Vikings. Oh Boy

    Yes, Home Field is huge, but so is experience

    Packers need to Tackle, need to make Garoppolo win the game. And, Kittle must be covered. Making Garoppolo play from behind would be awesome

    Packers & +7.5 is as good as it gets in an NFC Championship Game
    Packers Straight-up: takes Imagination + Faith

  6. The ref’s will be a factor. Good Lord, the ref’s. Don’t forget about the ref’s! The ref’s will control it. If the 49’ers lose, it will be because of the ref’s. If the Packers win, it will be because of the ref’s. If it’s about the Packers, it’s about the ref’s. Don’t forget the ref’s. We’re not forgetting about the ref’s. You shouldn’t forget about the ref’s. The NFL sure isn’t forgetting about the ref’s. How could anybody forget about the ref’s? Believe us, bank on it, it’s always the ref’s!

    -Viking fans.

  7. The Pack has been blessed with generally very good decades with Brett and Aaron. The 70s and 80s were a heart-break and some heavy injury years hurt us earlier this decade (not this year, thank the Lord). So, there have been ups and downs for Green Bay …… but ….. one thing that shines brilliantly is the legacy … the 100 years of heritage … the shrine-like admiration Wisconsin fans have for Lambeau Field …. the pre-climate-change below-zero bowls … the trophy is named after Lombardi … sentimental stuff like that.

    Well … I’m old enough to have seen 60% of that as a Wisconsin eye-witness. And that gives me license to be sentimental about the prospect of seeing Green Bay and Kansas City in a 50 year Championship rematch. That outcome would be a perfectly-rhyming poem. It has “destiny” stamped all over it. No-one could argue it wasn’t a design that’s been contemplated in heaven for a long, long time.

    Best of good fortune for the Pack and the Chiefs this weekend.

  8. The Pack’s O-line is pretty good if Bulaga is really healthy — will be fun to see how their battle with the 49ers front 7 full of 1st rounders goes. And geez, do you suppose the same folks keep referencing the weak ref troll bait to get a rise? Why take it?

  9. Someone asked what happened to Lazard against Seattle that caused him to miss the 2nd half. Lazard hurt his ankle in the 2nd quarter and did not return. Thankfully he is ok now, because San Fran will for sure be *trying* to take Davante away and that will open up some things for others.

    I expect to see Lazard, MVS, G-Mo, Kumerow, Aaron Jones, Williams, Ervin, and Jimmy get chances to make plays. I don’t share the belief of the clueless that Davante is the only weapon on this offense. Pay close attention Sunday.

    Having the 5 starters on the OL will be huge in this game. The OL being intact for most of the season is a big reason this team is 14-3 right now.


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