Davante Adams: Pressure’s really on 49ers

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The Packers won 13 games in the regular season and they’re taking a six-game winning streak with them into Sunday’s game, but they aren’t favored to beat the 49ers.

Green Bay is a 7.5-point underdog ahead of their trip to Santa Clara to play for the NFC title, which the Packers see as reason to avoid putting any undue burden upon their shoulders this weekend. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks the team “should be nice and loose” under the circumstances and wide receiver Davante Adams agrees that pressure will lie elsewhere on Sunday.

“This is a great opportunity,” Adams said, via Matt Schneidman of TheAthletic.com. “We understand what’s in front of us. Nothing to lose, but a lot to lose, you know, everything at the same time. But the pressure is really on them. They went out there and they dominated us last game and we did not take care of business the way we should have. It’s only up from here as far as how we go about it. Terrible on third down. It just wasn’t a good showing, so we kind of bottled that up, that feeling, and we’re ready to convert that into something great.”

The pressure may be heavier for the 49ers, but there are reasons why the game is in Santa Clara and why they are favored by more than a touchdown. The 37-8 win over the Packers in the regular season is on that list and the Packers will have to do more than hope the 49ers crumble under the weight of expectations to come out on top.

29 responses to “Davante Adams: Pressure’s really on 49ers

  1. On paper 49ers should win…With that said the game is played on grass not paper. Niners need to stay the course and pressure Rodgers into frustration then mistakes.

  2. 49ers are pretty much playing with house money after being 4-12 last year and not much high expectations for them. Coaches for the 49ers will be telling them this and I’m sure Packers coaches will spin it there way for the players to get both sides motivated. The Packers and 49ers are both 13-3 this year so its not like a Titans-Ravens scenario number 1 seed vs the 6.

  3. Don’t see the 49er players talking about stuff like this.
    Hate to say it, but it looks like the 49ers are in the collective Packers heads.

  4. Following a regular season loss of 28 points or more, the losing team has beaten the winning team in the same-year postseason 39% of the time. Even when losing again in the postseason, it’s been by 7 points or less 29% of the time. Anybody that thinks this will be a cakewalk for the 49’ers is a blind homer.

  5. No Devante, the pressure is on both teams. They already whooped you this season, so it looks like the pressure is more on you guys to make it a game and not get embarrassed like last time.

  6. Davante was asked a question and he answered it well. I challenge you to find many WR’s with more intelligence, skill, and class than Davante Adams. Davante just turned 27, but is right there with Larry Fitzgerald on all of that.

    I no longer read the comments here since it’s mostly just one troll posting hundreds of times a day. No time to read that.

    I have read a little on twitter this week and most people aren’t giving the Packers a chance in this game which I love! Please keep saying the Packers have no chance!

    I don’t have time to watch a lot of TV besides actual games, so I don’t see the talking heads giving the Packers no chance. The Packers players have stated they pay attention to none of that.

    The vibe in the locker room is loose and they know the task at hand. They are confident in their plan and they are going to fly out to Cali on Saturday and just go play football on Sunday.

    I like their chances.👍


  7. Adams is spot on. No one expects Green Bay to win. The pressure is squarely on the shoulders of the 49ers.

  8. If some are gonna assert there is no pressure on the 49ers, the favorites, then so be it. But it is silly to suggest there is pressure on the Packers, the 7.5 underdogs. They know they are playing with house money and have nothing to lose. Their fans know it too and will accept it if they lose or even get blown out worse than last game.

  9. He’s right. The Packers have nothing to lose. Nobody is giving them a chance.

    Just like 2010.

    This poor #2 seed with a future HOF quarterback with a super bowl ring lol

  10. The Packers will play hard, no matter what. They’ve never been rewarded annually at draft time by being a repeat loser, so we’ll see how it goes.

  11. There is pressure on everyone this weekend! It’s the freaking championship games! If I had a player going out and saying they have less to worry about in this game because some talking heads on T.V. are picking them to lose then I would be really worried about my players mindset.

    Niners players: All other games do not matter. Only this weekend matters.
    Packer players: Everyone thinks we are going to lose so… yolo!

  12. I really wonder if at this point of the season and with both teams already having played playoff games, if pressure is really even a thing. If it is, it’s likely equal.

  13. Let be real. Both teams are feeling pressure. Both teams can almost taste the Super Bowl….just win one game.

    There are two types of pressure…internal and external. Both teams feel the internal pressure to win….or to not lose in some cases.

    The difference is the external pressure. The Niners are the favorites, so the media and fans expect them to win. That pressure is on the Niners. The Packers are the underdogs, so there is no external pressure to win.

  14. It’ll be closer than 38-9 but not by much! I don’t think San Fran is all that concerned but GB should be!

  15. Will he look like a fool dancing around after a touchdown if they are getting smoked again like he did in the first meeting?

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