Patrick Mahomes will be happier for Andy Reid than for himself if Chiefs win Super Bowl

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes says that if his team wins the Super Bowl, the person he’ll be happiest for is coach Andy Reid.

In fact, Mahomes said today that he’ll be happier for Reid than for himself if the Chiefs do it.

“I would probably be happier for him, for sure,” Mahomes said. “I’ll be pretty happy, too, for myself.”

Mahomes also said, however, that no one is taking anything for granted.

“It would be amazing,” Mahomes said. “The work that he has put in every single day, everywhere he’s been he’s had success, so we want to get him that Super Bowl, but we understand it’s a process. First off we’ve got to come in, have a great practice today, play great this weekend, and then try to give ourselves a chance to try to get in that game and try to get ourselves that trophy.”

Reid has spent 21 seasons as an NFL head coach, and he’s won 207 games — the most games for any head coach who never won a championship. Mahomes would love to help Reid lose that designation.

52 responses to “Patrick Mahomes will be happier for Andy Reid than for himself if Chiefs win Super Bowl

  1. Sorry, but it’s not gonna happen… Henry is going to run the ball down the Chiefs’ throats. Combine that with the typical, questionable time management and Tennessee is going to the SB. Not a Titans fan…

  2. Andy Reid deserves one, great coach. Remade his offense, innovative, and his players have always played hard for him. His assistants have gone on to their own successes as well.
    Good Luck Andy, unless, you play the Packers, then…..

  3. Its so close…but still so far away. Better handle Tennessee first, who has a habit of boa constricting offense-first teams.

  4. But I’d like to add be careful being in a tight one down the stretch I’d be nervous Chiefs fans in a game like that. 60 minutes to a time

  5. Andy Reid doesn’t deserve a Super Bowl win any more than Marty Schottenheimer, Marv Levy or Bud Grant did.

    The only people who deserve a win in the big game are those who actually accomplished winning it.

    Just being a decent human, a solid coach & tutor and a respect steward of the game should be reward enough.

  6. To bad Andy is going to blow it, again.
    He’s going to let that team come in flat for the 2nd week in a row. Only this time, He’s going against a great defensive mind. A defensive mind that has studied Andy since back when he was on the Eagles.
    Tennessee wins in convincing fashion

  7. Good. Keep looking ahead to the game after the next one because this weekend should be the only thing that matters at the moment.

    The Titans won’t be looking past Sunday, I can assure you Vrabel will not allow that.

  8. More importantly, Reid pretty much MUST win this Feb (or next) or kiss any realistic hopes goodbye once keeping Mahomes requires those $35M/yr deals instead of his current $4M/yr.

  9. It’s worth noting that Reid does have a super bowl ring from his time as an assistant in Green Bay. He hardly deserves sympathy if he never wins one as a head coach.

  10. @streetyson: Spot on. Chiefs fans better enjoy every win they get now because the window is going to slam shut sooner rather than later.

  11. This is the first time in Andy’s career that he’s had a HOF QB. Go down the list of your greatest coaches, and cross off the names that won their championships with a HOF QB. The list gets very small. I don’t know of a head coach that I’d take over Andy Reid the last 20 years. When you don’t have a HOF QB, your job is 10 times harder than those who do. It still takes a good coach to win. Barry Switzer was a good coach. Bill Belichick is a good coach. But Andy’s had to actually coach.

  12. Mahomes is awesome! While he knows what to say and when to say it, it’s cool he’s taking a step back to at least acknowledge how deserving his coach is and how happy he’d be for him.

    Much better than “you like that” or “why not me”.

    The maturity and leadership at 24 years old is great to see.

  13. Hmmm…shades of Pittsburgh overlooking the Pats from year prior….Don’t the chief have to first win the AFC against the Titans? Mahomes just jinxed the whole team.

  14. “This is the first time in Andy’s career that he’s had a HOF QB.”

    Wow, so not only going to win the SB, but their QB is a Hall of Famer.

    LOL, we’ve all seen this before. Overconfidence breeds failure.

  15. “Just being a decent human, a solid coach & tutor and a respect steward of the game should be reward enough.”

    Well, that and the 100 million or so he’s made coaching.

  16. “times yours”
    “I’ve got to do a better job”

    I’d like to see him get one too, but it probably won’t happen.

    -eagles fan

  17. KC chokes in the championship game..Haven’t we seen this same thing play out time and time again?
    Tennessee in a bludgeoning…

  18. The media is asking Mahomes “if” they win, who would he be happier for. Believe me, Mahomes and crew are not looking past the Titans this week, they’ll be ready.

    The first quarter against the Texans doesn’t help Tennessee’s chances of catching KC flat footed. People are acting like there are trap games in the championship round. Nobody is looking past anyone this week.

  19. How about win the next game first and then worry about commenting on how happy you may or may not be after playing in a game you haven’t qualified for yet

  20. KC has a good shot to beat the Ex-Cheating Patriots team. Load up the box and pound the running lanes and take away Henry. It is very difficult to beat the same team twice the same year (out of division).

    They overcame a 24 point deficit and that really got the momentum going.

    Pulling for Andy’s Army.

  21. HOFer after a few good years? Preposterous. Mahones has many many snaps to take before getting to that point.

  22. People would surprised to learn which team left in the playoffs has given up the fewest points this season. That’s right, the Kansas City Chief’s.

  23. So far the Titians have beat a 43 year old noddle arm qb and a running back that thinks he’s a qb. A lot of predictions on here saying the Titans are going to walk over the Chiefs. Let’s see how many are on here Sunday after the game

  24. Mahomes is something else. I’m not a chiefs fan (niners actually), but watching him play is a treat.
    Add to it, his attitude is awesome as well. Hard to root against the guy.

  25. 35 mil/yr for Mahomes? Dude is gonna get 45-50 mil a year. He’s 10 times better than Dak, Wentz, you name it… Brees, Brady, Rodgers, none of them were ever as good as Mahomes is now. It’s scary. That doesn’t mean he’ll have a better career though.

  26. Tennessee hasn’t played an offense like KC’s yet. NE had no offense and Baltimore is a running team that was designed to get up early and then run, run, and run some more. Lamar clearly has a lot of work to do in throwing the ball. The Chiefs have a pretty good secondary, will sell out to stop Henry, and make Tannehill beat them through the air. KC can score in a matter of seconds so if they get up early, Tennessee will be gassed by the end of the game if they try to run Henry all game. I think KC can hold Henry better than Tennessee can hold Mahomes. Chiefs 38 Titans 24

  27. I don’t have any problem with Tennessee, the majority of their “fans” however… still stewing Pat’s homers, that want to talk about how KCs window is slamming shut. Project much? If the key is a dominant rb, where are the Giants and Dallas?

    Oh, that’s right; it’s the team with the better qb who usually wins. I’ll take Mahomes. That said, ten could definitely win; SF is going to cruise.

  28. The 49ers will make Mahomes bleed ketchup after they crash his Super Bowl dreams

  29. Rematch of SuperBowl 1 on the anniversary of the league?

    What are the odds?

    I would prefer S.F. but if KC makes it through a rematch would be cool.

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