Ben Watson claims he played with torn Achilles in 2019

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Tight end Ben Watson had an unusual 2019. He retired from the NFL, tested positive for a PED, returned to the NFL despite knowing he’d tested positive for a PED, signed with the Patriots, participated in the offseason program, training camp, and the preseason, served the suspension, was released after the suspension ended, and then appeared in the final 10 games of the regular season, starting eight. (He also played in the playoff loss to the Titans.)

Watson now discloses via social media that he played with a torn Achilles tendon, thanking Tom Brady‘s TB12 center for Watson’s ability to keep going.

Making the claim more remarkable (and, perhaps for some, not credible) is the fact that Watson never appeared on the NFL injury report in 2019.

Maybe it was partially torn, not fully torn. Even then, it’s hard to imagine Watson not appearing on the injury report, disclosed at a minimum that he fully participated in practice.

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  1. Must’ve been a partial tear and maybe he didn’t know (or didn’t want to) the full extent while playing in case he missed the last few games of his career, played it down as much as poss.

  2. Ben Watson is probably the highest character player I can think of. For that reason alone I believe what he says. My guess is that it was a partial tear, he could still function in limited capacity, and never told the team because he wanted to play in the final few games of his career.

  3. He did not appear on an injury report because he never told Belichek or the staff he was injured until his exit physical! Explains a lot of how this season unfolded!

  4. I know first hand that the best you can do with a fully torn achilles tendon is walk carefully in half steps (leg ahead of or directly under the body only), unless you’ve got a cast. Trying to do anything more is not only physically not going to work, but will mean instant 10/10 pain. Your best bet to move quickly would be hopping on the good leg. I didn’t see him doing that, so it was a partial tear for sure.

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